Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas Eve Mass 2017


We attended the 5PM Christmas Eve Mass at St. Thomas and Rowan did wonderful other than unbuttoning my shirt all the way up except for one button. Unfortunately I was sitting by myself and could not get it buttoned all while holding her so I yanked her binkie out of her mouth, she started chattering and we went to the back of the Church and stood with Anthony. Other than that it was not too eventful. Oh yeah we have to return this Peppa Pig to the lost and found this Sunday because it kept her kind of quiet! 

When we got home we had a little photo session in front of the tree before sending her off to bed.

oh the struggle is getting real with this little lady and taking pictures!!! 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Ten Months of Rowan Christine

We are officially in the double digits and these monthly pictures are becoming more & more of a struggle with our super active little lady! Even as much of a struggle they are I have so much fun doing them! What a month it has been too! Lots of holiday celebrations, meeting Santa quite a few times and a few teeth popping through too!

Here are Rowan's Month 10 Photos and Updates…


  • She finally hit the 20 pound mark, for months she has sat at 18-19. She is still in 9 month clothes but is dabbling into the 12 month stuff.
  • She took a couple a couple different times but nothing to really say she is a walker yet. I am pretty sure she will be on the move in the next month. Since she is not walking she is a little speedy gonzalez in the crawling department. She literally flies allover the place!
  • She gives the best open mouth kisses!!! I cannot get enough of them!


Miss Rowan's hair is in need of a little trim but I just cannot bring myself to do it just yet. She just recently started taking her hair bows and headbands out when I put them on -- we need to work on leaving them alone but at least I made it ten months without her messing with them. She has the most contagious laugh and Daddy and I try to get her to giggle all the time.


She is still sleeping through the night however we did have a little sleep regression for two weeks where she was up every morning from 2-4AM and really fought falling back asleep. I think we have her teeth to blame, 6 teeth total have popped through!


Rowan and Momma are still rocking it with breastfeeding! Fingers crossed we can make it to a year and then see what happens after that. She is also eating lots of other foods throughout the day. She love love loves the blueberry oatmeal though!!!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Cookies for Santa milk bath session with Anchor Images Photography

I had been wanting to do a milk bath photo session with Rowan since she was six months old and I just kept putting it off. My friend Megan was able to meet me last Wednesday at her new studio and she snapped these beautiful pictures of Rowan. I just love them so much!!!

Traditional Mall Santa Trip

Even though I had Rowan already visit Santa for the first time we couldn't resist taking her to visit our mall Santa and Daddy was able to tag along this time. Once again it was uneventful and Rowan had just woken up so she really wasn't into smiling and was more interested in all the decorations. 
She also might not have been impressed with his lack of a beard and he looked like he could use a couple more cookies on his plate. We finally got some smiles at the end when we told her to give him a high five. 

Rowan's First Santa Experience

On Black Friday my Uncle and Aunt asked me to accompany them to the Christmas Tree Farm to get some family pictures of them for their Christmas card and they have not had an updated picture in years. I was so excited and I love doing photo sessions for family because if the weather permits it my little sidekick gets to tag along!

I met them at Timbuk Farms in Granville and we boarded an old school bus along with lots of other families to go out to the trees. The atmosphere was toxic with happiness and lots of traditions! Timbuk allows you to bring your dogs too which I thought was awesome. 

After we took pictures and got back to the main building we found out that Santa Claus was there for the day. Even though Anthony was not with us I wanted to let Rowan check this guy out for the first time. It was great because unlike our mall Santa there were no professional photographers with pricey photo packages so I was able to snap away on my own camera. 

Rowan loved the big guy and didn't think anything about it, I don't think we will get as lucky next year. This same Santa and Mrs. Claus are the same that visit our family Christmas party every year so hopefully I am able to get some more candid shots of Rowan with him this Saturday!

Nine Months of Rowan Christine

Nine Months. I thought six months hit me hard but nine is really tugging at this Momma's heart strings! Slow down baby. Don't get me wrong I love watching her grow and change daily but this big piece of my heart really wants her to stay itty bitty!

Here are Rowan's Month 9 Photos and Updates…


  • She is still wagering at 19 pounds and is right in between 6 month and 9 month clothes and is wearing size 3 diapers.
  • She is a crawling machine, pulling up on everything and walking along the couches.
  • She is still sleeping through the night
  • She met her Uncle Seth, Aunt Danielle and cousins this past month and we celebrated an early Thanksgiving with Grandma Fry. Rowan loved all the yummy food!


Miss Rowan's hair is really growing and filling in on the sides. It is still blonde and she has the bluest eyes that sparkle!!


All night long!!! Amen for this unicorn baby!! She falls asleep for the night anywhere around 8:30-9 and sleeps until 7AM and then takes a long morning nap around 10:00. Sometimes she takes an afternoon nap depending on how the day is going.


Little Miss has developed an amazing sleeping schedule (above)


We are still going strong with breastfeeding and Rowan loves her Momma's milk! But we have introduced pretty much all the flavors for purees and there hasn't really been one that she doesn't like and she loves snacking on fruits and crackers.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mini Photoshoot at Great Grandma Fry's - Pre Thanksgiving

On Sunday we had one of many holiday celebrations a little early because we had some very special visitors in Ohio from out of town from Anthony's side of the family. Anthony's Grandma Fry decided to have an early Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday so we all gathered at her house and had lots of fun with family. I couldn't resist having a little photoshoot with Miss Rowan around the farm. Take that girl outside and stick a leaf in her hand and she is one happy camper!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Harper Drive Trick or Treat

A little late but better than never! Our traditional Trick or Treat on Harper Drive took place on October 30th. Every year I have participated in Trick or Treat on my Grandparent's road and this year was no different, other than we had an adorable old lady to push around with all her cousins! Next year she will be running door to door and actually collecting candy but this year we just got to show her off! So much fun!