Saturday, December 31, 2011

I cannot believe it has been 12 days since the last post I made and its the last day of 2011, so this one is going to be pretty long.
First off I already announced that Anthony and I got engaged! I am still wearing a HUGE smile on my face and have been since Sunday December 18. I love using the word fiance and pinterest was already my best friend but now it is my bff and lifesaver.
On the 22nd Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt moved into their rental house until their home can be repaired. It is estimated to take 6 months but we are praying that it takes less. But on a good note they were able to get into a house just in time for Christmas. The house is in Tri-Valley school district which is perfect because the kids are able to ride the bus to school which means less driving for Aunt Lori. Mom took over our other Christmas tree for them so they would have a tree in the house. On the 23rd Anthony and I went over to see them and checkout the house. We asked Molly to be our flower girl in our wedding and she was so excited and I asked Maddy to be a bridesmaid. Molly wanted me to stay all night and have a slumber party. Anthony left me there and went hunting. I decided to go with Aunt Lori and help her finish some of her Christmas shopping while the kids were at Caroline and Gary's. We got some shopping done but it was all overwhelming. We picked up the kids and headed back to the house. Molly and I watched Elf while Aunt Lori went to do some more shopping and Uncle Matt was on his way home. I was a party pooper and fell asleep at like 8:30. On Christmas Eve Aunt Lori took me home and I started getting ready for Christmas with the Kehn's (Anthonys Mom's side of the family) in Salt Fork. Anthony got off work at 3 and we headed to Salt Fork. Everyone was already there because the party started at 1:00. We got tons of Congrats and the most common comment we have heard is "Its about time!"
Anthony's Grandma! love her

 After his family we left to go to my great Aunt Kayes and stayed there until we went to midnight mass at St. Thomas. After church we went home and had to clean because everyone was coming over for breakfast in the morning. I didn't go to bed until 3:30 a.m. and for the first time ever we all slept in on Christmas morning. We woke up at 10:15!
Mom and Dad got eachother matching
coats for when they go riding and they
didn't plan it. They were actually both at
Iron Pony on the same day just different
times. How weird?!
Mom and Dad got me my first bow! Its a Bear Apprentice!
I got Anthony a Thompson Center Impact muzzle loader
I got Mom and Dad a new fire place grate thing. The old one
was really outdated!
After everyone left our house we got ready and headed to Zanesville for lunch at Grandma and Grandpa Prices (Dad's side of the family)

After lunch we went to Grandma and Dave's to finish off the day
Spiker Family Christmas Picture
Grandkids. (Left to right) JK, Vincent, Maddy, Me, Evan,
Molly and Avery
Maddy and I! She is one of my bridesmaids
Us girls! 
So here are some of my highlights from 2011:
January-bought tickets to see Brantley Gilbert
February- went to a rodeo with Anthony, Aubrey and Mark, Remington came back to the Kuhn farm, saw Justin Moore at Screamin Willies!, Saw Brantley in WV with Anthony, Brittany and Ryan, threw a baby shower for Aubrey
March- welcomed Tank to our family!, took the Zuki out for the first time in 2011, Aubrey and Mark's lives changed with the arrival of Mr Luke Briggs on the 31st
April- held Luke for the first time, celebrated Easter by coloring eggs on easter Eve and lunch and a hunt on Easter Sunday.
May- started getting the ZCC pool ready for the summer, started spending the weekends at the river and doing lots of fishing, Jk and Shalene had their first prom,
June- Pool officially opened, Lauren graduated High School
July- celebrated 4th of July, went to SC with the family, turned 21
August- went to Hartford Fair to see Josh Thompson, spent the week at Muskingum County Fair, saw Rodney Atkins with Aubrey, Rachel and Lauren, Anthony and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary
September- JK turned 18
October- Started my new job!, Tank's first halloween, Quarter Horse Congress with Rachel, Aubrey and Ty
November- Thanksgiving, went hunting a bunch!
December- Anthony proposed and I became the future Mrs. Anthony Fry,Christmas and Rachel's 22nd Bday

celebrating Rachel's 22nd

We are not real sure what we are going to do tonight but hopefully we get into something fun and safe. Have a Happy New Years everyone and be careful if you are out on the roads!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Anthony proposed on Sunday night while we were sitting by the fire in the wood burner at his house in the basement! We were exhausted from hunting all day and we were just sitting there relaxing and I wasn't paying any attention and next thing I knew Anthony was beside me and was like "Brittany Kuhn will you marry me?" I started crying and then I was all happy and we went upstairs and told his Mom then we called my Dad and Mom. Dad already knew because Anthony is awesome and asked him (: Then we made a bunch of other phone calls and then headed to my house. Of all the people we called and talked to last night Aubrey was the most excited and Trevor came in at a close second. Anthony ended up staying all night at my house and we both went to work today. All day today I was nosing around on Pinterest and pinning away on my wedding board. Honestly I don't know where to begin with planning but for now that is okay because we are thinking a 2013 wedding unless something else comes up, like finding a house or something. 

