Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Every Friday night theres a steady cloud of dust. 
That leads back to a field filled with pickup trucks.
Got ol' Hank crankin way up loud.
Got coolers in the back. Tailgates down.
There's a big fire burnin' but don't be alarmed
We're just country boys and girls gettin' down on the farm.

As always I am kickin' off friday with Friday's Letters over at Ashley's         

Dear Blonde Hair,
Oh I missed you so much!! I decided to try out a new hair stylist last night and get back to my blonde hair and I am so glad I did. I was nervous walking into a new place because let me honest I have been through so many hair stylists, I go through them like a Nascar fan goes through beer at Daytona. I have also had some not so good experiences with my hair too. Stephanie did such a great job and we seriously talked the whole entire time. I hate when I go to get my hair done and have nothing to say to the person, it makes for such an awkward and long appointment. Everything was great last night and I cannot wait to go back in 6 weeks...I might even be scheduling a pedicure with her. I have never had one done before and Steph let me know I am missing out terribly.

Dear Scentsy,
I have heard so many positive things about you but had yet to try out any of your products. Well we bought a room spray for the office and oh my goodness!!! We bought the Sugar Cookie smell and it seriously makes my mouth water. It also fends off the nasty smell that patients bring into our office, our patients that are smokers. Man they can stink up the office and our windows are painted shut so we can't open them to get any fresh hair but this works wonders! Thank-you Scentsy!

Dear Luke,
A year ago today your Mommy and I were taking her maternity pictures. She was scheduled to be induced the following morning so we decided we would document the very end, your Mommy at her biggest. I am sure her nerves were flying like baseballs coming out of a pitching machine because I know mine were and I wasn't even the one having a baby. It was even snowing outside so we bundled up and went out to get some pictures with the snow falling. Tomorrow you will be a year old!!! It's hard to believe where the time has went. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have my own kids, until then I am just going to enjoy you. You have accomplished many milestones in the past year and now you are running around and getting into everything! Your Mommy has her hands full with you but I am so happy that your Daddy makes it possible for Mommy to be a stay at home Mom and spend her days with you. I can't wait to see what you get into in the next year and continue to watch you grow. I love you little buddy xoxo
Love Aunt Brit.

Dear Fiance,
We have 440 Days until we say "I Do" I know this seems forever a way but I am sure it is going to fly by. I am sure I will have days that it is going to be going slower than Moses and I will probably get really antsy because we don't have a house yet and there will be so much to do. I know you will be my rock and keep me calm as always. I know it is going to be hard but no one said anything about it being easy. I just need to keep reminding myself of that. I love you baby!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Thursday to ya'all

We are almost there! Its 3:00 P.M. on Thursday. Friday is almost here which means we almost to the weekend. I only have to work from 9-12 tomorrow and then I am off for the weekend. 
This weekend we won't be too busy other than Mr. Luke's 1st birthday party on Saturday! 
I have been working my hiney off on getting the decorations I am making for the party done. 
Originally I was going to do these cute Sesame Street characters with holes cut in their heads for the kids to put their faces in but they are just too cute to cut the heads off, and ok I will admit I worked to hard on the details to do so. I figure they will look just as good standing around as decoration. Elmo is done and last night I started on Oscar the Grouch. He just needs a little more paint and then its on to Cookie Monster.

Today I also decided to re-read The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks since the movie is coming out real soon, not soon enough though. I have already read the Notebook and The Wedding twice so this one adds to my list of double reads. But hey anything Nicholas Sparks is worth reading 10+ times.
Don't you think we would make a good couple?!
Too bad my heart is already taken by Mr. Fry. 
Mrs. Sparks you are a very lucky woman and if by chance you ever want to do the whole Wife Swap tv show I can promise you I would be the best person to switch with (;
 Yesterday while relaxing on the couch after work I look over to see Tank drooling...WTH? really? 
Just what I wanted to see while trying to relax a little.

Today at 5:30 I am going to get my hair colored for the first time in over 6 months. Back in October I decided to say good-bye to my blonde hair because I was trying to save money but I have been missing it terribly and don't get me wrong brown hair is a lot cheaper but it just isn't me. I am also trying out a new stylist today so I am crossing my fingers (okay and toes) that all goes well and it looks good. If not I can always pull off wearing a hat. So here is my before picture! Good-bye Brunette!
Yesterday I also went to the eye doc for the first time since 2009...oops. I am getting new glasses and contacts. The contacts aren't too big of a deal but let me tell you picking out new glasses was uber hard and now I am questioning how great they will really look. I wanted to try something different. I forgot to have the office staff take my picture with the new ones on so in 7 business days I will definitely be posting a picture of them so all of you can let me know what you think.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day ya'all! and more importantly its my favorite day of the week over at The Vintage Apple.... it's Pinteresting Wednesday. I look forward to this day every week because I get to share what I have found and see what others have pinned on Pinterest in the past week.
If you are a Pinterestor, yes I just made that up, you need to head over to Michelle's and link up to this party. If you have never heard of Pinterest please send me your email address and I can send you an invitation to only the greatest invention in the world, well besides the invention of the car and a close tie with Cheesecake. Anyways this week on Pinterest I was all over the place! Everything from fitness and wedding pins to hunting clothes and and ideas for our camping trip this summer to the beach.
Source: Fitbie
This ab exercise is awesome and super simple. Its so simple I was able to do it in my bedroom, so no gym membership required.
Source: Wedding Chic
This engagement session totally caught my eye. My friend Blaire is going to be doing Anthony and I's engagement pictures this summer maybe fall, I cannot wait and have been trying to get ideas for what we will wear and where we will get them taken.
I really like these money clips for the groomsmen in our wedding. All Anthony's friends are hunters so no worries about them not liking these.
I couldn't pick a favorite from all the girly hunting pins I did this week. Literally I could have a whole post just for this. Any girls that hunt can tell you how awesome it is to find hunting apparel that has hints of pink. We have to stand out from the guys somehow and look sexy while hunting.
Source: Ninth & Bird
I am adding this to the grocery list for our camping trip. These campuritos are going to taste so good.

