Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am back! Sorry I have been a little MIA here lately but I have been really busy...with what you might wonder? Well on top of just having fun and enjoying summer I have been getting re-registered for college, making appointments for school and wedding stuff and some little crafting projects here and there. But this past weekend I had lots of fun! Anthony, his brothers and cousin put their money together and bought a fishing boat so Anthony has been getting it all ready for its first trip out on the water and we ended up taking it on Friday! On Saturday Anthony was busy getting ready for an all night cat fishing tournament so Dad and I ended up going yard saleing. I ended up finding some cool stuff including an old suitcase that I am going to clean up and we are going to use it for the wedding along with an old gun book and a metal bucket. I also got some old fishing poles that I am not sure what I am going to do with. My Grandma Kuhn had a lil cookout at her house on Saturday too for a combination of our birthdays and my Aunt and Uncle from Charleston were coming into town for the week! So it was a great time with family and then Saturday night Dad, JK, Grandpa Kuhn, my cousin Tyler and myself all went to the dirt track races because they got switched to Saturday nights and it was only $10 to get in. It was a lot of fun too!! Sunday Anthony and I ended up going out in the boat and I caught a big catfish with my new fishing pole!!

 Hopefully I am back to blogging and not taking too many breaks any more but you never know with summer being here and all! We are always getting into something fun!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday, must you be so dreary?! I had plans of going to Zoombezi Bay (waterpark to all you non-Ohioans) for my birthday today but obviously that is not happening now. I am not complaining too much though because this rain is really needed for all the crops and everything.

Dear Colorado victims, I am praying for all of you for healing and a feeling of safety.

Dear Me, this is your last birthday as "Brittany Kuhn" next year you will be a married girl on your birthday! There isn't much planned for today but tomorrow we have a cookout at Grandpa and Grandma Kuhn's and then I am going to the dirt track races with my Dad while Anthony is going on an all night fishing tournament with one of his friends.

Dear wedding planning, you have been going pretty smoothly even though we are still just in the beginning stages and not really purchasing anything yet. I did make my first purchase this week actually from Etsy this week. I ended up buying a digital paper pack from Graphic Market. I have been searching for cute mason jar images and never thought about getting something from Etsy to just download and create something of my own. Once we get our engagement pictures I will show you what I have done so far for our Save The Dates and what else I am planning...its going to be super cute!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What To Do...

so for the last couple months I have really been racking my brain with what I am going to 
get a degree in at school.
I used to know what I wanted to do. 
I was going to become a speech therapist.
Not real sure why I changed my mind. But a did.
Now I have no clue.
I know what I really want to do but sometimes I wonder how realistic it really is.
Maybe one day I will figure it out
or just follow my dream 
and become a beach bum...
haha just kidding!
but really wouldn't that be the life?
I think I could handle doing this all day every day!

But I don't think Mom and Dad would be too proud.
So this morning as I was stalking on facebook I came across a link to a website
I wandered over there to see what this is all about
this girl is up for anything at this point
well maybe not anything......
 if you for some reason decide that this would perfectly fine you should click the "okay!" button
where you will be directed on how to join a circus.
after deciding that my life is already a circus and that isn't what I have always dreamed of
I went ahead and said hell no!
that might be fun and I know Anthony would join me in this adventure....
Alaska wouldn't be bad either...
well not for a long time...
I would much rather live somewhere tropical...
hey I already do that one...
maybe I am doing it all wrong...
it says I need to make an Etsy shop!
maybe there is something in the near future happening over here
stay tuned
already doing this one
and no I do not need eHarmony to find my soulmate
already have him!
I am not completely convinced that this wasn't meant for Anthony...
however being a park ranger would be fun!
That's why Anthony is already going to school to do this...
maybe I should join him...

or maybe just stick to being a beach bum...

some of my other options were...
run for a local office
be a music blogger
become a taste tester
work on an organic farm
paint houses
work on mammoth mountain
live in a slab city

are you looking for your calling?
maybe this website will help you figure it out

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

We were pretty busy this weekend! On Saturday we went to Dad's work picnic but I didn't get any pictures there, guess we were too busy having fun. After the picnic we went and saw Grandma Spiker at the hospital. She is doing so much better with therapy and is walking with a walker right now and her personality is somewhat to back to normal. For dinner Dad and JK surprised us with a new BBQ place called Route 62 BBQ and oh my goodness it was so delicious including this amazing peanut butter pie that we got for dessert!