After he proposed. Don't mind my nasty looking
self, we had been hunting all day!

picture I took today at work

closeup of my ring. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cards

I probably should have already started doing our Christmas cards but being the procrastinator that I am I haven't even started them. Since I have the day off I am going to start doing them. I am pretty sure we are just going to send to a couple people (close family and friends). So here is some of the inspiration I am going to go off of, most of it if not all is from Pinterest. 

I know this isn't a card but I have been eyeing this
for a couple weeks now. I think I am going to tackle
it today too
Yesterday I got off work and deposited my paychecks (why yes I said Paychecks!) I got my first ever Christmas bonus from work!!! I was so excited (: it was a whopping $250. I went to TjMaxx and finished my shopping off for Mom and Shalene. Then I wandered into Petsmart and TSC looking for a dog bed for Tank. The problem with Tank is that he is so huge and sprawls out and the big beds are super expensive.
That is a  queen size comforter he is sleeping on right now.
After shopping around in Zanesville I met Aubrey and Mark in Dresden and we went to Woodbury Outfitters and I got Anthony's christmas gift (: not telling on her yet because he might get the urge to check out my blog for once. But I might be more excited to give it to him than he is to even get it (:  I also purchased a little something something for myself. I am probably the worst person ever,  I have the worst problem not buying stuff for myself right before Christmas, its horrible but I just can't stop myself. On to other holiday topics I am trying to find something fun for Anthony and I to do this weekend. I am thinking maybe going to the Zoo Lights and maybe taking JK and Shalene and maybe Miss Molly Spiker. Just depends on how much the tickets are going to cost. Well now I need to get to cleaning some of the house and making some cards. I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You might be a redneck...if you hunt out of an old horse trailer in your field.

That's right a couple weeks ago Dad came up with a brilliant idea, the old horse trailer has been sitting in the bottom of our field for a couple years now and there is a track worn in the ground going right by it from where the deer walk right by it. So I decided to bundle up and take the bow down and hunt out of it. It was perfect because it keeps the wind from blowing at me. Now what would be perfect is if the big buck residing in the woods would wander right by me (: 

Here are some pictures of Anthony and I's first trip together out in the blind for archery season. I love sitting in the blind because then I don't have to worry about sitting still because the deer can't really see me. So I am able to read a book, get on my phone and even take pictures (:

This weekend is the extended gun season weekend and I am so excited to get back out in the woods even though it is going to be super cold compared to a couple weeks ago when I was sweating and didn't even wear my coat. I am pretty bummed that he has to work Saturday and he won't be able to take me out but someone has to work to support all of our expensive hobbies (: 

Monday, December 12, 2011

iphone & boring, wintry nights

So I must say that I love my new iphone! it really isn't that new now but it still seems new to me (: I got it in October. But anyways the camera is so much nicer than the one that was on my droid. So here are some pictures I took the other night when Anthony and I were relaxing on the couch.

No idea what he was doing?! lol one of the many reasons I love him

check out that smile! who can't resist that?! love him so much, especially
 for the smile that he puts on my face every day 

Yes I know that was a really random post but I found the pictures on my phone and just thought I would share. With winter being here this is where one would find us almost every night until April or May when we can finally bust out the fishing pools or just enjoy being outside. Until then we are typically found sitting on the couch, wearing tshirts, sweats and either on the laptops or watching hunting shows (I love the Crush with Lee and Tiffany) or some random DVR'ed show that played late the night before. I know, sounds pretty boring right?! we know it and are counting down the days until warmer weather but until then we continue to love spending this time together and making the memories because I am sure that one day down the road we will be working crazy hours to pay bills and have a house to clean, kids to take to and from school, dinner to cook, lunches to make, laundry out the wazoo, sporting events to attend and the days will just fly by and we will give anything to just have a boring night at least once a week.
How do you guys spend your winter nights?

Live Fit Update:
I haven't really started the challenge yet but am going to go ahead and keep posting what I eat just so I can get into the habit of it.
Breakfast: 2 blueberry waffles with syrup and butter. Glass of milk. Tim Horton's strawberry smoothie
Lunch: Mom's homemade Chili soup and a bottle of water

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yesterday Anthony and I headed up towards Amish Country to celebrate Christmas with his Dad's side of the family. We got to Grandma and Grandpa Fry's at 11:30 and didn't leave until 7:00. It was so nice to spend time with Anthony's family that we don't get to see very often. While we were there I got a phone call from Mom telling my that Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's house caught on fire but everyone was safe and they were able to get the fire put out before it destroyed everything. We headed home when we found out everything that was going on and went into Zanesville to see if they needed anything. I am so thankful that Aunt Lori and the kids were home because they were able to realize that something was going on in the basement and were able to get out and call 911. Even though Christmas is going to be rough for them this year we are just grateful that we still have all of them to spend Christmas and every day with. So just remember when everyone is busy with the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping that you need to stop and thank God for the family and friends that you have. 

