Friday, December 30, 2016

Bump Day||Week 33

{December 23, 2016}

How far along: 33 weeks

Baby size: She weighs a little over 4 lbs now and passed the 17-inch mark making her about the size of a pineapple 

Baby's progress: She should be moving downwards anytime soon to prepare for birth. However, I know she has not done this yet because she has been somersaulting all over the place.

Weight gain: I am not real sure what I am at right now, we have an appointment next week

Maternity clothes: I am still in the same maternity clothes I have been in. Shoes are getting tight though, might need to invest in a bigger size for work purposes at least

Stretch marks: There are more forming under my belly button for sure! Not much I can do about it

Belly Button in or out: completely flat :) 

Sleep: Sleeping is still a struggle. I am also finding myself wanting to nap in the evenings more which is not helping the sleeping all night thing. 

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: Her kicks had kind of slowed down there for a while and I was really missing them but not she has been doing more somersaults and what feels like straight up dance parties that we are able to watch from the outside. I posted a video on my IG (@mrsfry26) that you should check out.

Best moment this week: Spending Christmas with our families. Anthony and I both agreed that the gifts we received for Rowan were by far our favorites. She even got her first sled from her Great-Aunt Lori and Great-Uncle Matt! I cannot wait to put her in it next winter. 

Looking forward to: Getting her nursery nook ready and my baby shower is coming up too!

Food cravings: Still milk, we are up to almost 2 gallons a week! it just tastes so good and I can't help but crave it.

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing new or different

Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully nothing 

Labor signs: I still haven't had any, except maybe a few Braxton Hicks but not completely sure

What I miss: wine and sleeping the whole night through

Symptoms: Still have swelling going on in my lower legs, ankles and feet but that is to be expected. Some BH contractions. 

Workouts: None other than some stretching

Things that suck: Lack of sleep and having to pee all the time!

Nursery? We have lots of decorations but still need to finish it. Hopefully we can tackle it this weekend.

Nesting? Nesting finally kicked in a couple weeks ago but it hasn't really hit full force yet. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bump Day||Week 31

{December 9, 2016}

How far along: 31 weeks

Baby size: about the size of a coconut 

Baby's progress: She is over 3 lbs and will now gain as much as a half pound per week until she is born!

Weight gain: I hit the 200 lb mark a few weeks ago at my appointment. Not too concerned about the weight gain because I am looking forward to the challenge of losing it after she is here. Already planning on busting out my 21 Day Fix and that Shakeology. The human body is seriously amazing and I cannot get over the changes it is capable of making!

Maternity clothes: I am rotating through 4 pairs of maternity jeans (Old Navy and an off brand from Burlington Coat Factory that my Mom picked up for me) and my tops are hit and miss for sure but I have gathered a little collection of maternity tops to wear that are so comfy.

Stretch marks: There are still some under my belly button and a couple that have developed where my belly button piercing was. Still slathering that lotion on but there isn't much avoiding it if it is going to happen.

Belly Button in or out: completely flat :) 

Sleep: Sleeping has become a little bit of a struggle.Two or three nights a week I find myself waking up anywhere from 1AM to 3AM and not going back to sleep. This makes for really long work days.

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: lots and lots of dance parties going on inside there! I love it and it is definitely something that will be missed.

Best moment this week: Getting our first major snowfall and meeting up with Megan to take some maternity pictures in the snow. I cannot wait to see how they turn out! No doubt they will be perfect. Another great moment was getting the phone call that I passed that pesky 3 hour glucose test!!!

Looking forward to: Getting together with everyone for the Holidays and Christmas!

Food cravings: Milk, milk, milk and more milk. Pretty sure we should just buy a dairy cow to put out back because I am easily going through at least a gallon a week!

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing new or different

Anything making you queasy or sick: Thankfully nothing 

Labor signs: I still haven't had any, except maybe a few Braxton Hicks but not completely sure

What I miss: wine and and non-swollen legs, ankles and feet

Symptoms: Still have swelling going on in my lower legs, ankles and feet but that is to be expected. 

Workouts: Nada, I really need to get back into doing some yoga stretches

Things that suck: Just the sleeplessness in the mornings 

Nursery? We have not done anything else other than getting her crib put together and purchasing some decorations. I am getting really antsy to get it all finished.

Nesting? Nesting finally kicked in and I have been cleaning and doing laundry like no other! I just want to get everything cleaned up before she comes because I am  sure we are going to have all kinds of company over. 

Anchor Images || Maternity Pictures

A couple weeks ago we had this beautiful snowfall that lasted a couple days here in Ohio, it had to melt away before Christmas though (insert crying emoji) Anyways, Megan with Anchor Images, who I second shoot weddings with and have become really good friends with captured some maternity pictures of me since it was so pretty outside. It was slightly cold, okay extremely cold but I have been quite the heat box here lately so I was not complaining. 

