Thursday, April 26, 2012

ATTENTION: Country Music Fans!

Just a little shout out to all my country music followers: This chick is going to see Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert tonight!!! That means it is going to be a good night and there is a possibility I will not be here for Fridays Letters or it may be very late (; If you don't know who Eric or Brantley are please youtube them and check them out! For now I will leave you with some hotness!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - part3

I am so excited I posted a couple details on Monday about shopping for reception venues but I left the details out because I wanted to save it for today. Well as I said on Monday, the people at the Pavilion were rude so we opted to not go there to check it out and the other place, Prophets Park was too small but we did check out Friendly Hills Grange Camp and we really liked it, actually loved it!!

They have one room right by the office where the kitchen is also located however the walls are yellow and there are support beams throughout the room that would be difficult to decorate around. However the very friendly and welcoming lady giving us the tour took us to the next building that can hold over 300 people and everything is really simple in there. The walls were all white, there were windows that look out over the beautiful yard around the building which is situated along the Muskingum River. They have a stage and a back porch for guests to get some fresh air. There is also cabins located on the property for our guests that are coming from out of state that would like to stay all night or for us to rent for the weekend so we can party it up on into the night! Like I said its right by the river and there are actually railroad tracks going through too which will be great for pictures and a couple old barns too! There is also a swimming pool which will be great for the kids that are coming if they want to go swimming (not sure if that is an option to do when attending a wedding but let me tell you I am fish and if that was an option at any event I would be wearing my suit under my dress and be in the pool asap) I was able to take a couple pictures with my phone but they don't even do it justice but I have to post them anyways.

 This is the front of the building. We are thinking about putting some tiki torches lining the sidewalk so flowers outside to spruce it up a little bit.
 This is the back of the building, the porch is off to the right but you can't really see it in this picture.
 Here is the view from the porch and inside. I am thinking we can put some corn hole boards up and maybe some hillbilly golf so if it is nice out everyone can enjoy the beautiful day.
Here is one of the old barns on the property.
Told ya there was a swimming pool (:
 And some railroad tracks
 Beautiful view of the river and funny thing is the farm that is on the other side is Aubrey's (my MOH) family farm. Their cows are actually wading in the water, how cool is that? and this is the same river that our campground is on, just a little ways around that bend.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I took of the inside. There was a lot more room behind me and off the right where you walk in. Everything is very simple and the only rules were that if you have a keg to please put it on the porch so it doesn't sweat on the floor and that no one's head goes through the wall! How awesome? That means I can also have candles!!!!! Ahh so excited

If you can't tell yet from reading this we ended up reserving it for the wedding! So that is one check off my super-duper-hugeando list of stuff to do and it is such a relief. Now I am just thinking in my head all the ways to decorate. This week I found this awesome dessert table that Jenny from Jenny Cookies put together for someone's party. I absolutely love love love the pom poms balls (sounds much better) did and I am going to try to make some that look identical similar to hang from the ceiling throughout the building because since Jenny is from Washington State and I just don't think she would be able to come to my wedding to decorate for me so I will just borrow some inspiration from her blog (: Thanks Jenny!
But seriously check out this dessert table she did!

aren't these amazing!!!
How cute are these little pies to give for dessert? Mentioned this to Mom and she wasn't too sure about it since it is going to take a lot of time to make 200 of them. This is sort of a toss up, maybe we can find someone to do them for us.

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to get some knobs for the dresser that I am working on and wondered over to the fabric section and decided to buy some burlap material so I can try to make some of these poms poms. I didn't know this but they even have burlap in orange and green! I ended up getting tan and orange and bought some tissue paper in green and blue and am going to try my hand at making the pom poms sometime this week.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you come back next Wednesday for some more Wedding stuff!

