Thursday, January 31, 2013

Just a little venting

So this week has been testing my patience to the extreme. I have been wanting to vent to someone but I feel like there is so much to vent about no one in their right mind would really want to listen to it. So I apologize ahead of time if you don't want to hear about but just a warning this post is going to be very heavy and you might not want to read it. But those of you that are also having a frustrating week you might want to read this just to know your not the only one!
Here it goes:

I got all my anatomy books last Friday and I sat down in anatomy lab on Monday, take the plastic wrap off of my text book only to have all the pages go everywhere! Oh that's nice the $180 I just spent on that book and its not only not hardback but it isn't bound. Add a binder to my shopping list. Next I open my lab book only to find out it isn't bounded either! What the hell these cheap skates are taking all our money and giving us junk books! Now two binders to that list.

Tuesday I wake up, there are birds chirping outside, Anthony has given me the truck keys because he has decided to drive his motorcycle, I get up with enough time to actually do something with my hair and my makeup is actually halfway presentable. Everything is going great!! Aside from some crazy patients calling into the office and then I get to class only to be surprised with a reading quiz on the reading that I didn't finish. After class I go to staples and get the needed binders and some other cute office supplies.

Wednesday: it is freezing outside and I am quickly reminded that I live in Ohio! Good thing I didn't pull all those summer clothes out of storage. I then get to deal with unnecessary drama at work and everything being thrown out of proportion. Why couldn't this just be my leave early day? After work I had to go to staples again. After getting the stuff I needed I am waiting patiently in line. Some older lady comes up behind me and proceeds to carry on a conversation ranging from all kinds of randomness the cute binders I am buying, the clouds outside, tornadoes, my big purse and how when I get old I will have to have shoulder surgery. All the while I am acknowledging her but not really participating in this conversation. Finally another employee opens up the other register saying "I can help whoever is next" I proceed to head that way and two older women go running towards the checkout. These women were not waiting like the other 5 of us that were. So I step back to the line I was originally in. Carazy lady behind me blurts out loud "that was so rude they totally ran right in front of you and they weren't even waiting" I am thinking oh great now there is going to be a full blown fight right here. The positive was I had a smile on my face walking out of the store and they were having complications with the barcodes on their purchases.

I then went over to Gabriel Brothers to get a pair of flat to do a little DIY project with. I find the flats and a cute belt to go with my new dress for my bridal shower. I am heading to the front of the store and there are two older women probably in their 50s or 60s, dressed very nicely, and I smiled at them allowing them to go in front of me at the end of a clothes rack. I get to the checkout only to be by these women again. One woman was already in line and I got behind her. The other lady was looking at other stuff to buy in the store. Within a couple minutes she was right behind me. Her friend tells her to come up and put her stuff with her stuff. I figured okay maybe their order is together. The cashier starts to ring everything up and gets to the second lady's stuff and she goes stop that mine it's separate. I immediately think oh you have got to be kidding me!?!? This lady just crowded in front of me. During the checkout process they both kept shooting looks at me and then giggling to themselves. I am then getting irritated at their immaturity. I mean isn't this stuff that happens in the lunch line in jr high when you can't even go to the bathroom without your BFF holding your hand. I finally get to checkout and with the women still in earshot I tell the cashier I have seen so many ride people today but I am sure you do just working here! Both women shoot me a glare and leave the store.

Today I leave work to go get my lunch and get in my jeep which by the way is turning into a bigger piece of junk every day. No lie there is seriously something wrong with it every time I get in it. The power steering is squeeling really loud and when it's cold it is really tight, if it rains it leaks on the passengers side, the windows aren't sealed so when it is snowing and is windy I am frequently greeted by snow on the seats, the heater has been smoking, when I am driving down the road and going 55 mph it starts shaking convulsively and I have to slam on the brakes...the list could go on forever! I am just waiting for my tax return to come back so I can finally put a down payment on a new car and not have to deal within any more. But every day I am reminded that I can't just go buy a brand new car when I am tired of my other one even if I really don't need one. Oh wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy two, yes two, brand new cars!!! Maybe one day!!!

Those are just some of the big things I had to get out there and not be reprimanded for because let me tell you there are lots of other things I would love to talk about on here but I am not real sure who all is reading this. Those of you that made it through this, thank you for sticking around! And those of you having a bad day, week or maybe even month here is hoping February is much better!!

On a good note I got some really cute office supplies this week, my outfit is done for my bridal shower, and tomorrow is Friday and I get to get miss Molly ready for school and off to school!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


blizzardy conditions on Friday, schools were having early dismisals and then today it supposed to be in the 60's and people are busting out their flip flops and shorts. Welcome to Ohio! Where it truly is snowing one day and summery the next!
Friday I had to work in Newark and we ended up closing early because it was snowing so bad and then the county got put on a level two so I was driving home in all of it. The roads in Newark were crazy!
 Saturday Night I was cravinf wings from BW3's but Anthony and I didn't feel like getting dressed up to go in there to eat so we did carry out and ate them at home on the comfy couch. 
They were so good and I was wishing we had ordered more
 Sunday was spent working on the bar for our wedding and hanging out in the shop