 After dinner we decided to go see the farm that used to be my Grandpa's in Hartford. A different family now owns the farm but it used to be huge and it was so pretty! The family has done a great job at keeping it in tip top shape. I love going to Hartford because it reminds me so much of my Grandpa Spiker. 
 Once we got home Miss Molly came over and we ended up having a fire and a sleepover! 
After we sat around the fire for a while we decided to go inside and watch Marley and Me. Of course I was asleep within 10 minutes of the movie.
 Sunday I didn't get much done even though my list was like a mile long! 
I did end up getting some editing done of a recent couple shoot I did but it isn't completely done yet so pictures just yet. 
It finally ended up raining which was very needed but it did not last long enough but we were blessed with a rainbow afterwards and Anthony and I ended up going fishing.

When we got home from fishing I made us some steak sandwiches and we had some strawberry pizza pie.

Even though yesterday wasn't part of the weekend we still had just as much fun, well as much fun as you can have for a Monday. I came home to Mom making dinner before she had to go to work. She made some super delicious bruschetta, spaghetti and some chicken.
 After I ate I headed up to Anthony's house and we ended up going fishing again. The only thing we caught were some good pictures driving down the backroads and a bunch of mosquito bites which was okay because I got to spend some more time with Anthony! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Organizing Self,
I don't know what came of you but there is no complaining going on over here. You encouraged me to clear my emails of all their junkiness...I was able to get all 500+ junk emails deleted and everything else sorted yesterday and then last night I transfered all 746 pictures off of my iphone. It was getting pretty annoying having to pick and choose what pictures to delete in order to take more pictures at the time. I also sat down and planned out some goals for the month and put a schedule in my phone for my exercises, what I am planning on eating, any appointments I have, stuff I need to do, pretty much my whole days have been planned out. I feel when I do this I am so much more productive. Now if I can just stick to everything and not stray off this path.

Dear Anthony,
I was so happy last night when we both agreed to get Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner! We used to go all the time on thursdays, it was our little date night, but with the nicer weather we haven't been going I was missing them awesome wings! Even better you rode your bike into town to get them and we ate them at home, which kinda takes away from the whole date night vibe but I was already in my comfy clothes for the night and didn't really want to change. Love you babe!

Dear Tim Hortons,
You sucked me in again! I have been to see you every morning this week to get my usual, plain bagel toasted with plain cream cheese and a large strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt. You are no good for my diet or my bank account. You need to stop being so tempting and delicious! Next week I am done with you, good bye!

Dear Friday,
you are back!!! however your weather is not so nice. All week you have been a comfy often a little steamy with the sun shining but right now and your predictions for the weekend are a little cooler which I am not complaining about but there is no sun shining and it is supposed to be raining. Even though we all know that rain is a good thing why can't it just rain through the week and be nice on the weekends?! please and thank-you!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a few of my favorite reads...

