Thursday, March 8, 2012

Busy day...TGTIO (Thank GOD Thursday Is Over)

You know its going to be a good day when it starts with this.
Yes, thats how mine started. 
Thanks to an amazing patient in our office.
How thoughtful.
A little Russell can bring a smile to anyone's face.
 Last night Tank got a bath.
It was so nice he got it outside.
After he was really frisky so we played for almost an hour.
It was so much fun.
Makes me more anxious for Spring and Summer.
 Today I ordered take-out from Olive Garden.
Pasta E Fajioli and some breadsticks.
Can't beat the deal.
$5.25 for all of it.
Well the Dew was $.50 from a pop machine.
Perfect for the rainy day.
 After work I came home to get Anthony and Tank.
Tank has been having some problems with his mouth.
Thought it was an abscess tooth.
Very nervous about the vet bill.
Well my prayers were answered
I have a perfectly healthy 115 lb. puppy.
Yes 115 pounds! He is such a big boy.
Don't think he would appreciate being called a puppy anymore.
Poor dog got violated in every nook and cranny tonight. 
His mouth was thoroughly checked.
Ears were cleaned out.
And he was poked and prodded at the other end for worm samples.
Everything came back negative. Whoot Whoot. Healthy boy.
Doc. Martin went ahead and put him on an antibiotic to clear up the swollen lymph nodes.
 Pretty sure he is recovering now from all the poking and prodding that went on.
Poor bebe boy.
If the weather is nice this weekend pretty sure he deserves a trip to Dillon and maybe a new toy.


  1. I feel SUPER lucky! Now I just need to figure out how to use it LOL!! :) But I don't think he needs a blog.. I think we all just need to get together some time!!! :) We have been talking about it forever, but I think it definitely needs to happen and soon LOL! :)

  2. Yes we really do! We have so many mutual friends and I know for a fact we would have so much fun. Plus I have some serious baby fever going on and all the babes I get to see are little boys, little miss tay would brighten my day I am sure (:

  3. Tank is so adorable! I want a dog, but (even if my husband would let me) the vet bills scare me!


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