Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

And just like that we are almost halfway through July and I should be being awarded the Blogger Slacker Award. I have fallen off the creative bus and then ran over by it. I am going to try to get back aboard and my fingers are crossed that I can keep my gears turning.

Summer has been full of fun and I thought I would give you all a big photo dump of what we have been getting into...

June was full of weddings. With me second shooting weddings with Megan and weddings to attend as guests I had a wedding to go to every single Saturday in June. It is a good thing I LOVE weddings! The first one that kicked off my wedding extravaganza was a childhood friends wedding at their family farm for Kaci and Justin. Us three girls all grew up showing horses together. 

Summer = Fresh Fruit (insert heart faced emoji) Has anyone else tried the new Long Islands? They are so good!

3rd Wedding of June was Cassi and Justin's. It was so much fun to get together with my friends that I get to see pretty often but it was fun to get all dressed up.

My cousin Missy had her baby, Albany, in May and brought her to Cassi's wedding. I couldn't put her down! Isn't she so precious!!!! I have some serious baby fever going on, I told Anthony that we need to get our own so I don't have to keep stealing other peoples!

When its not raining we have taken advantage of going fishing. On this particular Friday night Anthony, Chase and I went fishing at a private pond. I caught a bunch of blue gills in the beginning but I quickly got bored so I had the guys drop me off on the bank while they fished out of the boat I put a little dent in my summer reading.

I did some crafting for Father's Day for my Daddio and Grandpa. They are both the ones who gave me my sweet tooth so I thought a nice big candy jar would be perfect. We had a cookout at my Grandpa's house and I got to see my brothers new truck. My parents got a new one the week before and my brother couldn't resist upgrading too! I am so happy for both of them!

We have been spending lots of time chilling on the front porch. I read and Tyson snoozes.

When the weather cooperates (I can probably count on one hand how many sunny days we have had here in Ohio with no rain) we take advantage of taking the dogs for a walk at the Landing. We had never been here before but the majority of the trail is fenced so as long as there is no one else around we let the boys run unleashed.

DoubleCut has had a couple gigs close to home that we have taken advantage of.

Tyson makes Mondays even harder than they actually are. It is so hard to get out of bed to get ready for work when he is still snoozing and keeping Anthony's side of the bed so warm!

Anthony I spent one morning that I had off from work at the laundromat. Life had gotten so ahead of us that catching up with the laundry seems so endless so we got it all done in one shot!

Two weeks ago I started the 21 Day Fix by Beachbody and we have been eating much healthier. This chicken, peppers, pineapple and rice was delish!

Fourth of July Eve we went to another DoubleCut gig. One of my besties is the girlfriend of the guitar player and she loves it when we make it to gigs. It was pouring down rain but we enjoyed people watching and listening to some tunes!

We spend the actual Fourth of July at Anthony's Aunt and Uncle's house in Burton, Ohio. They have the perfect little get away. It is like heaven on earth! 

Another morning spent at the trail at the Landing. We were trying to beat the heat but the sun came out full blazing when we were 3/4 mile in and Tyson thought he was dying!

Wonderful Fourth of July fireworks in our hometown.

A new froyo shop finally opened up in town, Sweet Frog. I have died and went to heaven!!!!

This little guy showed up a couple days after the 4th and stayed with us for a few days while we tried to track down his owners. Luckily on day 4 we were contacted by his owner and he was safely returned. Poor guy got scared during the fireworks and took off.

Last week I wasn't feeling good so I took a sick day. Tyson slept with me the whole day on the couch! He is the biggest cuddle bug ever.

Saturday the sun was out and we were finally able to have a girls day at the pool. It was beautiful day, I got way too much sun and have been nursing my poor skin back to normal after being burnt since then and I am not looking forward to it peeling. After the pool day we hit up Sweet Frog and our men took us all out to dinner at the Japanese Steak House. 

Is everyone having a super busy and fun summer?
How has your weather been? I am pretty sure I can speak for all the Ohioans on here that we are ready for some non rainy days!

Do you have any suggestions for taking care of sunburn and peeling?