Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
once again I am so happy that you are here. This week was definitely one for the books on the crazy scale. Mainly it was just thursday to top all of the weird stuff happening. For one we had a patient come in and take his shoes off in our lobby and then proceed back the hall to his appointment in his socks. Only to realize he had his shoes off when he was getting ready to leave. He claimed he was so used to taking his shoes off in his home that he did it here. I am sorry but if you are so comfortable in your Doctor's office that you take your shoes off at the door then there some problems. On top of that we also had the Time Warner guys here switching our phone lines from AT&T and to TW and the one guy was hitting on me the whole time and when I finally went to another office to hide from him in order to eat my lunch he left his phone number for me on a sticky note! Slick move sir but really I am not interested, that ring on my left hand for one means I am not up for a date or anything and when you sit here and tell me that you carry around two batteries for your cell phone because you play games on it so much that the battery does not last well there is just something wrong with that right there. Sorry Ken from Time Warner but you will not be getting a call from me anytime soon (or ever!)
Dear Nicholas Sparks,
Thank you again for writing an amazing book and then having it turned into a movie! I saw the Lucky One in the movie theater and when I was on one of my many trips to Wal-Mart this week I ended up buying the DVD to add to my Nicholas Sparks collection.
Dear Labor Day Weekend,
I am so excited to be having another 3 day weekend but really I feel like we were just celebrating Memorial Day weekend to kick off the summer and here we are heading into Fall. Where did the summer go? I am hoping Fall just takes it's good ole time to give us plenty of nights around the fire, wearing flannels and drinking apple cider with friends and family.
Dear Anthony,
I love coming up with cute texts to send to you using the emoji icons and then your responses to them.

Dear Wedding, 
I just realized today that you are roughly 8 months away! Oh geez....this really is sneaking up on me like super fast! I still have a super long list of everything that needs done but hopefully this month we can check off getting our engagement pictures done, mailing out save the dates, finding a photographer, hiring a caterer and buying a dress! I feel like once that all is done we will have an idea what really needs done and I can worry about all the little details this winter in between hunting.
Dear Running,
I am finally getting back to running on a daily basis, crossing fingers that I can keep it up through this 3 day weekend (: but it really does help to have a running buddy! Maddy ended up joining me this week and hopefully will be running with me more often.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sticker shock

Not that I had enough already on my plate..
last night I began going back to college.
I had decided a year ago that I was going to take a break
because this girl had no idea what she was going to be when
she grew up and lets just say she was growing up way too fast
along with a $10,000+ student loan accumlating.

Well I gave it a year and here I was again
pulling into Ohio University Zanesville's parking lot
for my first evening of classes.
This time it is going to be extremely different.
For one there will be no skipping classes!
No excuse I will be going. 
I will be prepared for every class!
Last but not least school is going to be my number one priority.
In the past I was so easily distracted and just thought
I was there for the social life and not my future. 
Now it is my future...
I am getting married in less than a year
I am officially an adult and I need to live that way.

Well those are just some of my goals for this quarter.
On to some cuter parts about going back to college.......
I decided to go to Staples before class yesterday and get some needed supplies.
I found these awesome notebooks that are made by Staples
and are a Sugarcane-based notebook. 
Let me tell you these babies are sweet!
I love that the covers are so simple and somewhat rustic chic looking.
Instead of the traditional blue and red gridded paper 
these are brown.
I also found this super cute folder 
to hold all my stray papers since I won't be using binders.
Lastly I bought some more of my favorite pens...
the Pentel Energel multi pack.
All together I bought 2 notebooks, 1 folder and a large pack of amazing pens 
and the total came to $22.35
Not too bad for some kick butt school supplies.

I was walking on cloud 9 
that is until I got to the bookstore on campus.
My public speaking book came to $142.31
(eeekkk I not only had nightmares last night about the speeches 
we are expected to give but the price of this book I had to buy)
 I was supposed to get another book for 
my online computer class but I skipped out on that for the night.
After going to class and coming home
I went straight to 
to find these books for a much cheaper price!!!
 Cheaper price being I purchased both books I need for $2 less than
the public speaking book.
Granted they are a rental but hey now I don't have to deal with
selling them back to the bookstore or online
at the end of the quarter.
All I have to do is return the book I bought last night tonight 
when I go to my other class.

So the moral of the story is you can still buy
really cute school supplies
and save tons of moolah on those over-priced college books!!
Now I am on to working on
these speeches and possibly what my class tonight is 
going to entail... History of Dance.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

My weekend kinda sorta began on Thursday night.
My Uncle Jeff and Aunt Erin gave Anthony and I Darius Rucker concert tickets.
walking to the concert we passed Huntington Park 
we ended up watching a little bit of the game. 