How many of you log into your blog, go straight to your news feed and find yourself clicking on certain people's blogs to read first? Maybe it is because they are always having something funny to say, maybe they are expecting a baby soon and you love reading their progress story or are looking forward to updates on furniture or is it that they are always decorating their home in the cutest ways that you just cannot resist checkin' out what is going on over at their house? I know I am always doing this and am also always on the lookout for some new blogs to get addicted to. I love finding a new blogger that I just feel like I can read her blog and know that IRL we would be really good friends. So I thought today I would share with you some of my favorite bloggers, just in case you have been looking for a new blogger to meet!
  • Meet Miss Ashley from over at Rustic Living! I just recently started following Ashley's blog maybe a month ago and I immediately fell in love with it. She is a country girl just like myself so I know a lot of the stuff she is writing about and we have similar tastes. Ashley's house is decorated so cute in Country Chic decorations and she comes up with the best ideas to re-use vintage items for anything from cheese grader turned earring holder to her super cute coffee station. I am telling you this girl is a walking dictionary for decorating your home and if all her cute stuff doesn't impress you much then you will be blown out of the water when you visit her store. She makes gorgeous pillows, coasters and table runners. If you are a country girl and are not a follower of Ashley you have got to head over to her blog!

  • If you are looking for a good laugh you need to head over to Recently Roached. Miss Jena Roach is an amazing blogger and is always having something witty to say. I quickly found myself laughing whenever I read her blog that I one day I had some free time and went back to the beginning of her blog and read it from the beginning to current. Jena is a lifestyle blogger and I just love reading about her adventures with cooking in the kitchen to her most recent rant about running with your husband. 
  • Sarah at Cozy Cottage Cute is a blog I actually just came across yesterday. I have ooohhhiiing and aaahhhhiiing over her house! Everything is just so crisp and clean and so organized and to top it off her and her hubster just bought a second house that they are flipping into a rental home for their parents. How awesome is that?! I cannot wait to see what they do with the new place!

  • Miss Mallory over at Hayseed Homemakin is another country girl with the cutest posts of her country themed home. She is another blogger I actually just found this week actually through pinterest and have immediately fallen inlove with everything on her blog. Mallory has some cute decorating ideas up her sleeve and provides lots of tutorials for the stuff she does.

  •  I started reading this girly's blog months ago when I found a pin of her awesome chalkboard posts of her pregnancy. Jessica over at Little Baby Garvin. She has since had little baby garvin and now I just enjoy reading her blog and checking out whats going on with the remodeling of their new home! If you are an expecting mommy you have got to go back in time on this blog and check out her posts, she has so many awesome ideas and was the cutest little pregger girl ever!

Are any of you followers of these blogs already?! or do you recommend some of your favorite blogs? I always love adding to my reading list!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lots of Pinterest Going On Over Here

Once again I am linking up over at The Vintage Apple with some of my favorite pins from Pinterest this week.
I have been finding myself pinning a lot of stuff from the Home Decor category on Pinterest. With those pins I have also been pretty down in the dumps because we don't have a place of our own yet to put these pins into action. We aren't sure yet if we are just going to rent when we get married and keep saving our money to buy a place sometime after that or if we are going to be pinching pennies for the next months leading up to the wedding and purchasing a house then. I know that purchasing our first home is going to be very stressful and I don't know if that is something we want to be dealing with while we are planning the wedding. But all of that aside here are a couple of my favorite pins recently. 
1. I absolutely love the frame above the bed and how easy does that look to make?! It came from Chipping with Charm and her blog is really cute. I had to add her to my reading list.
2. I am loving the orange in this bedroom and I know Anthony would too!
3. I ended up adding this pin to Pinterest myself after I wandered over to Racha's blog, My Champagne Taste. You have got to go see her home tour on her blog. 
4. When we get our own I place I am hoping and praying that we have a wide enough door way to put up some barn door sliders and have something like this.
5. How much better does this shelf with the hooks on it look compared to the normal rods that are in most homes? I love it and it provides for more decoration options.
These are 6 pins I made this week that I am going to try to do this month. How many of us find ourselves pinning pins that we want to do but never get to them? I know I do and I am tired of looking through my boards and not having anything to say that I have actually done by pinning them (well aside from my wedding boards) So for this month I am going to attempt to do each one of these pins or atleast my version of them with what I can come up with.

