Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life Lately

Once again the month of October has flown by. This is a picture loaded post of what has been going on around here lately. Lots of fun stuff and I have taken lots of pictures. First off last weekend I had the opportunity to take my first wedding pictures at a really close family friends son's wedding. 
It could not have been a more beautiful day on the farm. 

Christmas Planning. You totally read that right! I have been trying to plan out what I am doing decorations wise to the house this year for Christmas. I have an undying love for blue and green together and after seeing this display at Hobby Lobby I am considering doing some sort of decorating in our house with something from here!!! I also came to the realization last night that we are going to be gone for Thanksgiving this year so in all reality I could start getting Christmas out any day now and it would not be that big of deal since we won't even be here and coming home for our beach trip for Thanksgiving all the Christmas stuff in the house would be done and I could relax!

Last week Jesie and Kris' photographer made a little sneak peak of their wedding pictures which made me even more excited to see the rest of them! Our gift to them is a custom wedding album with the pictures from their photographer so I am super anxious to be able to create it for them!! 
If you want to take a look at some of their other work you can check it out here, they do not disappoint. Justin has some amazing talent!!!

I participated in my first Wine and Paint event and I have the urge to do another!!! I am not a huge fan of the paintings that are being offered in future events but I loved the Ohio State one that we did last week. Now I just need to find a place to hang it in our house. 

 Shopping and Pinterest Inspired Outfits. I snagged this really cute navy vest at TJ Maxx and had been itching to wear it with one of my plaid shirts like I have seen in so many pinterest pins lately. I ended up putting an outfit together with it for the wedding last weekend. 

 Halloween costumes. Joni, Kelsey, Aubrey and I decided that we are going as the Ninja Turtles for the Doublecut Halloween Party that is on Saturday. Sunday we had a little shopping trip followed by craft night at my house to make the costumes. 

 Spinning. I started my first spinning classes three weeks ago and I am loving it! I have never sweat so much in a class before and I leave knowing I have had an amazing workout, plus it is a lot of fun!

Somehow we have gotten into this habit of letting Tyson sleep in bed with us at night. He thinks it is amazing, us not so much. For one he has to sleep in the middle of us because he has a tendency to just roll out of bed when he is in a deep sleep and secondly he takes up all the blankets and we don't sleep very sound. So tonight we are going to start working on him not sleeping the whole night with us. My problem is telling his precious face no and making him be on the floor. Heck I wouldn't want to be on the floor so why should he?!

I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of October and that we are going to be starting the major holiday season here soon. Life has been going so fast! I really wish it would slow down so we can have a chance to soak it all in and enjoy it a little bit. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mini Vacation - Picture Overload!

I know it is already Thursday and I am just now doing a weekend recap but I have been fighting horrible migraines all week and the last thing I have wanted to do when I get home from work was look at another computer screen. I ended up sleeping from 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening all the way through the night and still woke up with a migraine and throwing up. So yesterday I spent the day trying to sleep away the migraine. 

So last weekend we decided to have a little spontaneous trip to Niagara Falls. We were originally planning on doing this trip for Anthony's birthday but then I quit my job and we put Tank to sleep so we decided to postpone it. I am sure glad we did because it was beautiful up there with all the leaves changing colors for fall. Aside from the on and off rain we couldn't have asked for a better trip.
We ended up taking Tyson with us for his first major road trip and our first road trip with a dog.
He did wonderful and seemed to enjoy riding in the car and exploring with us.
However all the foreigners that were at the falls were not as impressed. The majority of them were obnoxious and at one point one guy was taking a picture of Tyson going to the bathroom.  

We ended up cutting our time at the Falls short because of the overwhelming amount of people. It was also decided that next time we go to the Falls we want to go to the Canada side and hopefully enjoy some more time there. We drove about two hours to Jamestown NY which was right in the middle of the Allegheny State Park. After finding out that all Red Roof Inns allow dogs of any size for no charge we ordered some pizza and relaxed in the hotel room. 

Sunday we woke up super early and spent the morning hiking and exploring the Allegheny State Park. This State Park was absolutely huge and we quickly fell in love with it and are making plans to go back (probably next Fall) and staying for a 3 day weekend or longer in the cabins. 

Yay for the EOS Remote app on my phone for our Canon!!!

Snow on the leaves as we climbed higher in the mountains.
The park offered lots of hiking trails, anything from 2 miles all the way to 18 miles. Our first stop was this area called Thunder Rocks. It was this huge area of massive rocks that were spaced throughout the woods. It was fun to walk around them, take pictures and even climb on.

Our next stop was a hiking trail. Since we were running out of time we chose to do a 2.5 mile hike because we needed to start heading back home.

Tyson was able to be off his leash for the whole hike because there wasn't anyone else on the trail and he listens when we tell him to come back. For the most part he stayed on the actual trail and just ran along ahead of us. He really is a great dog!!
We came up on this wood teepee at the very top of the hill that I had Tyson pose in front of.

On our way home we started spotting these bear signs on the side of the road.
Our last stop on our way home was this scenic overlook in Pennsylvania. It is called Kinzua Bridge Overlook. It used to be a railroad bridge but then it got struck by lightning and was redone and reopened in 2011. Instead of making it go all the way across they left the damaged structure on the ground and made a scenic lookout with it that is 300 ft above the ground.

The jeep was in the parking lot at the lookout and I loved the color. It had come all the way there from Texas! 

All in all it was an amazing weekend spent together. We loved getting out of town and didn't have to worry about how Tyson was doing or who was going to be taking care of him. Now I am in search of somewhere to have the dogs boarded at or watched for Thanksgiving weekend because our family decided that we are spending it at the beach house in Surfside, North Carolina at my Aunt and Uncle's beach house. Unfortunately the dogs cannot go with us on this trip. Anyone have any suggestions?