Thursday, March 8, 2012

Trendy/Thrifty Thursday

Earlier this week I told you about the gift cards I found when cleaning.
Well its burning a hole in my wallet.
So Tuesday I stopped at Tj Maxx with intentions of just getting a new purse.
Well that didn't happen.
Wednesday, I decided to go to Gabriel Brothers.
They were having a huge dress sale!
I love sales.
With summer coming I figured I needed some dresses to wear to work to show off my tan legs.
I also found a new pair of shoes, sun glasses and a case to keep them safe in my purse.

Purse & Wallet - Tj Maxx...Sunglasses & Case - Gabes
 Dress #1
Dress from Gabes. Brand: Full Tilt $12
 Dress #2
Dress from Gabes. Brand: Full Tilt $12.99
 Dress #3
Dress from Gabes. Brand: Star Vixen. $7
 Shirt #1
Shirt from Tj Maxx. Brand: Pink Rose/Shoes from Gabes. $3
 Shoes, Shoes, Shoes
Grey shoes from Gabes for $10. Other from TJ Maxx for $20.
I have been looking for a pair of nude colored heels ever since the Royal Wedding started in the news.
Kate Middleton just pulls them off.
Still searching for a cute navy blue dress.
She is so classy.
Well these shoes were screaming classy to me.
I couldn't resist.

Last night Anthony and I went on a little adventure.
I am not going to go into it more detail on that at a different time.
Still need to get pics taken.
Its very DIY and I cannot wait to get started.
Stay tuned.

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