Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Lydia & Ryan Nordoff Wedding Recap

A couple weekends go we had my cousin Lydia and Ryan's Wedding in Columbus.
It was so much fun and the venue was amazing! 
It was all held at the same place, The Boathouse at Confluence Park.
Confluence Park is actually right at the point where the Olentangy and Scioto Rivers come together. The wedding ceremony was outside overlooking the rivers and downtown Columbus skyline.
Very pretty view!!

After the ceremony we moved inside the reception ballroom which was decorated so beautifully!
It was an adults only reception and there was an open bar which was a great plus too.

They also had a photobooth, which is always so much fun! I told my Mom if there would have been one thing that we had added to our reception it would have been a photobooth. 
 It was so much fun to get all these pictures together!!!

After dinner, toasts, cake cutting, and the traditional dances Lydia's Dad surprised her and Ryan (well and everyone else there too!) with the Ohio State Alumni Band coming to play! 
It was such a blast! They probably played 10 different songs, gave a baton throwing lesson and then did script Ohio with all of us guests throughout the room and Lydia dot the I! 
Anthony and I ended up dancing until the end of the night and then drove back home to Zanesville.
Even though we were super tired we had a great time.
One wedding of three down for the 2014 Weddings, 2 more to go!! They are not until September though so we have plenty of time to get rested up for that!!!
Picture taken from Lydia's Dad, Chris', facebook.

Congrats to Lydia and Ryan! I only wish you a lifetime of happiness with lots of love, hugs, kisses and plenty of Ohio State Buckeye games!!! Well to the Married Peoples Club!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Too Small...

Here lately I have been finding myself saying those words more often than not.
For once I am not using them when referring to my clothes being too small, which is nice too. This is actually not at all related to working out and getting back into shape however I am starting to see results from my new gym membership. 
This is more along the lines of the lovely addition we made to our little family this past weekend.
If you follow me on IG or Facebook then you already know what has been going on at the Fry's but this announcement could not go without being made over here on the blog.

Last weekend we met up with a family that was re homing their furbaby because he needed more attention and someone to play with him. Saturday morning we went to meet Mr Tyson and we fell in love immediately and I am pretty sure if Tyson could talk he would have said the same!!! His tail was wagging like 60 mph and it still hasn't stopped. Saturday night his family brought him to our house so they could see where he was going to be living and bring all of his stuff with him.
He also needed to meet Mr Diesel at our house too.
They hit it off wonderfully and are warming up to each other.
Tyson had never been around any other animals before and being 3 years old I was a little nervous about how he would do with #1 another male dog and #2 our cat. He is so curious and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. I was so relieved that that would not be the deciding factor of us keeping him or not.

After searching for the next furbaby for our family we decided that all these other breeds were just too small
After having Tank I fell in love with BIG dogs! So in the back of my head I kept going back to the mastiff breed. 
We considered (more my husband tried to convince me) that maybe we would just stick with having one dog for a while but I just kept thinking that makes our little family here a little too small!

Before last weekend we had been contemplating buying a new car and I was leaning more towards an SUV instead of my car since we will probably be expanding our family (baby wise) in the new few years and I would rather not have to add a huge car purchase to the stress of having a baby too. Now we need to get a new car because fitting Tyson and Diesel into the back seat of my little Altima is just not going to work, it is too small. 

We might even be needing a bigger bed if this big baby thinks he needs to continue sleeping with us. We are already sleeping in a King don't really want to sacrifice the room we have in our room. But with all three of us in bed it really is too small.

One thing that is not too small is this big guys heart!
He is always so happy and excited to be with us!!!

 They are buddies
Bonding with Grandma and Grandpa