Thursday, February 14, 2013

My 3 Valentines

I don't only have one Valentine, I have 3!!
two of them are our fur babies
 and Diesel
 And my favorite Valentine...
So here are some of our pictures of us expressing our love for one another from our engagement session

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!
Happy Valentine's Day 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I use what I got...

 I am assuming everyone has heard about these new hair ties, because I am usually the one that is finding out about new trends like 4 months later. But any who...
I first started noticing them on my IG feed in pictures of people with them on their wrists then last week I started noticing people blogging about them.
So I decided to check them out and see where I could get my hands on them..
That was until I saw their price tag.
$5.99 for 3 hair ties that look like this
$4.99 for 1 head band
Come on girls!? this college girl cannot afford something fancy and so simple at these prices. 
Then I had this aha moment and realized that I could make my own that would be just as cute (maybe even cuter) and get the same job done.

Monday, February 11, 2013


I was lucky, not real sure if its luck or not though because the paycheck is going to reflect the difference, but anyways I didn't have to work Friday so I had a 3 day weekend.
I started it off with not sleeping in which is becoming a normal thing. 
Then I had a hair appointment followed by shopping at Easton with my friend, Blaire.
not the greatest picture because my hair is tucked into my scarf. 

cute little tape dispenser at Anthropologie
Blaire and I ended up getting Tank & Rocky (her dog) matching coats from the pet store that was at Easton. Because they both are such big dogs it is really hard to find a jacket that fits them. The one I bought for Tank is supposed to fit him but it fits Diesel better so Tank graciously gave it to his brother. 
On Saturday I put it on Tank and he was running around like a mad man because he loved it so much. 
When we came back inside he wouldn't let me take it off of him and he kept running around the kitchen table so I left it on and he ended up taking a two hour nap in it. 
Saturday I worked on my little mantle project I have been putting off doing and I got most of it done. I still need to make some Valentine's Day decorations or just skip that and get the Easter stuff out since Anthony and I are going to be in Nashville for Valentine's Day anyways. Maybe we will have a date night when we get back go see a good movie (hopefully Safe Haven but shhh don't tell Anthony yet)
Sunday was spent getting myself ahead on my online Excel class since we are going to be in Nashville this weekend I won't have much time to get it done and I always dread doing it so I figured if I got ahead of myself I won't be worrying about it. Now if I can just stay ahead of the system and it won't be a big deal. So while most of you were watching The Walking Dead or Downtown Abbey I was busy wrapping my head around trying to figure out the stupid formulas that needed put in the excel worksheets I was working on. I am telling you this is the one class that I seriously get so frustrated that I cannot understand it that I actually almost start crying. Its so annoying and hard yet should be so easy...and ITS NOT!!!