Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am signing up over at Fat Mum Slim for the March PhotoADay picture challenge. Head on over there and check out the new challenge for March and join in on the fun! It all starts tomorrow so make sure you come back to check out my UP picture.

Pinteresting Wednesday


This is my first time ever linking up to party but I kept coming across this linky party and considering my love for Pinterest, I just had to!!! So here it is my first post for OH HOW PINTERESTING WEDNESDAY! (head on over to The Vintage Apple to get yourself started too)




There you have it, my Pinteresting Wednesday!
Last night we had some awful thunderstorms and Diesel woke up crying and wanting to hide at 5 a.m. so of course I chose to sleep through my alarm that was going off at 6:30 and was running around the house like a crazy person trying to get ready, I am lucky I had on matching shoes and my hair done. Anyways I grabbed the most convenient items I could for lunch and I was out the door. As I was eating my lunch I realized I felt like a little kid again. I ended up cutting up strawberries and putting in some black berries sprinkled with some sugar and I grabbed a chocolate pudding snack pack. I still had the other half of my sub in the fridge at work, a Turkey Club sandwich that I finished off. All I needed today was a juice box, and a brown paper sack with a note from Mom <3 

I hope you all are leaping for joy on this wonderful hump day! 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

In January when we finally got to go celebrate Christmas with Anthony's Dad and Teresa (yes we are that family that celebrates holidays for weeks because everyone is split and we have to travel - cannot wait until the day that we have kids and everyone can just come visit us and it won't matter who is there and talking to who because everyone can just get along and be happy) Anyways Teresa gave me a huge, 50+ gallon tote full of her yarn stash!!! along with patterns and different needles and pretty much anything you can think of pertaining to crocheting/knitting! My Grandma Kuhn taught me a couple years ago how to crochet but I only know how to do it one way and have only made about 6 scarves and one hat that isn't the prettiest thing but I was pretty darn proud of it. The tote has since been sitting by the front door and I haven't gotten a chance to go through it and admire all the contents but I decided to check it out last night and lets just say I am going to have to learn how to crochet and knit because everything is so pretty and it was FREE so why not!?! I pulled everything out and put it in a big trash bag because in the process of cleaning/simplifying my bedroom I needed a tote for all of my hunting stuff and the yarn tote was the perfect size. All the yarn is eventually going to have a permanent home however my scrapbook room is so packed pull I didn't want to just stick it all in there. So now the bad is sitting in the livingroom instead of the tote! Mom is ready to scream if I don't do something with all of it but I really don't know what to do so of course I turned to my trusty and oh so smart pal Pinterest!!! Here is some of the inspiration I gathered for my new hobby/collection:
The one above I am thinking JK can make me one but my only one side have the yarn storage then the other having slots for my scrapbook paper and maybe a shelf part for my other crafting stuff!!! The problem with JK making me one is that he has school projects he is working on along with stuff for Shalene and whoever else he decides to make stuff for. Maybe I can check out Ana White and make something myself. Here is some inspiration I found off of there:

I am thinking the sides could have the 12x12 sections for my papers and then some sections have baskets of stamps and what not in them. Make a tall stand up thing to hold the yarn in that can go against the wall with the possibilities to have it free stand along a wall. I need to keep my options in line so when we get our own place I can have it there and if we are tight on space I won't be too cramped. Other possibilities are maybe a basket or two with the yarn just sitting in them or just get a tote and leave them in there. Decisions..decisions....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finding Myself Again...

