Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

I didn't get to post about my weekend on here yesterday because I was busy preparing for my 10 minute speech for class that I did last night. My stress levels were extremely high and I was dreading giving it but when I was done I felt so much better!
Hopefully after this class I will be a better public speaker however we only have one more speech to give and I don't know if I am quite there yet, so I guess we will see.

Anywho this weekend we had the Doublecut Halloween Party.
It was a blast and the band made enough money to go to Nashville! 
So that is super exciting!!
My cousin, Daniel, is the lead singer and our friend Kelsey's bf is one of the guitar players.
It was such a fun night even though Mr. Fry did not join me for the night
(Just one of our differences that we are excepting about..I LOVE Country music and concerts and he does not..I know I know, its not even heard of, but I still love him!!)

Sunday was spent being lazy and trying to finish my homework and be prepared for my speech. 
It was not a fun day and I don't recommend it to any of you!

On another note we are all okay here but I am sending my love and prayers to all those involved with Sandy. Man she is a wicked one...I hope everyone can pick up from this and go back to normal within time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Banners are Up!

I know I am a little slow this year but some of the fall decorations are finally up!!
After creating some other projects Saturday night I decided the Fall stuff needed to get done 
or before I knew it it would be Christmas.
So here is the banner I did for the kitchen..

I am still working on the stuff for the living room and the shelf in the kitchen
but there is a little bit of hope that it will get done! 
This was my first time tying buttons into any of my projects and I had this whole jar full of buttons and I thought these would look super cute after seeing some on Pinterest. 
I think I am going to do a fall wreath to put up in the top middle of the frame to cover up 
those strings crossing.
 I have been looking into making one of those spoon wreaths or maybe a book page one..
any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

I cannot believe our wedding is 227 days away!
It is seriously sneaking up on me and I don't know if I am liking that.
Guess I don't have much of a choice now do I?
I am still trying to stick to my checklists and follow my wedding binder but I keep getting myself distracted with the little things like centerpieces, table setups and the songs we should dance to. Mom keeps me on track though. If it wasn't for her persistance I would be sitting on Pinterest all day looking at all the fun stuff that needs to be done but this weekend we did get our tasting in with the caterer. Anthony would probably say that this was his favorite part...and I just might not disagree. Everything was perfect and we all got full on just the samples. They even gave us a little wine tasting to go with it! okay that might have been my favorite part. We ended up deciding to use them for the wedding and I honestly feel no stress about this part of the wedding because I feel like they genuinely care about how our wedding turns out and making that part of our day amazing which is a great feeling to me. 

Last week I got the ring bearer pillows we ordered from Ashley at Rustic Living. Words cannot even describe how excited I am about these and I have looked at them every day since they came. They are so delicate and perfect looking that I can help but just stare at them. It is amazing how just a little detail in our big day is making me so happy! Maybe I am easily amuzed but really these pillows are gorgeous!!

This week our Save The Dates came along with two of the guestbooks and the bridesmaid dresses.
All of these packages came on Monday via UPS. This is what I came home to...
Like I said on my instagram The UPS man is loving this bride to be
Here are a couple sneak peaks of what I am getting into this week

This is my first ever painting!
It is not completely done yet I still have to put the lettering somewhere on it but this is going to be the guestbook for the bridal shower. I am going to have yellow and gold ink pads laying out and people will put their fingerprint on there like lightning bugs and the lettering will go across the top saying "Our Love Glows"
I cannot wait to see everyone's prints on it and have it hanging somewhere in our home.  

Are there any other 2013 brides reading this? I would love to follow your blog so we can talk wedding stuff!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap

The weekend is over ): and oh my did it go by way too fast!!
Friday after work I went and got my hair done.
After 4 years of trying to grow it out and not getting anywhere with it
I decided it was time for a change. Stephanie ended up cutting 2-3 inches off of it!

I absolutely LOVE it and so does everyone else (or so they tell me)
 This was an ad that was in the local paper
I told Anthony it would be a win win situation
but he wasn't buying it (literally)
 After my hair appointment and getting my hair done and taking my midterm at the school
I went out to Aubrey and Mark's. We were going to do their family pictures at the farm but it was raining so we ended up skipping out on that and it was too dark in the barn.
Instead I spend my Friday night hanging out with this little man playing tractors

 Saturday morning Anthony decided to brave the cold and go out to the deer stand
My butt was still on the couch. I don't like this cold stuff.
When he got back he put a fire in the wood burner and cook us some eggs and deer meat for breakfast!
 After breakfast he had to head to work and I spent the rest of my day working on wedding stuff on the computer, watching the Ohio State game with Mom and Dad and cleaning in my craft room.
 I also got started on some other projects...

Sunday after Church we had a little barn cleaning party.
With Winter coming we need to make room for the boats, motorcycles and the Zuki in there.

 Then last night we had our catering tasting appointment at the Depot for the wedding.
Everything was amazing and I am so excited that we found someone that truly cares about catering our wedding, has amazing food and is local.
Just a couple more things to get check off the list...

how was your weekend?
Isn't it crazy that we are already in pretty much the last week of October and then it is going to be November?! I am just completely amazed!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
welcome back and as always I am glad you are finally here! The week wasn't too bad but hey no one complains about paycheck week...well I guess not until it isn't coming back around fast enough and all the money went to pay bills.

Dear Ashley at Rustic Living,
I am in love with the ring bearer pillows you made for us!! I can't quit looking at them (: Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!

Dear Anthony,
I sometimes don't feel like I tell you often enough how much I appreciate everything you  do for me. For a couple weeks now I have been without heat in the jeep and it is getting pretty cold here in Ohio and well you fixed it temporarily last week but it wasn't quite the fix and it quit again this week. I am glad you decided to fix it Tuesday morning when I was running late to work and inevitably you had the whole dash ripped out while I was supposed to have left 15 minutes before and I got a little sassy. But really babe I love everything you do for me and I really appreciate that you know your way around the engine compartment (wasn't that in a movie or something?) Thank-you so much for taking care of me and not loosing your patience when I am loosing mine. I love you babe!! xoxo

Dear Camera,
I am so glad I discovered this week that you are not broke!!! Unfortunately it is my lense but that should be an easy and cheaper fix than having to buy a new camera (crossing my fingers it is) Luckily Blaire is letting me borrow her camera for a week until I can get mine all figured out.

Dear fall weather,
I am loving you so much right now!! the leaves are all changing to bright reds, oranges & yellows, there are pumpkins every where, the farmers are out in the fields doing their last rounds and I had a reason to get these awesome new boots! I love them and I also purchased a pair of boot socks to see how much I would like them after finding them on Pinterest and lets just say if you do not have a pair you need to get some asap!!!

Dear Wedding,
you are 239 days away and I am getting stuff checked off the to do list every day but I would really appreciate it if you would slow down just a little. Please and Thank-you!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Engagement Pictures {Part: Three}

Today is the last post of our engagement pictures. 
Check Pt 1 & 2 to see the rest
The last place we went was a family friend's farm to use their gorgeous barns and old home foundation.
We finished up the session in a field in the wild life area that was full of the golden sun setting 
and tons of wild flowers and a background of the rolling hills!
I am telling you it was perfect and Blaire totally captured what I was wanting.

what ones are your favorite?
I am having the hardest time picking favorites to go in frames.
Its a good thing I am making our guestbook out of all these and a table at the wedding with them on it!