Thursday, January 26, 2012

I know once again I have been major MIA and I have no excuse other than I have been having fun!!! Here is some of the stuff Anthony and I have gotten into this year.

Starts off with some squirrel hunting which turned into just a photo op out in the woods, but I wasn't complaining, other than all the walking I was being forced to do.

 Always love a chance to take pictures of my ring, especially in the great outdoors. I don't know if I have mentioned it yet but as of right now the them of our wedding is going to be woodsy! Check out my pinterest if you can't get a vivid image in your head of what it might be like. 

January 14th we celebrated Tank's 1st bday! Anthony and I took him to town with us for the day and surprised him with a trip to Petsmart to pick out his very own toy and some breath freshner stuff for his water (he had developed the nick name of Septic Tank)

Cake I attempted to make him, yes we sang
Happy Birthday and Turbo and
 Diesel got some too!

January 15th, Anthony and I went with 17 other people to Kalahari water park in Sandusky! It was so much fun! I didn't take too many pics because of how much fun we were having and I don't think my iphone is water friendly.

About a week ago I also decided to get my hair chopped cut. I am not a huge fan! It had taken me a couple years for it to start growing out and it just wasn't looking healthy so I decided to go alittle shorter and it looked cute after the lady cut and styled it but needless to say I cannot curl it, I cannot style it the way she did and I don't have that much time in the morning to style it myself. I am going to start taking some prenatal vitamins on a daily basis and hopefully it will start growing again. I have this vivid image of myself on my wedding day with semi long blonde hair. SO here soon I am going to schedule my appointment to go get it colored back to my natural blonde color instead of the rust brown color I have going on right now.

This is the mastiffs at Anthony's house, Leo and Willow. I have no idea what is keeping that dog cage from caving in because that is what they are sleeping on!

And that would be my big boy! he was laying pretty on the kitchen floor and I just had to take a picture because typically he is running around like a mad man!

In 2 weeks we are leaving for Nashville, I am getting so excited to have something good to blog about with lots of pictures. But for tonight we are just staying home and watching Greys Anatomy and Private Practice and I will enjoy some wine coolers after the day I have had! (:

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

On Saturday Aubrey, Maddy and I went to a Bridal Show in Columbus. OMG if I wasn't overwhelmed before I am now and I have over a year to plan! There was everything there from cakes (samples),invites, caterers, and places to have your reception to photographers, honeymoon places, dresses and tux rentals. We had a great time and I got tons of information and ideas. I am still in need of finding a photographer but all the ones that were there were extremely pricey and I am talking thousands of dollars. The photographer will probably be my biggest expense because being a photographer myself I am slightly picky about who I choose. A big thing to have at weddings now is a photobooth and they are really pricey too but were fun to get into and we even got pictures from the different booths that we got in. I was able to get plenty of brochures and catalogs from Sandals Resorts and Apple Vacations so we can plan our honeymoon. We watched some of the fashion show but weren't real impressed! I already know what I want my dress to look like and I am not even going to start trying stuff on until July or August because I still need to loose about 15-20 lbs and still have a bunch of time. I ended up buying a ring cleaning kit so that my ring stays pretty and it is still going to last a couple years (the kit not my ring, the rings better last forever!) After the expo we went down the road to BDs Mongolian BBQ, my favorite restraunt ever and it was Aubrey's first time there. We got lost on the way home but no trip where Aubrey and I are involved do we not get lost.

I really liked the wooden arch on this. I am
thinking about making one for ours but going
to have pictures hanging from it.

the first photobooth we went in.

Me and Maddy before the fashion show

I liked the way these pictures were hung and
the paper they used was really cool. It felt more
like construction or card stock paper

beautiful cake and their samples were delicious!
the pieces literally melted in your mouth!

