Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Busy Holiday Season

I love love love the holiday season. But this year I have just been so crazy busy I haven't really been able to enjoy it like years past. Between being busy all day at work, photography really picked up there for a while & I'm still playing catch up on that end, anthony working all the time, life is seriously flying by. I am kind of ready for it to slow down any time now. 

Tonight I finally finished busting out the rest of our Christmas decorations. As soon as I get all the boxes put away in the next few days and the house thoroughly cleaned I will be sharing our home during the holidays with you. I also have a lot more to share that has been going on around our neck of the woods. If you follow me on Instagram you already have had a little insight but life has been good. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Last week we received awful news that one of my Dad's good work friends that's family turned family friends of ours passed away of a heart attack. Bob was only 55. This was extremely unexpected and a lot of people in shock and grieving the loss of an amazing man. On Saturday we all said our last good bye and I witnessed one of the most touching, heartfelt testimonies of strength and devotion to God in such a hard time display, by Bob's children and wife. I left there knowing that with God's Grace and unending love of family and friends that the Dotson family is going to be clothed in comfort know that Bob is in Heaven now. The faith that I witness on Saturday made me realize the type of person I need to continue to strive to be on a daily basis. 

I was raised with a very strong faith based upbringing. Somewhere along the way I lost my way and became temped by Satan into questioning my faith and I wandered into a very dark and scary time in my life. When we got engaged I found myself turning back to our Church but not anywhere nearly as strong of a pull that I have been feeling in the last few days. Lately I had been exploring my religion and yearning to learn more and be a good Christian person, but after this weekend I realized that God is the one that we NEED in our lives more and more as we experience changes in our home and work environments, our marriage and in the challenge of establishing our own family. This blog of mine might be taking on a few changes in the next few weeks, months and hopefully years. I am hoping to share my faith driven lifestyle with all of you a little more and hopefully one day I am able to look back and see where God has lead me on this journey of life. With God as my guide, I know it will be one beautiful adventure.