Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

Wow! we had an eventful weekend and right now is the first I have had to sit down and relax. Work was even crazy today! Friday we had intentions of going off roading. We met some friends first to go fishing at a fishing hole but when we were heading out on the trails but the transfer case in the suzuki broke and we were done for the night. I was pretty disappointed but the rest of the weekend made up for it.

Saturday, we went up to Columbus for the Deer & Turkey Expo. Shane, our friend that we were going to cheer on for the calling competition. Shane just started his own Turkey Call Company a couple months ago called Hendershot Game Calls. Shane is an awesome turkey caller! He won Nationals 2 years in a row (2010, 2011) He got 2nd Place at Nationals for this year, and just got 3rd place at the World's in Mobile, AL. All you girls on here that either hunt or your significant others hunt I urge you to check out Hendershot Game Calls to score some awesome calls and grab a tshirt or hat to support an awesome group of hunters. 
On Saturday Shane brought home the trophies, placing 1st in the All-Ohio Competition and 3rd in the Ohio Open Competition!! WAY TO GO SHANE! Of course we were up there to cheer them on and walk around at the Expo. Below are some of the pictures I took.

Sami and I.

Shalene and I. Shalene is my brother's gf and Shane's daughter. She is also going to
be one  of my bridesmaids in the wedding.

Shane on the far left with his 1st place trophy!

KW, Anthony, JK and myself at the booth. Couldn't get a pic of just Anthony and I thanks
to the other two (: love them anyways.

Us Girls. L --> R: Myranda, Shalene, Me and Sami

Kathy and I at the booth. This is Shane's wife (:

Shane calling. Sorry about the crappy quality, the zoom on my iphone stinks

placing in the competition. Not sure which one.

Hendershot Game Calls booth

Ohio Open Calling Competition. The guy second over from the left is Mark Six, he is also
a Pro-Staff caller for Hendershot Game Calls

I of course went on a little shopping spree while we were there and scored some awesome shirts while also helping out a great cause! Its called The Pink Rack Project. They are supporting breast cancer research because we all know that breast cancer doesn't care who it affects and there are plenty of women in the hunting industry. You should really check out their website and visit their facebook page.

Here is my awesome shirt that I got to support Breast Cancer.
And my other shirts I bought while up there. Hey I got to have something girly for hunting (;
After the convention we ended up just going home because we had had a long day and weren't really up for celebrating St. Patrick's Day by going out since everyone at the bars were probably already drunk and Miss Sami is underage anyways. On Sunday we ended up going out on the bikes. This was my first really long bike ride. I had to ride with Dad because Anthony only has his permit so no riders until he gets his license. KW and Sami also joined us. Poor Sami! KW didn't have foot pegs on his bike so she had to wrap her legs around him....thats called DEDICATION!
These pictures are the exact reasons why I love living in Ohio! I know I complain about the unpredictable weather but these truly show the beauty of Ohio. 

Crazy cow was out of the fence

We found this house for sale. No one is living in it so we stopped and looked around the property and in the windows. It has brand new carpet throughout, a new roof, new siding, fenced in area in back yard and a gorgeous view. We were so excited but of course I got home and it is in a contract right now. Same darn thing that happened with the other house I fell in love with.
After we were done biking KW and Sami wanted us to go out on the boat with them to go for a ride and go fishing! Told you this was an eventful weekend. We didn't catch any fish but we did get to see a rainbow!!

We finished off the weekend sitting on the porch and eating some pizza!
I hope everyone else had a great weekend and are enjoying this beautiful weather!!!

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  1. Wow!! You were busy!

    I love the Ohio countryside pics...looks a lot like where I grew up in IL.

    ...and awesome picture of the rainbow over the water. :-)


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