Daily Chaos of a Country Girl from Ohio

Pinteresting Wednesday

Happy Humpday everyone! 
I didn't used to be too fond of Wednesdays because they are the day that's smack dab in the middle of the week and by Wedneday I was pretty much just praying for Friday to get here. Well then I wandered over to  The Vintage Apple & discovered the Pinteresting Wednesday party going on and now I look forward to Wednesday every week almost as much as I look forward to Friday! I love checking out what everyone has been pinning and learning new recipes or lil crafty projects. If you are a pinterest fanatic lover make sure you head over to Michelle's, consider this your invitation to only the best party every week! 
If you don't know what Pinterest is that is a-oh-kay just shoot me your email address and I can invite you to Pinterest to check it! I promise your life will be changed (:

1. Young House Love - I just love that sign and we have the worst problem ever with pens going through the wash and ruining a whole load of clothes...this would be the perfect sign to have to remind us to check!
2. Literally Inspired  - checking out this photo canvas as I am searching for ideas for our gallery wall
3. Sweet Pickins - I am currently working on my first furniture renovation and this dresser is amazing, can't wait to start my next project and use pretty yellow paint like this
4. The Happy Home - how cute is that chevron bulletin board, I need to do this to my plain ol brown one I have had for years that is so ugly hanging in my room. 
5. Rainy Day Colors' etsy shop - I really like the banner on this card which would be easy to make and I could just add any kind of stamp to the front for pretty much any occasion. 
6. no source - error on pinterest - I am going to try to build one of these for our river lot to have on the deck
7. Not Just a Housewife  - Anthony's mom has tons of old doors stored in their barn that she got from a friend and I could make something like this for our wedding
8. Oh So Pretty the diaries  - I need to try this curling technique for my hair asap
9. Rang Oli Design's etsy shop - when I eventually get time to teach myself how to quilt I really want to make one just like this!?! its so colorful and would match everything!!! The pattern is only $9 from this etsy shop I just might have to buy it for my first quilt.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nothing went as planned..

Of course to no surprise nothing went as planned this weekend. Friday we were supposed to go look at three different venues for our reception. I called the Pavilion and they said we couldn't come look at it because they had an event going on then realized we couldn't get in to see Prophet's Park so that left us with Friendly Hills. I wasn't too bummed about Prophet's Park because I was told that it doesn't hold too many people and we would be pretty tight in there. I was sorta disappointed about The Pavilion because that is where I have had my heart set on but they raised prices and the lady I ended up talking to was extremely rude on the phone so I wasn't real sure how much I was wanting to be working with them. So we were off to Friendly Hills at 2:00 to get a tour. I will have more details on Wednesday on how that went. 

After venue touring I met all the girls at Tlaquepaque for dinner before going to see The Lucky One. For one the service was really slow and we were a little late getting to the theater but were still 40 minutes early and of course the tickets were sold out! We ended up seeing 21 Jump Street and that was hilarious and Chaning Tatum was GORGEOUS! Here are some pictures from Tlaquepaque:
 One of the many reasons we love Lauren
 Aubrey and Lauren - can you tell that they are sisters?
 Me and Taylor
 Joni, Kelsey, Aubrey and Lauren
 The group minus Kaci

Saturday I had plans of going to a yard sale that was selling Wedding stuff and luckily a friend texted me to let me know that she sold all the wedding stuff, then I was going to go over to the lake for the boat races but it was freezing cold and raining so I skipped out on that. I ended up going up to Anthony's to check out the little puppies then we went back to my house and I started on the dresser project I went dumpster diving for. I only got the drawer fronts painted but its looking pretty awesome!

We also found a house that was a repo and super cheap, I am talking $23,000 and Anthony and I were going to make a cash offer but then we went to check it out for a second time only to find a sign posted on the door saying that it is under contract and to stay out! Talk about disappointing, I seriously wanted to cry. This is the third house I have actually pursued to only have it be locked in a contract! Some days I just want to give up on house hunting but then I have Mom on the other end nagging me to have a total plan before we get married, which to me is really unrealistic because we still have over a year before we tie the knot. 

Yesterday Mom and I were heading to Columbus to watch Leo in the dog show but realized we were going to miss him showing so we turned around and went home. The one awesome thing this weekend was Mom and I decided to go see the Lucky One after missing the dog show. I loved the movie and am planning on going to see it again very soon and will be buying the movie! Gah it is such a great story however I was thrown off a little because if you are a devoted Nicholas Sparks reader you know that all his books are based in North Carolina and this movie was taking place in Louisiana but that was it and I quickly got over that after getting to stare at Zak Efron the whole time, can't complain there!
Did anyone else get to see The Lucky One yet? what did you think?

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters & New buttons!

