Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday I got my first copy of Turkey Country magazine in the mail and was super excited to find Shane and Hendershot Game Calls on it's pages! I had to make a little collage to show what was in the magazine. Friday Mom and I went up to Rite-Rug to do some carpet shopping. We have had the same carpet in our living room since we moved in and after a handful of dogs and heavy traffic we really need new carpet. We ended up getting an awesome deal and Mom decided the time was right and we purchased it. The guy is coming to the house on Wednesday to take measurements and then he is ordering the carpet. So I would say by the end of next week we will have new carpet in the living room.

 Saturday we did some major motorcycle shopping and Anthony bought himself a bike!! We ended up driving 2 hours away to get it and Anthony ended up driving his new toy home. I can't wait for warmer weather so we can go on rides.

 The sunset on the way home was gorgeous. Once again this is why I love living in Ohio.
Someone dumped a little black dog off at Shalene's house last week and since then they have been trying to find its owner and eventually just resorting to finding it a new home. We thought Grandma Spiker and Dave would be perfect for her but they didn't think so themselves. JK decided she was too good of a dog to go to the pound. Normally dogs that get dumped out here go to the shelter but they are full so they have to go to the pound which does not have a no kill policy like the shelter. Anyways JK decided our house would be the perfect place for this little miss. She has made herself very at home and loves playing with Tank even though she is half his size. She can walk under him without touching his belly! That's talent (: She even stole a place on Anthony's lap on Saturday night. Oh yea we named her Harley because she did have a pink Harley Davidson collar on when she showed up. 
 Anthony and I played Words back and forth all weekend. I couldn't believe "fatbird" was a word let alone I made 72 points out of it!!! Whoot Whoot....winning.
Sunday, I did a little spring cleaning then went out to Aubrey's to visit for a while. I decided I am going to make these super cute Sesame Street boards for Luke's birthday party on Saturday that the kids can put their heads in the hole and get their pictures taken. I got the idea from Alyssa's daugher's birthday party, they just used Yo Gabba Gabba characters. I made a trip to Wal-Mart and got the tri-fold boards, paint, and brushes for the project and I finally finished getting Luke's birthday gifts. This week I am going to be busy making the boards but I will definitely posting about it when I am done.

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