I just had to share with all of you and check out that 31 week bump! 

I am so excited with how these turned out and now we have maternity pictures from our favorite place to vacation from when we took our trip to Charleston back in October and some maternity pictures that reflect the winter time which is when Rowan will be making her debut (fingers crossed that there isn't snow and ice like there was here when we have to make our trek to Columbus when I go into labor!) 

If you are local and looking for an amazing photographer do not hesitate to check out Megan on the Anchor Images Facebook page. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bump Day||Week 30

Photo taken on December 5, 2016 - 30weeks3days
How far along: 30 weeks

Baby size: a large cabbage 

Baby's progress: She is almost 3 lbs!

Weight gain: I hit the 200 lb mark last week at my appointment

Maternity clothes: I am always in my maternity jeans but alternating between my regular tops and some maternity tops. I need to get some cute pjs and still need to get a winter coat.

Stretch marks: There are a couple right below my belly button that popped up but other than that nothing new.

Belly Button in or out: still a halfsie, not completely flat yet 

Sleep: Sleeping through the night as long as I don't drink anything after like 7:00

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: lots of movement going on. She really gets to thumping around in there and it still stops me no matter what I am doing. This is one thing I am really going to miss

Best moment this week: Just soaking up the Christmas holiday. I have a bunch of our boxes of decorations out but still have not managed to get anything set up. Anthony doesn't get home until late and I have been quite busy on Saturdays & Sundays so we just haven't done it yet. We also got her crib put together finally!

Looking forward to: Getting the results back from my 3 hour glucose test, fingers crossed I passed it! 

Food cravings: Popsicles and soft pretzels still

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing new or different.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I had a little bit of nausea on Thursday but I had also been fasting since the night before so I could go have the glucose test done. 

Labor signs: I haven't really had any, thankfully!

What I miss: big glass of wine

Symptoms: Swelling started on Monday in my feet and ankles, I thought it would be gone by the next day but it is still lingering around and it is Friday. I am thinking it might be here to stay. I started taking my rings off at night because I do not want to have to have them cut off if the swelling starts in my fingers.

Workouts: Aside from running around chasing little kids during photo sessions, working out has not been taking place.

Things that suck: Just waiting to hear back about the glucose test. 

Nursery? We have not made much more progress other than actually assembling her crib. We are pretty good at procrastinating so in the next 10 weeks we should have it done.

Nesting? Not really but it would be nice if it would kick in a little bit because this house is needing cleaned and laundry needs done badly! I just have no motivation to get it done.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bump Day || Week 25

How far along: 25 weeks

Baby size: a kale

Baby's progress: Rowan's eyes are almost done forming and will soon be opening, when I told Anthony this he said he wants to try shining a flashlight on my belly to see if she reacts to it (his enjoyment of this pregnancy gives me all the heart eyed emojis, he seriously loves this as much as I do.) She has also developed eyelashes! I bet they are going to be gorgeous long lashes just like her Daddy's!

Weight gain: I have gained 8 lbs all together so far.

Maternity clothes: I am constantly wearing my maternity jeans, my regulars don't work anymore which is a-okay in my book because maternity jeans are much comfier. I have a few maternity shirts but am still able to wear my longer shirts and stretch them over the bump. Paired with a cardigan and I am good to go and look somewhat put together!

Stretch marks: I am not completely sure just yet. Need to keep reminding myself to lather on the lotion in the morning and at night.

Belly Button in or out: almost completely out but still a halfsie

Sleep: Sleeping through the night as long as I don't drink anything after like 7:00

Gender: GIRL!

Movement: lots of movement going on. Still more on the inside than the outside but I am able to catch her a couple times and when Anthony wakes up before I do he said he is able to lay there with his hand on my belly and feel her kicking up a storm.

Best moment this week: Just spending some time relaxing and not being too overbooked with photo sessions or constant running

Looking forward to: Putting together the crib and getting her little nook finished up. Still lots to do but want it done by the end of the month if at all possible.

Food cravings: Haven't really had any cravings this week

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing new or different.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still nothing making me sick and no nausea!

Labor signs: I had some Braxton Hicks but have increased my water intake and I haven't had them come back yet

What I miss: big glass of wine

Symptoms: Still prone to some swelling if I am on my feet too much or eat foods with too much salt.

Workouts: I definitely slacked this past week and bummed it out on the couch like every evening.

Things that suck: Just this little burning pain I have in my upper rib but its not like it is unbearable.

Nursery? We have her crib and I started cleaning out the drawers of the old dresser we are using for her changing table and just need to put some drawer liners in and some organizers.