Along with it being Pinteresting Wednesday it is also Wedding Wednesday over here. I don't really have any wedding announcements to make other than we got scheduled for Pre-Cana and are also getting really close to getting our engagement pictures done. I was hoping to have them done by the third week of July however the weather we have been having is so hot, like Channing Tatum HOT! So I talked to Blaire and we are going to do them more towards the end of July or possibly August. But here are some pins I made this week that are more geared towards my wedding planning:
1. I was originally wanting my bridesmaids to wear short and different styled dresses however after coming across this pin I fell in love with everything about it! The color, the look, the simplicity. 
2. I am thinking about making matching hangers for my girls for their dresses to be hanging on.
3. These pocket knifes are awesome! I was telling Anthony about them last night and he said that would be a great idea for groomsmen gifts.
4. Ever since I started planning this wedding 7 months ago I have loved lace dresses! here is another favorite!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

So who else was thrown off on celebrating July 4th since it feel on a Wednesday this year? I know we were. It really didn't seem like much of a holiday but my Grandpa and Grandma Kuhn were staying down at Seneca Lake for the whole week so on Friday Anthony and I skipped town and headed to the lake to spend the weekend with them. We had lots of fun sitting around the campfire, making smores, going on a couple boat rides and trying to catch fish which turned into a tragedy for me. That awesome fishing pole I got in the Outerbanks...

Yes that gorgeous fishing pole that I loved so much! Well it was 10:00 or so p.m. and I was bored because I didn't have any bites so I left it sitting beside Anthony who said he was going to use it. Well not even 10 minutes later I hear something along with Anthony cussing and yelling at me to grab his phone...but it was all to late! My pretty fishing pole was floating in some fish's mouth in the lake! I was so upset that it was gone. Anthony immediately decided he is getting me another one for my birthday! The only problem we are having with that is that the pole has only been seen at the bait store we were at in the Outerbanks. So I am hoping he is able to find me another one!

Anyways other than the fish at Seneca Lake being thieves we had a great time and the fireworks display was amazing! It was a whole half hour of fireworks that were loud, gorgeous and had to have been really expensive for the park to put off. We are definitely planning on going back next summer to watch them again.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fridays Letters


Dear AEP and Powerline guys, Thank-you for all you have done so far getting people's power restored as soon as humanly possible however can you please weasle your way on over to Vroom road because we are still without power. 7 days now we have been without power and water! It is absolutely insane. Pretty please pay our road a visit and restore our power asap, please and thank-you

Dear Dad, you have been gone for 6 days and the house feels weird without you. I am so happy for you that you were able to check something off your list of things to do and it must have been lots of fun riding the Dragon Tail on your bike and then spending a week in Charleston with Uncle Brad but I still cannot wait for you to be home again. Love you and be careful on your ride back home. xoxo
Dear Seneca Lake, I cannot wait to come spend the next two days at your campground with Grandpa and Grandma Kuhn. We got a little sneak peak on Tuesday night by going out on a boat ride and eating campfire food but spending the next two days there will be mucho better!

Dear Anthony, I am so happy that you got the next two days off! this is very rare...a friday and a saturday off! I can't wait to spend it over at Seneca by going fishing, boating, tubing and watching the fireworks with JK, Shalene, Grandpa and Grandma it is going to be so much fun. 

Dear Tank, I cannot decide what would be better for you. If we take you over to Seneca Lake I know you would have lots of fun running around being the BIG dog campground! However the next days are supposed to be excruciatingly hot and you won't have a cool place to go to cool down. If I leave you home you can hangout in the basement and be all cooled off. I don't know what to do buddy?! I know Anthony will be all for you staying home but it makes Mommy feel bad...ugh what to do? what to do?

Dear Ohio Bloggers, I cannot wait until our meet-up on Sunday at the Cheese Cake Factory. It is going to be so much fun and I can't wait to meet everyone. To all you girls that are in Ohio you should really come to this! Leigh Anne over at Hart to Heart has planned this whole get-together if you are planning on going head over to her blog to link up that you will be there and to get all the details. Hope to see ya'all there!