Usually it is only accepted to give up one thing for Lent to let us understand what Jesus went through when he went into the desert. However I do not feel I have been living life completely the Christian way so there are a couple things I am giving up for Lent and some things I am actually going to start doing for Lent, I know its to give up but if these are positive ways to live in my daily life I know God will be smiling down on me. So here goes:
1. I am going back to Church! I have not been attending Sunday mass on any sort of a regular basis. The last time I attended was Christmas Eve and that is completely unacceptable. I have no excuse for it because there is no excuse for not taking time for God for he is here for me all the time. To the people that do not know me I attended a Catholic School from Preschool through 7th Grade and we attended mass a couple times a week at school and our family went together every Sunday. I was even an altar server. So this bad habit I have picked up is not the way I was raised.
2. Giving up buying anything (materialistic) for myself. Obviously food does not count because well that is a no brainer! I have a horrible addiction to buying clothes and pretty much anything for my wardrobe. I have way too many clothes and do not need any more. When I get the urge to buy for myself I am going to try my hardest not to and during Lent I am going to really focus on simplifying what I do have and what I don't need I will be donating. (there are some lists floating around on Pinterest and Blogland of the 40 Bags Challenge and I might be participating in this)
3. Cutting out all negatives! My friend Alyssa gave me this idea. I am going to remove myself from all drama and make an attempt to make people feel better.
4. Fast food. This is something I just need to do every day of my life unless completely necessary but I am cutting it out all together for Lent. If it can be made in less than 3-5 minutes, is handed through a drive thru window and I am unsure of where the product even came from its a no-go!
I may be adding to this list but for now that is it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Last week Anthony, Shalene, Jk, Mom, Dad and I went over to Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's for dinner and cake because we missed Molly's birthday party because of Nashville. Miss Molly turned 5 on last Sunday, it is so hard to believe she is 5 years old already. I have said it a million times but it seriously seems like yesterday Anthony and I were taking Maddy and Vincent to the hospital to see her for the 1st time. We were literally some of the the first people in her life and haven't missed a special event since then. This party was her first one I have ever missed and I was seriously bummed. Anthony and I are taking her to see The Lorax for her birthday. Just a little movie date and probably ice cream afterwards!! I cannot wait (: as of right now I am probably more excited than she is!! Anyways last night we had mexican food, cake, and chocolate covered strawberries!!! Us girls played Just Dance and let me tell you there is a video out there of me dancing to Britney Spears Hit Me Baby One More Time but I couldn't resist. I mean her, and The Backstreet Boys & NSync were our Justin Bieber! But here are some pictures I took  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Yesterday I did my cousin's senior pictures and beforehand my Dad took me to see this covered bridge he had found when he was out riding his motorcycle. It was nice to spend some time with him because we don't really ever spend that much just the two of us. The covered bridge and scenery was GORGEOUS!!! words cannot even describe how beautiful it was! After look around and taking some pics with my iphone we left and went on into Martinsburg to get some lunch at a little diner and look at these prebuilt cabins and barns (something Anthony and I are checking into doing if we can get a piece of property instead of buying a house) Then we came home and I met Jed and back up there I went to shoot his senior pics.

Once I get Jed's pictures edited I will get them posted on here. Along with JK's pictures that I need to get done. My goal is to have both boy's pictures edited, cds made and in their hands by Friday. Along with that I am in the process of some major organizing and simplifying my life. I pulled out all the clothes in my closet on Saturday when I got home and OMG is it the biggest mess I have ever seen. I have totes strung all across the house. Most of them just need to go downstairs. But I was able to get 2 bags of clothes, shoes and purses to take to East Side Community Ministries (I go there instead of Goodwill because our local Goodwill is not good at turning over your stuff. There is literally a mountain of everyone's stuff and there is no way that they get that stuff distributed into the stores. It is very sad because it is such a huge waste. East Side is a local after school program for kids that don't have the best of things and need somewhere safe to go after school) I also have a whole laundry basket full of clothes to take to Maddy to go through and see if she wants them and I am not even done yet. So I am finally getting to use some of the ideas from my Pinterest Board ~ Operation: Organization and hopefully I can keep this stuff in order and my life will be a little less stressful!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friday night Rachel, Ericka, Bud and I went to the Justin Moore and Blake Shelton concert in Columbus at Nationwide. This was my first time seeing Mr. Shelton but 4th seeing Justin Moore. Justin is pretty much my all time favorite country singer. I can sing every word to every one of his songs and he is so damn sexy (sorry Mom if your reading this)

