Thursday, March 8, 2012

DAY 8 || #MarchPhotoADay

Challenge: Window 

I went to get Take-Out from Olive Garden for lunch and was driving downtown. I knew the challenge last night before going to bed for today. I was racking my mind all morning of what window to take a pic of. 
We have no pretty windows in my house.
No pretty windows at work. 
My Jeep is a 93 so nothing creative there.
Well maybe the little air window. 
So I resorted to that. 
Pretty disappointed with what I had.
But as I am driving I look up at one of the churches downtown and was like
"That window is really pretty"
Drove around the block, pulled up rolled down my window and snapped the pic above.
Below is my original one I was settling with.
SO glad I drove by that church!!

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