Check out Ashley's NEW button for Friday's Letters!!! how cute?! I just love it


I also created my own button for my blog yesterday. It was kinda tricky figuring it out but hey it's here now! Feel free to put it on your blog and we can do a little switcheroo and I will put yours on mine (:

Dear Fiance,
Thank-you for taking me on your fishing trips this week even though I don't have much luck unless its a teeny tiny blue gill.
Dear Park Road 7 and Fishing Hole,
You are the bomb-diggity-bomb for taking pictures and providing me with driftwood for my projects! Thank you so much...I am sure we will be back very very soon.
 I mean look at how awesome this picture is!! I haven't edited it or anything, so excited about the sunflare!

 We just missed the buck that stopped by to get a drinkey drink

Just sittin' here waiting on a fish...

Dear The Lucky One,
I hope your movie is as good as the book! I love Nicholas so please don't butcher the movie, however with Mr. Efron I am sure it will be very enjoyable. 

Dear Weekend,
Please be nice because I have a lot of plans. Tonight we are having a girls night and going out to eat and then going to see The Lucky One, tomorrow my friend is having a garage sale with some wedding stuff, then Tank and I are going over to Dillon for the regatta races, and Sunday Mom, Anthony's Grandma Kehn and myself are going to Columbus for the dog show. Hopefully sometime I can get in some painting on the dresser and working on the driftwood project! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

W.W. - decisions decisions

 So we were originally planning on having our wedding reception at the pavilion at lake park but I decided to get on their website to get an email address and the prices jumped $500! So now I am resorting to checking out some other places. This actually really sucks because the pavilion was pretty much the closest thing we could to having it look like a barn. They have wood beams for the ceiling, hard wood worn floors, big windows that overlook at big pond and there are paddle boats and a bike trail that wraps around the pond. The whole setting is just perfect! 

 We aren't completely tossing out this idea but are definitely looking into some other places. We have an appointment at 2:00 on Friday to go check out Friendly Hills Grange Camp which is very privately located and along the river but I am not real sure how great the facility is going to look but the price is half of what the Pavilion is so we are interested. I have also contacted another place that was recently remodeled so I am waiting on feedback from them on when we can come check them out too! Hopefully we can check all three out this weekend and I can make a decision. All three are currently available for our date but since it's a June wedding we are going to need to get something booked because it will fill up fast! I also need to decide if the wedding is going to be at our church or outdoors, I am seriously torn between the two because Anthony and I are both catholic but don't feel overly comfortable in our church and would love to have it outside but Mom is very adamant that we need it at the church because having God present in our ceremony is the best thing for us. Don't get me wrong we both know that without God none of this is possible but really what better place to get married at a beautiful place with God's beautiful creations all around us!!?! So many important decisions to make.

This is Friendly Hills, gonna need a lot of work but we can make it look pretty!

A little pinterest and a little dumpster divin'

As always I am linking up over at The Vintage Apple 
Yesterday I talked about going over to Dillon to get pieces of wood to work on a little project...well of course as with every project I had to resort to Pinterest for some inspiration, this chick cannot stay away from there! I was so excited to find lots and lots of pins after typing in driftwood and there were a good bit of links to helpful blogs for my project! Winner winner chicken dinner!!! Sorry I just cannot hold back my excitement. 
Also about 2 months ago I scored this old dresser that these people were just going to throw up, well actually they did throw it out and said people...well I don't really even know who they. Yes you read that right, this chick did her first ever dumpster dive! With lots of help from Anthony at 11:00 at night. There is one drawer missing but that's ok because it can serve as a little shelf or something! Well I have been wracking my brain really hard on how I am going to redo this dresser and of course with lots of help from Pinterest I am getting started on it this week, I cannot wait! So here is the inspiration I have been savoring this week from Pinterest:

Make sure you link up all your awesome Pinterest finds from this week over at The Vintage Apple and check out what the other girls have discovered too!

