Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Helga & Milton

There is a bookshelf that resides behind my bedroom door.
I named her Helga.
My great Uncle Gary, who is now deceased, built her long ago.
She  has served many purposes since moving to my room. 
First she housed my sweatshirts and shoes when I was in high school.
When I scrapbooked  out of my bedroom Helga held all my scrapbook supplies.
Quickly that became too big of a task for her.
She currently holds my large collection of books. 
Along with books she often becomes the collector of junk mail and emptied pockets.  Pretty much whatever I don't want on my dresser.
Last night I decided to give her a good cleaning.
There was too much accumulated. 
Here are the before & afters.

messy earring area
My Nicholas Sparks collection, minus a couple.
Helga also now proudly displays my vintage camera collection.

This would be Milton.
(I will post more on my cameras in another post)

I started to realize I had quite the accumulation of gift cards. I ended up finding 14 and called every company to check the balances and what do you know they are nice chunks of $$$ on them!
SCORE!!! it was like Christmas all over again.
I guess I figured they had already been used and there was a couple dollars give or take on them
Not the case. 
Total when I was done calling everyone:
I am so excited! 
This was all just in time for spring too. I am seeing a shopping trip in the
 near future followed by lunch and dinner.
Wonder who will be my lucky shopping partner for that day?!
Thanks to all those giftcards I also got to have Subway today, for FREE!

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