Nesting? Just anxious to get her nook done

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October in Review

October, you came and went in the blink of an eye! 
I literally feel like you were only here for maybe a week. It has been great seeing everyone's Halloween and Trick or Treating pictures popping up on my feeds as a great farewell to October. I am not going to lie, I am kind of ready, okay extremely ready, for a little bit of a slow down. During the month of October I shot two weddings plus a handful of other mini sessions, we threw our gender reveal party, and even pulled off a little mini vaca/babymoon (that I still need to share about on here).
All in all it was a great month, especially finding out that Small Fry is going to be a sweet baby girl. So I am going to leave everyone with a nice little photo dump from the month of October. Enjoy.

At the beginning of the month we fell in love with this farmhouse, went through the process of figuring out the financing for it and were disappointed that it was going to be more of a "as is" sale because the house would not pass inspection for the type of loan we were approved for. As sad as we were we resolved that it was just not meant to be and realized it would have been a little more work than what we should be jumping into. God will provide for us down the road and we will find our dream home eventually. Most likely after Rowan is born.

 Breakfast Date. We decided to hit up this cute little cafe that my cousin opened up a few months ago, The Bridge Cafe. This was prior to going to our follow up appointment for our anatomy scan.

Did some pumpkin carving which also substituted as decorations for our gender reveal party.

Announced to all our family and closest friends that Small Fry is a little girl!!!

My cousin Maddy and I shot our first wedding together, which also happened to be our other cousin's wedding. Jed and Jackie's wedding day was nothing short of amazing and such a beautiful day!

Had a couple Girls Days. It was great to hang out with some of my girl friends a couple different times this month since we are all so darn busy and don't nearly find that much time to get together. I hosted an Ohio State wreath making party and it was so much fun but took sooooo long! Aubrey was able to get out of the house for a whole afternoon and helped me second shoot a wedding. Jesie, Julie Shannon and I and a couple other girls we went to high school with hit up The Cheesecake Factory followed by some shopping at Easton and catching up. A couple weekends ago Jesie and I went to the a craft show early one morning before I was spending the whole afternoon and evening shooting a wedding and she had to study. 

We got our maternity pictures back and I am still struggling with which ones to hang on the wall. I don't want to go overboard because I know that as soon as Rowan gets here pictures of her will be filling up the frames.

Fun little purchases for Miss Rowan! 

First visit to the new dog park. Anthony and I took Tyson to check out the new dog park in town. It is only 5 minutes from our house and there is so much room for him to run and play. Only thing is this people person of a dog would rather get all the lovin's from the pet owners and running isn't much of his thing either.

Shooting Date Night. Friday night Anthony and I were able to sneak out to the farm before the sun went down and fire off some rounds. He got me signed up for a conceal carry class on Saturday and I wanted to shoot my gun a few rounds before going to the class. I am comfortable shooting but whenever I go it is always with Anthony and if I have questions I don't hesitate to ask him. The class was great on Saturday and I learned so much about protecting myself when it comes to gun laws and I got my certificate so as soon as I send the application and my background check comes back this momma is going to be packin!

Harper Drive Trick or Treat. I have been attending trick or treat at my Grandma's for as long as I can remember and this year wasn't different. Molly was the cutest little scarecrow and I could not resist dressing up my baby bump.

I am sure November is sure going to surprise us as my belly grows bigger by the day, we prepare more for Rowan's arrival, decorate for Christmas and celebrate Thanksgiving. Tonight is also the first night of this little Bible study group I have joined that I am excited to participate in, so more time spent with some of my best friends! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Palmetto Snapshots || Maternity Pictures

A few weeks ago when we went to Charleston, South Carolina for my Uncle Brad's retirement from the Air Force I got in touch with Michelle with Palmetto Snapshots to schedule a maternity session on the beach. We ended up taking Tyson on this mini vaca/babymoon with us so I knew family pictures were a must and getting to incorporate my maternity pictures into the same session was perfect.

Michelle did amazing capturing this special moment in our lives at our most favorite place to vacation. After having to really work around the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, we set the location for Folly Beach. We met Michelle and her fiance out on the beach super early Sunday morning so we could catch the sunrise. Our whole experience was nothing short of amazing!! And Michelle's turn around time was just as amazing.

This part was the best because once we got Tyson to sit where he was needed he threw his paw across me and it landed just like this. He held it there like that for quite some time!

We scoped out this little area that the waves weren't quite hitting on the beach and as soon as I sat down in came a wave and I was soaked. It made for the best pictures at the end and the warm was pretty warm so it wasn't too bad at all and totally worth it for these pictures!

I cannot say enough how thankful we are that Michelle was able to capture this time in our lives for us and how beautiful these pictures turned out. We definitely plan on getting in touch with her next year when we get to take Rowan to Charleston and for future beach family pictures. 

We cannot wait to meet our sweet little girl and these pictures will forever be a keepsake of our first pregnancy and Tyson's first trip to the beach. 

Please check out Palmetto Snapshots if you are ever in the Charleston area. Michelle will not disappoint! Feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram as well!