Last night we went out to Applebee's with Aubrey, Mark, Taylor, Tylor, Shantelle, Nick & Kaci. It was really nice to go out and spend time. Everyone but us and Kaci have babies so we don't get to hangout that much so it was very needed (: 

Over we had a great weekend and I got to shoot my cousin Jed's senior pictures today at a new place too! It is so gorgeous and literally out in the middle of nowhere! I will show you all more of that later this week so check back!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Nature Walk

These are a little late but back before we went to Nashville, the weekend before, was Anthony's 24th birthday. We went out to eat at Applebee's just the two of us, came home watched a movie, had DQ cake with Dad, Shalene & JK. On Sunday the weather was amazing so we decided to go to Black Hand Gorge and walk around. Mother Nature was just giving us a little preview of what is coming with Spring but that didn't last long because it snowed two days later ): 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We are back from Tennessee! Of course we had a blast and didn't want the weekend to end. We had one major problem occur during the trip, to make the story short we were originally supposed to stay at a Days Inn but after finding a bed bug we check out butts outta there as fast as we could and had to find another room. Luckily we got one and it was the last one at The Guest House and it was a king suite!!! Better yet after telling the girl my story on the phone she dropped the price from $179.00 to $79 per night!!! SCORE!!! Other than that everything else was amazing! Shane got 2nd place, we were at the Opryland hotel which is gorgeous! got to go to an executive suite and spent the night partying with Hendershots, got to pet an Owl, held a baby alligator, bought some awesome earrings, and a couple cute shirts, met Gary from Rascal Flatts and made some awesome memories. I made 2 slideshows on Picnik to put on here of all the pictures. One is the ones I took with my Canon (poor baby Canon might be getting replaced in the near future) and the other is the ones from my iphone. Enjoy!

Canon Pics
IPhone Pics

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday Maddy, Mom and I went to another bridal show. I must just get this much out to anyone that is getting married: 1. if you have been to one bridal expo you have been to them all. 2. unless you are looking for high end everything and don't care about shopping around or going local then don't spend a bunch of time going to bridal shows/expos 3. If you are on a wedding diet do not I repeat do attend! Reasoning: there are tons of cake vendors and they are handing out free samples of cake and who can turn up a good piece of wedding cake!! Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of inside the expo and I didn't get a picture or Mom and I from the whole day. We went to BD's Mongolian BBQ after and luckily I snagged a picture of Maddy and I.

 Last night I finally got to go out and see Aubrey and Mr Luke! and it just so happened to be little man's 10 month bday. He is getting so big and is taking about 5 steps at time, actually he just started that yesterday too! It was the cutest thing because he is so careful and slow about how he does it and if there is any chance that there might be something to hold on to he is on it!
 Just a little self portrait at work. I got my hair cut two weeks ago and then colored it this weekend. I wasn't wanting to go this dark actually not dark at all. If you remember last week I was missing my blond hair. Well I decided to try to pinch some pennies and color it blonde well that didn't work, it was orange! ): So I went and got some medium brown from Sally's and colored it again. Needless to say it came out black because of the lighter hair that was underneath and I was not happy so I am thinking about giving my hair a color vacation and just seeing what happens. Maybe closer to summer I will get some heavy highlights of blonde and see how that looks.

Yesterday I came across this thing called Project Life by Becky Higgins and I am thinking about trying it. It is basically a more simplified and organized style of scrapbooking. The words simple and organized are not words that describe my style of scrapbooking. For one I have a whole entire room in our house that is dedicated to my scrapping hobby and anything crafting and I have it packed full of scrapbooking stuff. I am dreading the day I have to pack all of it up to move to our own house. This Project Life is a binder with clear insert pages and a who box full of inserts for journaling on designing your different pages. The good thing is that everything has a place and it is all pretty reasonable. I am checking to see what it would entail to create my own version but it might be just as easy to just purchase all the materials and go from there. Has anyone else tried the Project Life? any ideas or suggestions on it?