Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend recap

We had wonderful weather this weekend and were pretty much free to do whatever we wanted since Mom and Dad were in South Carolina.
Friday Anthony didn't get off work until 7:00
So I played outside with the dogs and took Tank over to Dillon to walk around.
He was such a good boy however we were literally the only people there so no distractions.
 It is so hard to get a picture with him.
 The sun setting was gorgeous. 
It was so windy though.
This right here makes be wish for summer more & more.
 Not paying attention.
He was so focused on the sticks floating in the lake.
Friday night we ended up cuddling on the couch watching a movie.
Jk and Shalene came over too.
It was a fun night even though we didn't really get into much of anything.
Saturday I cleaned around the house.
Did some laundry.
Read some of my new book.
Saturday evening Shalene and I met the boys at the river to clean up the campsite.
We visited with Grandma and Grandpa and some other friends that were up 
there kicking off the season early.
Sunday we went up to Anthony's and cut up two loads of firewood and took it to the riverlot.

Thursday Anthony went and got his motorcycle permit.
I had to snap this picture of him before he took off for a ride.

I spent most of my time lovin' on Theresa's (future MIL) dog Willow.
She is pregnant and literally due any time now!
Poor girl was so drained of all energy she could barely stand up.
The vet estimated 6-8 puppies but Theresa is being optimistic and bought 10 dif. 
colored ribbons for their necks.

Sunday evening we ended up just watching movies and ordered pizza. 
I was also side tracked by my new found obsession of Draw Something.
I was pretty proud of the drawing I did for the word "stork"

I Hope everyone else had as wonderful of a weekend as we did and am praying Mother Nature graces us with many more beautiful weather weekends like this past one!

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