More photobooth pics
 On Friday I took this picture of Tank because the lighting in the kitchen was so nice. This morning I entered it in the contest on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda for a cutest pet contest and if we get chosen they will fly us to New York to be on the show. Tank's birthday is Friday so how awesome would it be if he got chosen. I really hope he behaves if we do and no idea how he would do on an airplane?! Wish us luck (:

Friday, January 6, 2012

It is such a beautiful day today here in Nashport, Ohio! I am loving it. I work a half day today so I will be off at noon. I am planning on doing something outdoors whether it be taking Tank and Diesel to play at Dillon or maybe I will take Remington for a ride, Anthony and I might go squirrel hunting later! I am also looking forward to tomorrow because Maddy and Aubrey are going with me to Bridal Show in Columbus! I will tell you all about that on Sunday or Monday (: Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today I am in the office by myself so there will be no appointments, just walk-ins so I decided to decorate the office for the next holiday....Valentine's Day! Sorry to all the anti-hallmark holiday haters but I personally love Valentine's Day. Everything about it is just so much fun!!! I love all the pinks, reds and purples that are seen in all the stores so I of course I had to decorate the office for the occasion and why not do it as soon as the Christmas decorations come down so we can enjoy the holiday for a whole month?!
Window decals I got at Dollar Tree for $3
Banner on the window that is behind my desk
Front Desk with all our names on the hearts..remind me of Candy Hearts

Another banner on a different window

Big Window
my favorite banner!

I am so excited, our office looks so cute. I cannot wait for everyone to come back tomorrow and see the decorations. I still need to make some more things I have pinned on Pinterest like a wreath and something for the tables maybe some wooden letters that say "love" or something.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Last night I took Shalene's Senior Pictures to Sam's Club and got all of them developed. While I was waiting the hour for them to be ready I decided to go to TJ Maxx to see if there was anything I couldn't live without and I am not going to lie I have been eyeing these really cute picture frames in there for about 2 months now. Actually if it was possible I would buy everything in TJ Maxx from the frames and home decor to clothing and shoes! But then I come back to reality and I did buy the frame I have been wanting and I found some cute little notebooks for only $4.99 and the frame was only $6.99. They had red, grey, black, green and a plum colored one and then bunches of these white ones. I was really tempted to buy more but refrained from buying more than I really needed.

 Cute notebook I found! There is another one but I didn't bring it to work today to show you the picture.
 Not completely sure what I am going to do with the notebooks. They are so pretty I really want to do something effective with them. I have a new years resolution to keep track of every penny I spend everyday I was thinking of writing them down in a notebook but then I also thought I could just do this on the calendar on my phone and then type them into an excel document and at the end of every month print them off and keep them in a folder in my desk. Maybe the notebook will become my food and exercise diary since I am going back to consistently working out next week. Or maybe I will just use it as a journal since I am in the middle of all this wedding planning, buying a house and Anthony and I beginning our lives together. Then one day I can look back and remember everything since I have a feeling this all might be a blur. I can just picture it right now years down the road I will have a section on my book shelf with all of these pretty little journals full of writings from my lifetime...everything from my wedding planning all the way through having kids and growing old with the love of my life. This 3rd idea is looking very pleasing to me, I think that is what I will do.

This is a picture of Diesel I took last night. He doesn't usually sleep in my room but I recently decided he was going to from now on. So I have both Tank and Diesel sleeping on the floor in my room. He doesn't really like it right now but I feel so bad for him because when we all go to bed Turbo goes to JK's bed and Tank is in my room and Diesel was always sleeping by himself in the living room. Now he is a part of my pack (; Last night at TJ Maxx I found some really cute dog beds for the two of them but they were $25 a piece so maybe after we get back from Nashville I will get them both a bed, until then they are sleeping on an old comforter and I don't think they are complaining right now.
 This was the sky this morning when I woke up. I thank God for the blessing of life every day and for the opportunity to witness something this beautiful!

Mittens/Gloves I bought at Maurice's last night for $4!! originally $15. Such a great deal I bought 2 pairs and matching ear muff/ headband things! They are great for when I am taking people's pictures, so much easier to operate my camera and they help when I need to text too (:
 Here is my lunch today ---> Chicken & Bacon Ranch 12 inch sub on Italian Herbs and Cheese
Check out that receipt! $0.00 that's right it was FREE to me!!! I had points racked up on my Subway Card and was able to get a free foot long today! Can you say amazing?!!! I must say so myself. Now I am going to enjoy it and I hope all of you enjoy your day and stay warm!