Saturday, January 14, 2017

Baby Shower Saturday

I totally just realized it has been pretty quiet over here. 
Like is that a cricket I hear over there in the corner?..

I haven't really had any down time to get some words typed out but I have not been able to sleep all morning and thought I would do some catching up on blog reading which sparked some creative flow to stop by, even if it is just to say hi!

So what has been going on....
-lots of wrapping up from Christmas and the holidays. We still have one more celebration tomorrow and then it is all over with. It would be nice to say things have slowed down, but they really haven't. But that is life....

-Baby Dr. appointments start this week at every week. I am really excited to start hearing some progress that Rowan is making but super nervous about this whole getting "checked" thing and of course the unknowns of how my labor is going to. 

-Child Birth Class. Anthony and I took an all day class last Saturday at the hospital that we are delivering at and I am so glad we did. Some people questioned the reason for taking the class but since the two of us were not familiar with the hospital and we really wanted to learn everything we possibly could. Plus it was a fun little (okay really it was a long day 9a-4p) date day for the two of us.

-Baby Shower. My shower is today, hence why I could not sleep this morning. We are also supposed to be getting hit with an ice storm which luckily has not occurred yet. Please stay away! We decorated last night and everything seriously turned out so cute and I cannot wait to see all our family and friends today! Plus having my shower 4 weeks before my due date has really made me anxious because we have really held off purchasing very much baby stuff. 

-3 day weekend. Anthony and I both have a 3 day weekend this week which is going to be perfect because we can spend tomorrow and Monday unpacking all our shower gifts, getting it all put away and then if there is anything that we need to return or exchange we can make a little trip to Babies R Us on Monday!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will definitely be posting about my baby shower and hopefully a bumpdate this week :)