Another highlight of our weekend was this little girl showed up in our barn Friday night. 
Saturday morning we all thought we were hearing a duck but were like there is no way.
Then JK went to the barn and found her in there. She has an old wound around her neck that is all scabby and hopefully not infected so we have been doctoring her neck and are letting her stay in the basement in a rabbit hutch. So welcome the new addition to our farm.
She still needs a name.
any suggestions?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend we had lots of fun doing stuff we don't normally do.
Friday when I got off work I met Anthony and at the gym and we got our workout on.
Well we did that separately because to be honest he is over there lifting Tonka trucks 
while I am still stuck on toothpicks!
Really though I prefer to run and get the miles checked off
and do that stair master which is so ancient I am pretty sure it was around before dinosaurs.
Saturday night we went to The Barn to listen to Doublecut (the band my cousin is in) play.
Man it was packed, like sardines in a jar!
I didn't really like it too much but after 3 wine coolers it didn't even matter.
After that we ended up going to Bogeys to hang out with Hendershots.

Sunday Anthony woke me up way too early
Remember those three wine coolers? well they were not treating me well in the a.m.
Once I was forced to get up we headed down to Nelsonville to see Anthony's brothers and cousin at their new house. It ended up taking almost two hours to get there but we had so much fun! 
Since it was so nice and they are going to college at Hocking which is right by Old Mans Cave we had to go hiking. We ended up hiking at least 8 miles.
Everything was so pretty and then Trevor had supper ready for us when we got back!
We ended up leaving at like 10:30 and lucky me Anthony drove so I slept the majority of the way home.
And then the weekend was over!!
As you can tell I am a little late posting about my weekend...wanna know why?
I am working full time and going to school full time which is really taking away from my blogging time and tv show time. I am taking two online classes so the majority of my time spent on the computer is spent on Blackboard listening to lectures. 
So until May my blogging is most likely going to be very sporadic,  just depending on how much work I have going on at the time. 
Hope all of you are having a great week though and Happy Hump Day
we are only 3 days away from the weekend!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Please excuse my absence from the blogging world for the next couple of weeks while I get my schedule & life more organized. I am starting at a new college this week and am going to school full-time and working full time all the while planning the wedding and still spending lots of time with family and friends. 

I will still be trying to log on here weekly and catch up on blogs but really most of my time is going to be spent studying for my classes. Thank-you for understanding and feel free to follow me on instagram because I will still be getting on there. (@mrsfry2013)

Also I want to say Happy 2nd Birthday to my big boy Tank!

Please take note of what he is doing in all these pictures...
this is all he ever does, no lie.
I swear the only time he is awake is to eat, go outside, or chase the cat!
I still love him anyways
Happy Birthday Tankers

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big News!!

We   I have been searching endlessly like every week for our future home!
I say I have because whenever I brought it up with Anthony he didn't seemed interested and just figured we would find something when the time was right.
Which to him I am pretty sure the time being right is like a week maybe a month before we get married.
Well I am not ready for that added stress on top of planning the wedding, rehearsal, & going to showers

Every week I was logging onto, every realtor website in our area and even craigslist and coming up with nothing. Other than beautiful homes that are outside of our price range 
or homes that are in too much need of TLC that I do not want to have to tackle in our first year of marriage
Don't get me wrong...I love a good DIY project and am dreaming of the day I get to decorate my own house, but I really do not want to be knocking any walls out or fixing plumbing or electric in the whole house.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty eventful, not quite successful for me though.
Thursday night Anthony and I decided to have a date night.
Wanna know what our date nights consist of?
going to and Dick's Sporting Goods to look at guns, camo clothes and expensive workout clothes that I do not need. Then we went to Applebee's where I got a strawberry perfect margarita and then we just split the 2 for $20 deal and I got 3 cheese chicken penne and Anthony got some spicy shrimp pasta thing that was really good!!! 
After Applebee's I was feeling pretty good after sucking down that margarita in like 5 minutes and wanted to go to Michael's because I had never been there before. Well lucky me because almost all of their Smash book stuff was 70% off. I already think their prices are pretty fair and to be marked off that much I was super excited!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

OLW 2013 : JAN

This week I started working on my One Little Word for the Big Picture Class being taught by Ali Edwards
We were instructed to pick ONE word to use in 2013 and to live up to our expectations, goals, plans, aspirations or anything we want to fulfill using that word. 
Well after lots and lots of thinking about what word I wanted to use and changing my mind a couple times I finally picked my word...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Recap

I haven't really had a good chance to sit down and blog about Christmas because we have been running so much! Seriously we had 6 different Christmases and when we weren't in the car going to people's houses I just wanted to sit down and relax. We had a wonderful surprise of having Anthony's brother be home and we made it to a couple local wineries and they got to spend some time together which was really nice. I was really thrilled because we had a white Christmas and even more snow in the days following. 
Saturday we went to Anthony's Dad's and it had snowed a lot that night and we ended up sliding off the road and into the ditch. I was getting nervous because every time Anthony tried to get us out we slid further towards a ravine. He finally gave up and we called my Dad and he came and pulled us out with my trusty jeep. We went back to the house and Anthony's Dad said he would re-schedule but then we decided that Saturday was the only day it was going to work because Trevor and Travis are going to be going to college and making all of our schedules work together was just going to be too hard. So we ended up going to his Dad's on Saturday.