Gpa bday

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Kuhn (: 
A couple weeks ago we celebrated my Grandpa Kuhn's birthday. Saturday night Dad, Anthony, Grandma, Grandpa and myself all went to the new Pizza Cottage here in Zanesville. It was very busy being it was the 2nd week it had been open, it was a saturday night and the Ohio State game was on TV. The food was yummy and we enjoyed some family time. On Sunday we had birthday cake at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Shalene, Jk and Mom joined us this time. The cake was good and it was nice to celebrate another day with the family. So here are some pictures I took with my phone. 

Dad and JK

Grandpa Kuhn

Me and Grandpa

Grandpa, Me and Grandma

Thursday, December 8, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday that I was going to go see the babies of my two best friends. Well I did and luckily Taylor and Tylor made it over to Aubrey's too and we all enjoyed the evening together. Aubrey made some awesome chili and grilled cheese sandwiches. Before ever eating her chili I had never had chili with noodles in it and omg it is so good. Definitely comes in 2nd on my top 5 list of people's food (My Mom's chili being first) Anyways as I figured Luke and Thomas both had grown so much and ofcourse were absolutely adorable! So here are some of the pictures that I took right before they decided they had enough and were going to be fussy.

Luke (left) and Thomas (right)

Add caption

Luke was so tired and didn't want to share
his Aunt Brittany.
Yesterday I scheduled an appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed because one of them is breaking through my gums and it hurts like crazy! I originally scheduled the appointment for the 23rd because the other opening they had was the 16th and I couldn't do that because the 17th & 18th is the extended gun season weekend and I cannot miss that!! But after thinking about it last night I decided to change it to the 30th because I don't want to miss out on Christmas festivities and be all swollen in the pictures. So its official I will be having all 4 wisdom teeth taken out on the 30th so it should be entertaining when I come out of surgery and say some prayers for me that everything goes smoothly and I can return to work the following Tuesday.
Other news is I am going to start a new lifestyle and eat healthier and workout on a daily basis. The program I am going to follow is the Jamie Eason LiveFit Challenge.

It is a 3 phase process and split into 12 weeks. I am for sure going to follow the gym workout part but don't know how strict I am going to follow the diet part due to the fact that I don't have a lot of extra money to do any major grocery shopping that would probably pertain to the diet plan. My goal is to cut out all pop (maybe 1 can a week) drink tons of water, and pack my lunches and make meals ahead of time so I am not eating unhealthy fast food. The meals I will be making will be healthy choices and I will also be making healthier snacking choices like more vegetables and fruits. I got all my workout logs printed out and I am planning on putting them in a binder and taking them to the gym so I can follow the workout plans. As I continue through the program I will be making updates on here almost daily on how workouts are going and what I am eating in case anyone else wants to follow along and for me to look back on when the 12 weeks are over.

breakfast: 2 cinnamon pop tarts, glass of 2% milk
lunch: PB&J sandwich on wheat
snack: 2 clementine oranges
supper: not sure what Mom is cooking tonight

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gun Season & the Great Outdoors

As some of you that might know me know that I love being outdoors and am a country girl through and through. This past weekend was the last day of Ohio's Deer Gun Season. If you were to visit Nashport or any  country town in Ohio last week it would be nothing for you to see trucks (even ones from outta state) parked along side the roads with no drivers or to look into the woods and see bright fluorescent safety orange in the trees or walking around. I wasn't lucky enough to kill anything but I did shoot a big buck and my friend Sammy killed it! woot woot go Sammy, it was her first Ohio buck, she lives in WV and dates Anthony's friend KW. My brother JK killed a buck earlier in the week when he was hunting with Shalene and on Saturday morning Shalene's mom Kathie shot a big buck on our road. All in all it was a successful season and in couple weeks there are 2 days of extended gun season so I am really hoping I get my buck then.

Kathie and her big boy

beautiful sunrise on Sunday

Sammy and I with her buck!

picture Anthony took while we were sitting
in the stand on the last day.

Hunting on Friday at KW's property.

my great white hunter!

love it!

JK with his buck

JK again (:
Since this post is all about the great outdoors I thought I would share a little story of what happened to me this morning. I had to take JK to Shalene's so he could catch the bus this morning. Like I normally do I got out of bed, went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, put my contacts in, and went to the bathroom. After that I went out put a pop tart in the toaster then went back and woke JK up so we could leave (he only takes 5-10 minutes to get ready for school) Then we went to Shalene's and I let Diesel tag along for a mini car ride. When I got home I let the dogs in and was walking around in the kitchen before getting my shower. I could hear Fancy Nancy meowing really loud, figuring she was locked in a bedroom I went back the hall but all the doors were open and the bathroom light was on and she was sitting in the sink. I opened the door a little bit and there was a bird in the bathroom!!!! I could not believe it. After 20 minutes and Mom coming home I finally got it pinned on the floor with a towel and took it outside and let it fly away. What a crazy start to my Wednesday morning. Now I love the outdoors and furry woodland creatures just as long as they stay out there and not in my house!!!

Today after work I am going to see Aubrey and Luke! I am so excited because I haven't seen Mr. Luke in a month or so and our other friend Taylor is coming over with her little boy Thomas so I get to see my wittle babes and spend some girl time (: Its going to be a fun night!!!