Adventure: Newport Aquarium

Friday, January 5, 2018

For New Years we went to Anthony's brother Trevor and his girlfriend Kendra's house in Cincinnati to celebrate Christmas with that side of the family. We ended up making a weekend out of it and were there from Saturday through Monday. No one else was coming into town until Sunday evening so we decided to take Rowan to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky and we had so much fun! Rowan is turning out to be a huge nature lover so spending a few hours checking out all the fish and other underwater creatures was right up her alley. 


The Aquarium was lots of fun and we enjoyed walking around outside on our way back to the car because it is smack dab in the middle of the Newport Levee which is on the riverwalk full of restraunts and stores. My one suggestion would be to go on a week day to avoid large crowds but it probably didn't help that we were there on a Sunday which was also New Years Eve. We are excited to go back again and maybe then Rowan will be old enough to experience all the touch pools.

Rowan's First Christmas

Monday, January 1, 2018

We celebrated Christmas on Christmas morning and Rowan caught on very fast to the opening of gifts. Which I was very happy about because I truly thought this year was going to be a bust and it wouldn't be until next year that she really knew what was going on. We got her a ball pit, a little people bus, some other toys and a couple outfits. We had lots of family in and out all morning to have some breakfast casserole and tell Rowan Merry Christmas. It was a wonderful day spent hanging out as a family and playing with our little girl.

Christmas Eve Mass 2017

Friday, December 29, 2017


We attended the 5PM Christmas Eve Mass at St. Thomas and Rowan did wonderful other than unbuttoning my shirt all the way up except for one button. Unfortunately I was sitting by myself and could not get it buttoned all while holding her so I yanked her binkie out of her mouth, she started chattering and we went to the back of the Church and stood with Anthony. Other than that it was not too eventful. Oh yeah we have to return this Peppa Pig to the lost and found this Sunday because it kept her kind of quiet! 

When we got home we had a little photo session in front of the tree before sending her off to bed.

oh the struggle is getting real with this little lady and taking pictures!!! 

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