Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Morning everyone.
Saturday morning is treating me well, aside from symptoms of a UTI coming on (sorry no filter) that or I am dehydrated. Considering the fact that I cannot recall the last time I had a drink of water. Praying the second diagnosis.
Last night Anthony and I took Molly to see Dr. Seuss' The Lorax in 3D. It was very good and its been a long time since I saw a little kid movie so it was slightly a different experience with the kids talking throughout most of the movie but all in all it was a fun friday night and before I dropped Molly off at home she said to me: "Brittany Kuhn I had fun tonight. Can we see a movie again sometime" aww how sweet. I of course promised her we will and I am sticking to that promise.

Before the movie we stopped at $tree to stock up on some candy to sneak in.

2 3D Adult Tickets -->$9.25 + 1 3D Child Ticket -->$6.75
movie prices are outrageous but we still pay to see them. Same
thing with gas prices...but I am not even going to get myself
started with that.

In the car waiting on Anthony to get off work

Funny Faces 

we love 3D

even though this picture isn't perfect I love it

Tonight Anthony and I are going to a surprise party for one of our friends, its the same group of people we went to Kalahari with. I am pretty pumped and can't wait to see everyone again. Next weekend Mom and Dad are going to Charleston SC to see my Uncle and Aunt for a 4 day weekend get a way...Although I am completely bummed that I am not going because I can't afford to take two days off of work and ever since Anthony started joining us on vacations if he can't go I just don't think it would be the same so I am a no go. But I decided that in 4 days I can attempt to do some painting around the house. I know for a fact that I am going to do the big bathroom that everyone uses. We have had the same shower curtain and pictures hanging on the wall for 8 years. Can you say "BORING!!" My Mom hates to paint and doesn't do updates on this house so I am taking over. If I decide that I am going to be daring enough I just might be painting the kitchen too or maybe I will just stick to the hallway. Here are some color options I am thinking of:
I bought this new shower curtain yesterday at Kmart. First I was looking at single shower curtains but then I wondered on down and found these kits that had the curtain, hooks, and 2 matching rugs for the same price as the single curtains! $17.95 I couldn't pass up on this. So of course the blue and green is what I am aiming for with pops of brown. 
Paint samples via Pinterest of course
I am trying to decided between one solid color on the walls or multiple colors going on? Does anyone know what the flowers are called that are on that shower curtain? I am tossing up the possibilities of stenciling those on one of the walls. Off to pinterest I go to figure that out.


  1. I want to see 'The Lorax' but Tayler isn't really big enough to go yet :( But i definitely want to get it on DVD when it comes out!! :) and hopefully you aren't getting a UTI. I have those things chronically! But they have these Cranberry tablets you can take that help with it! Good luck dear! Hope you feel better :)

    1. It is definitely a movie worth renting and Tayler will love it. As for the UTI I get them frequently too..I have the pills but always forget to take them on a regular basis. I am trying to get hydrated so hopefully that is all thats wrong. Thanks

  2. Loving the candy stash :) And GIRL--let's not even *talk* about movie prices. In Australia it's $18.50 per adult ticket :(


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