I am making one of these to hang in our living room since we are getting new carpet next week.
And everyone can enjoy a good laugh!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To be five years old again...

Monday was well Monday. 
I decided to treat myself to a milkshake from McD's.
I know it wasn't healthy but my day was really crappy so I figured it might help.
It really didn't help at all.
The cherry tasted horrible and I just didn't get the reward I thought I would instead just more calories to burn off at the gym.

Anthony's brother Seth that lives in Florida sent him a helmet in exchange for some reptile food. 
He was imitating the "I wanna ride" commercial by watching TV with it on.
Mom made this delicious Taco Bake for supper. 
It was so yummy!
After dinner Anthony and I headed over to Spiker's to babysit Molly and Vincent.
Anthony ended up taking Vincent hiking down to the caves by their house.
Molly and I stayed home, colored in her coloring book, ate pigs in a blanket and went for a bike ride.

This is where the title to this post comes in. 
If only I could wear shoes like this everyday I am pretty sure my toes would really twinkle.
Or to ride bikes with training wheels and not have any worries in the world. 
I decided to ask Molly some questions that I am planning on asking her every year and one day we can look back at her answers and see how much they change over the years. 
Miss Molly\\Age:5
1. what's your favorite color?
2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
"a Disney Princess, Tangled"
3. What will you drive when you turn 16?
"The Nissan"
4. What is your favorite animal?
"when I go to the zoo it would be a zebra, but at my house it is a dog"
5. What is your favorite store?
"Dollar General because I can buy anything there, its all cheap"
6. What is your favorite toy?
"My Cinderella doll"
7. What is your favorite vacation?
"When my family went to the museum" she meant the Newport Aquarium
8. What is your teacher's name?
"Miss Michelle. I am in preschool."
9. What are you going to do this summer?
"go swimming at the Dresden Pool and go down the big slide alot!"
10. If you could buy anything you wanted what would it be?
"a teddy bear" can you tell someone is making a trip to Build a Bear in the near future and just might be counting down the days until she does.
Here is our little photoshoot:
I couldn't pick a favorite and they were all great so sorry for the picture over load (if there is such a thing)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday I got my first copy of Turkey Country magazine in the mail and was super excited to find Shane and Hendershot Game Calls on it's pages! I had to make a little collage to show what was in the magazine. Friday Mom and I went up to Rite-Rug to do some carpet shopping. We have had the same carpet in our living room since we moved in and after a handful of dogs and heavy traffic we really need new carpet. We ended up getting an awesome deal and Mom decided the time was right and we purchased it. The guy is coming to the house on Wednesday to take measurements and then he is ordering the carpet. So I would say by the end of next week we will have new carpet in the living room.

 Saturday we did some major motorcycle shopping and Anthony bought himself a bike!! We ended up driving 2 hours away to get it and Anthony ended up driving his new toy home. I can't wait for warmer weather so we can go on rides.

 The sunset on the way home was gorgeous. Once again this is why I love living in Ohio.
Someone dumped a little black dog off at Shalene's house last week and since then they have been trying to find its owner and eventually just resorting to finding it a new home. We thought Grandma Spiker and Dave would be perfect for her but they didn't think so themselves. JK decided she was too good of a dog to go to the pound. Normally dogs that get dumped out here go to the shelter but they are full so they have to go to the pound which does not have a no kill policy like the shelter. Anyways JK decided our house would be the perfect place for this little miss. She has made herself very at home and loves playing with Tank even though she is half his size. She can walk under him without touching his belly! That's talent (: She even stole a place on Anthony's lap on Saturday night. Oh yea we named her Harley because she did have a pink Harley Davidson collar on when she showed up. 
 Anthony and I played Words back and forth all weekend. I couldn't believe "fatbird" was a word let alone I made 72 points out of it!!! Whoot Whoot....winning.
Sunday, I did a little spring cleaning then went out to Aubrey's to visit for a while. I decided I am going to make these super cute Sesame Street boards for Luke's birthday party on Saturday that the kids can put their heads in the hole and get their pictures taken. I got the idea from Alyssa's daugher's birthday party, they just used Yo Gabba Gabba characters. I made a trip to Wal-Mart and got the tri-fold boards, paint, and brushes for the project and I finally finished getting Luke's birthday gifts. This week I am going to be busy making the boards but I will definitely posting about it when I am done.