Monday, March 5, 2012

Closet Organization & a little Tank love

This weekend I started out being very lazy.
It was not in my planning but it happened.  You see Mom made baked mac n cheese
and it was so delicious, however extremely greasy. That grease did not agree with my belly.
I was sick most of the evening and we didn't make it to Chase's surprise party.
My fiance is awesome though and actually offered for us to stay home.
Love him.
That was all on Satuday.
woke up really really. 
Didn't make it to church. I am not happy about that one.
Went to town with Dad and Anthony.
Dropped Mom's car off at Sams Club to get new tires.
Then we went to Home Depot to waste some time.
I was able to get some paint samples to get ideas for this weekend.
After getting Mom's car, Anthony dropped me off at my house and he went home.
I sat around for a while but then got this sudden urge to clean and organize.
Love urges like that!  
I ended up cleaning out the top of my closet.
There were tons of books, notebooks, vhs tapes and all kinds of stuff from when I was in Elementary School.
I decided to throw away almost all of  it. I kept one journal that had some cute things I wrote in it.
Other than that I also sorted through my piles of junk mail, pay stubs, credit card statements and college stuff.
I ended up with 2.5 bags of trash. 
Then I sorted through more clothes. 2 bags going to Maddy and 1 to donate!
I then decided to tackle my purse/bag organization or lack of. 
Of course I searched Pinterest for some ideas.
This is what I came up with:
Source: Tart House
She used hooks and hung her bags on the clothes rod in the closet. 
I had the left over shower curtain rings from the old curtain so that is what I decided to use. 
Here are my results:
The ones on the left are my befores. I had purses and bags
hanging every where and on everything. I am so happy with
it now because they are away and in my closet. After clearing
out a bunch of my clothes I had that whole rod available for
the purses to hang on.

While all of my cleaning was going on everyone else was watching the race.
I mean everyone, including Tank.
I couldn't get into it because I was too focused on cleaning.
But Mr. Tank was enjoying it. 
He loves to watch TV. We even have the Westminister Dog show saved on DVR so he can watch it.
I love him so much!
When he came back for bed he was amazed at how much room was in my room now.
It was so cute, he was walking around trying to find a place to lay day.
He has such a personality!
Below is a picture I snapped of him watching the race.

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  1. Your closet looks great! Come do mine next ;)


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