Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Tim Horton's Drive Thru Girl,
I know the morning rush is probably anything but a relaxing and fun shift to work but you applied for the job. It is a coffee and bake shop. Tim Horton's specialty is catering to the breakfast crowd. Therefore me telling you my order three different times only for you to read it back to me twice and then say you are checking the order and total leaving me waiting for a full 2 minutes all the while there are 10 people waiting behind me is slightly annoying. The first time this happened I was like okay just a bad day we all have them no biggie. Well I come there 3+ days a week and it is the same procedure every time. Please speed up the pace and enter my order while I am giving it. Thank you.

Dear Red Jeep,
I love you so much! You take me all the places I need to go. I trust you with my life. I know you are getting old, 19 years to be exact but I really need you to get me through at least another year. You have been wobbling and shaking convulsively whenever I reach 54 mph but after 56 everything is smooth sailing. Just another year and you can retire. Thanks for you all you do! and I look forward to the places we will go (:

Dear Paper Shredder,
I really hate that you won't take more than 2 pieces of paper at once. You have definitely seen your days. I think you have served your purpose and we should really invest in another. Sorry but you are such a pain in the ass!

Dear Fiance,
you make me smile so much. I love waking up to your text messages every morning. You make everything more special and I cannot wait until the day we say "I Do" in front of all our family and friends. I love every minute spent with with you and the bond we share is truly indescribable. Love you babe.

Dear Weekend,
treat me good. Fill me with relaxation and some adventure. Usually your very kind but please be this time around because the week wasn't too gracious and filled me with rain and cold weather. That was very rude of him but I trust in you to make up for it.
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  1. Aww keep on trucking little Jeep!! 19 years?! WOW!! Text messages from the hubs always makes me happy too. Thanks for stopping by my blog following you back :)

  2. yes its a 93, cant wait to be able to buy a newer car but the jeep is paid off so its worth it, for now. Thanks for following back (=

  3. Awww... you guys are cute! I love your your jeep! 19 years is amazing! Any ideas of what you want to get next year?

  4. Katie, thanks! not real sure what I want to get yet. I have never had a car always had 4x4 but I am thinking with getting married and buying a house is time to start saving money and the whole gas factor would be the first thing to consider. Probably a Nissan Altima or something toyota. I wouldn't mind getting a Soul but I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone that has one to see what they think. Any suggestions?

  5. I hope your weekend is better than your week! :)

  6. Oh my gosh, I was just trying to make my paper shredder work!! UGH!! That thing is so finicky!!

  7. Oh!! This is awesome!

    Such a great way to vent, huh?!?

    TOtally cool...I might be borrowing this idea for a post in the future!!


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