 The concert was held at 
the Lifestyles Pavilion. we had never
been there before
and it was so cool! We didn't feel
like we were smack dab in the middle of Columbus Ohio!

 I did have to work on Friday
but it was only from 9-12 and work isn't bad 
when you come in to this sitting on your desk!
 When I got off Tank and I had 
a little fun playing in his little pool to cool off

 I also went over to see Molly get off the bus 
from her first day of kindergarten

 Then I went home and practiced shooting
my bow some and Mr. Tank decided to make sure 
everything was going alright
 Saturday I went to Jonathan's tractor pull in Dresden 
at the Melon Festival.

 Luke and Aubrey came too
Luke even got to take a ride with JK
 After the pulls we had Kalli's
birthday party at Joni and Deans. 
Where I snapped these awesome pictures of the 
country road out there
 and this cute little guys biggest smile!
 Me Aubrey and Joni

 And then yesterday was Anthony and I's
7 year anniversary!
We out to eat at Texas Road House!
 Just my yummy food

Today I am starting back to college!
Wish me luck as I head off to my public speaking class

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

expanding my craftiness...

So I have been getting a little crafty in the evenings...
okay maybe not just a little but a bunch!
This whole rosette and flower pin idea came on
when I thought the bridesmaid dresses 
were going to need a little dressing up and then I realized
how much fun they are to make and dress up 
my outfits. I have been
adding them to my shirts, head bands and even just 
sitting on my dresser they are so cute!
so here is a little sneak peak of what I have been creating.

Even dressing up my camo tank top I got last week

 Just some wedding colors....

doesn't it feel so good to make something 
yourself then be able to wear it and show it off to everyone?
I just love it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing going as planned....

Last night I had super big plans!
After I got off work I was supposed to be on the road to see Justin Moore at 
a county fair with some of my best friends. 
Well we did not realize how far away the fair was going to be and ended
up opting out of the 2.5 hour drive.
I was extremely disappointed and am pretty sure I was 
missing Mr. Moore much more than he was missing having us 
at the concert.

So plan One down the drain.
On to Two...

Anthony was given a bike from one of the people I work with
and I was so excited because I am always wanting
to go on a bike ride but Mr. Fry never has a bike (or so that
was his excuse) but now we were able to go on a ride.
We decided to go to Black Hand Gorge
but while before we left Anthony decided 
to give the bike a little test ride only to find out that the wheel is coming off
of the rim. So no bike ride for us. 

Aunt Lori and Vincent showed up 
and offered for Anthony to ride Vincent's bike...(back to plan two!!)
we were on our way over there and Theresa called
and Bob's truck was broken down so we
headed to go fix it instead of going to get
Vincent's bike.
I am telling you my whole night was not meant to go as planned!

Anthony worked his magic on Bob's truck and we were off
once again.
We decided to just go back to my house 
and I ended up practicing shooting my bow since 
there are only 39 days 
til bow season!!!
I did really good and Anthony said if I keep it up I 
will be just fine once I am out in 
the deer woods!

Here's hoping that the rest of my week 
either goes as planned or I just don't plan anything 
and see what happens. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

 Wow what a weekend I had! We finished off the fair week with Maddy and Vincent selling their projects and Molly even got to participate in her first show. All last week was full of so much fun so it felt like the whole fair week was the weekend. So here is the fair week and weekend recap through the profile of my instagram! 

always got to have some corn on the cob from one of the 
church stands.
 Miss Maddy before her first show! she was so nervous
but did amazing!!!

 Watching a steer show together... I love being at the fair
together. It is where we met 7 years ago <3 
 Rough truck contest
 Watching the lamb sale...waiting on Maddy.

 Watching our friends in the rodeo! 
Thanking God that Logan was okay after being bucked off
and a trip to the hospital.

Miss Molly after showing Maddy's lamb! 
she was so excited
Vincent showing his pig
 Aubrey and I at the Kellie Pickler concert

  Joni, Me and Aubrey after the concert

 Saturday we held off going to the fair until the evening. Anthony had his conceal carry class 
all day Saturday and we were jealous that he was out shooting guns all day 
so we decided to shoot a couple rounds too!

 We can't hide our redneck side....

Luke and Mark going on a tractor ride
 We finished the fair off by going to the tractor pulls which was actually Anthony and I's 
first date. 

Yesterday I spent most of the day helping Spiker's on their house on Military, 
just getting it all cleaned up and ready to be put on the market.
Some of the day was spent swinging with this cutie pie! Hard to believe she 
starts kindergarden this week! where has the time gone?
this picture was taken in 2008 on the same exact swing