Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We have puppies!!!

Willow is officially a mother of 10!!! 
7 boys and 3 girls.
I went straight to Anthony's when I got off of work after I found out she was having them. 
They are SO tiny.
Its hard to believe my little Tank was ever this small.

Size comparison to my phone.
Tired Momma
So wittle.

Tired girl!!! 
Soon enough these little ones will be all over the place.
In two weeks their eyes will be open.
Not too long after that I am sure they will be climbing out of this pool.
Until then Willow better be getting her rest.
Sleep tight little ones <3 

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  1. I'M IN LOVE!!!!!! How can you not rush home to see the new puppies?!?! Love their colored collars you have on them!! And mama looks super tired!!! Oh happy day!


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