2. TaterTots and Jello
3. German Jello Salad
4. Young House Love you have got to check out this blog! They are awesome (:
5. source unknown
6. The Handmade Home
7. The Lettered Cottage awesome tutorial and I really like this one for my dresser maybe minus the numbers but then again they add some character.
8. source unknown - darn because I really liked this one! luckily it is pretty self explanatory
9. Pottery Barn Teen

3. Sunset
4. The Knot - this island is called Jekyl Island in Georia and the island has this section of beach that is just covered in driftwood. There is no swimming here but oh my good Lord it is the most amazing site ever! If you are ever driving through Georgia please take the exit and go check this place out. You are missing out if you haven't.
10. Dornob

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Complete and Total Invasion of Privacy

Some words to describe how we have been feeling the last couple of days:
Friday night Anthony came over just like any other Friday night and he had rented movies and I had just ordered Creno's (pizza shop by our house) and we decided we were just going to spend the night in with Dad watching movies. The windows in the living room were opened and the guys ended up staying awake until 12:30 or 1 A.M. We did notice that there was a party being hosted at the pond across the street but didn't really think anything about it. However Saturday morning we woke up and were kind of just sitting around talking. Anthony logged onto his bank account to check it before we officially started the day only to realize $230 were charged Friday night at Speedway in Newark (not a town we visit very often). He was alarmed because we had not been to Newark and then he began searching for his wallet which he had left in his Jeep because he was carrying in the stuff he got in town and it had been sitting in the center console. He went out to check the Jeep and it was not there! We headed to the bank to stop any more transactions from occurring and report it stolen. While Anthony was in the bank I called Dad and he started searching Anthony's Jeep for anything else that might be missing...we realized some cash that was in the ash tray and his GPS were also missing. I also realized that $7 in cash was missing out of my Jeep. Mom and Dad immediately called the Sheriff's Dept so we could file a report. Anthony and I rushed home because obviously we were needed for the report. She took all of our information and let us know that since there were credit cards involved this is immediately considered a felony. The bank had also told us the the person charged the $230 on lottery tickets and gift cards and also had filled up their gas tank. The fraud dept. automatically noticed this and stopped any more transactions from occurring however the person went to two other gas stations and attempted to charge $600 more in who knows what and were stopped from purchasing however this action did not stop them in their tracks so they were not officially caught. The deputy told us she was going to call the Speedway and arrange to view their surveillance cameras and most likely they would be caught right there. After she left I posted a status on my Facebook since I have most of our neighbors on there and wanted to warn them that if their cars were not locked they might want to check for anything missing.

Coincidentally about 15 minutes after posting this the little neighbor girl came walking up to our house and told us her Mom had found this stuff at their pond and she was returning it. Unfortunately it was only Anthony's badge from work, a receipt and business card that had been in my Jeep but we called the deputy and let her know we had a lead on the case and she told us that she had talked to Speedway but would not be able to watch the surveillance until Monday when a manager returned to work. So for the rest of the weekend we were pretty much thinking in our heads who could have done it and praying to God that they catch them. We still have not heard anything else pertaining to the break in and are anxiously waiting a phone call but we are aware that it could be a long process however I am the first one to tell you that when this person has to go to court I will be sitting there front row center to watch them be charged!!!
This whole experience has stolen our sense of security and made us feel completely violated. Never before have we had a need to lock our doors, I mean we live out in the country, are friendly to our neighbors and have never had theft issues in the past but now I feel like we cannot trust anyone and everything is locked up because who knows if they are going to come back for more and if they would be daring enough to come into the house. If they were to make the bad decision to come back I can tell you right now it would probably be a very bad choice because the guns are locked and loaded and the dogs are spending more time outside too! Hopefully whoever did this won't have a chance to do this to us or anyone ever again and they will get caught and charged! Until then we will just play the waiting game and pray to God that they get what they deserve.

a trip down park road 7

Last night after supper Anthony and I went over to Dillon to go fishing. Well we were supposed to be fishing but once again the carp were spawning so Anthony ended up bow fishing. I was going to just sit in my chair and read my book but we ended up on Park Road 7 and this road is a little road that runs along side the back waters of the lake and since the lake is a reservoir and controls towns below us from flooding Park Road 7 is known for being flooded over. So when the water goes back down there are lots of pieces of wood laying around. I picked up a cool piece of wood and got to thinking of a pinterest pin I found a long time ago where the girl covered a picture frame in driftwood. So I started walking around finding pieces of wood so I could do some projects and I went a little crazy with my camera which I played around with on Instagram when we got home (follow me on instagram: brittkuhn2009)

all the cool glass bottles I found

I brought this big piece home, not real sure what I am going to do with it yet...