Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I just wanted a perfect margarita!!! - Poor Restaurant Service

First off I want to start with I am not one to have a power struggle by any means or am I a super impatient person --okay I may have just said yesterday that patience was not my strongest suit but that is just with certain things like waiting for fish to bite and I can stand in line for rides at an amusement park for however long it takes. However last night I may have hit my breaking point and it has been bugging me if I went over board and over reacted or if my behavior was completely acceptable.

Yesterday was our 9 years together anniversary and since I have been on a strict eating kick and working out like crazy we decided to actually treat ourselves and go out to eat ( and I really didn't want to cook or was Anthony offering to). We finally decided on going to Applebee's, we figured we could share the 2 for $20 and I seriously LOVE their perfect strawberry margaritas! They serve it in a metal shaker allowing you to fill your glass almost 3 times resulting in the perfect buzz and the hubby has to drive home!!! 
Anyways that is not what I am here to talk about (or maybe it is!).
We got there about 7:30, were seated by the young host right by another couple that was in a booth behind us, he gave us our menus and said a waitress would be right with us. I looked around the restaurant and made a comment there wasn't an awful lot of people there and we figured we would probably get our meals fairly quickly. About 5 minutes passed and still no service so Anthony said if I made my mind up on what I wanted to eat then when they came to get our drink orders we could go ahead and order our food too. We we not in a big hurry but just planning ahead because I usually take forever to decide what I want to eat.
Another 15 minutes passed and still no one. The manager walked passed us twice, the host multiple times going back to the kitchen and even the waitresses checking on the couple sitting in the booth behind us. Another 10 minutes passed and we were still sitting there with not even a glass of water. Anthony looked at me and said do you want to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. I contemplated the fact that I was not going to get my margarita but was peeved about the poor service that I shrugged it off. 
We ended up stopping at the bar to say hi to one of Anthony's old co-workers and headed for the door. 
As we are heading out the host is standing there sweeping the floor and looks up and says "Have a good night" I looked back at Anthony and he said "You too!" and we walked out. 
I was immediately seeing red! 
Not only were we almost non existent while we were there but then that comment.
Now maybe it was just habit but the young man knew very well that we were leaving without even ordering out food as there was literally close to no one in there. 
I got on my phone and called Applebee's asking to speak to a manager.
I informed Josh of what had occurred, he apologized and asked if there was anyway he could get us back in the door and I declined letting him know that we were pulling in the Bdubs parking lot right then. He told me that when we return to the restaurant to make sure that we ask to speak to the manager and he would make things right. Anthony chuckled at that and said it might be a little while before we do that.

Our service was exceptional at Bdubs however we ended up paying more for our food and more for our drinks and of course my calorie count was thrown way off for the day when I decided to order 15 boneless wings (I did not finish them all so I am going to sneak a couple bites in today if Anthony doesn't eat all of them for his lunch) 

So I guess my question is 
How long do you wait before getting any service when at a restaurant?

the other thing is how do I even handle going back into Applebee's and ask to speak to a manager when I am not the type of person that likes getting handouts? I feel like I would be thought of as someone going on a power trip or people questioning how does Anthony even live with that person? But really I felt like our time was not appreciated or was our business wanted. Maybe the host needed to just learn a little lesson on customer appreciation. Either way we will still be deciding how we will handle our next trip there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26th ---> 9 Years with my best friend

Today Anthony and I are celebrating our 9 year dating anniversary!
So here is a little flashback to our younger years.
We were such babies!

 I love that little sequence from our engagement pictures at the fairgrounds where we met now 9 years ago!
Here is to many more years & I am seriously thanking my lucky stars that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekending - Where Did August Go?!

Oh I am just going to do a little late night Monday blogging here.
Anthony is out fishing all night with a buddy at some guy's pond that wants them to catch as many bass as they can because his pond is over populated. I am not going to lie I was a little disappointed when I wasn't invited to go and Anthony didn't know if the guy would be okay with it because I love going fishing with him but only when the fish are biting. Like seriously if I don't get a bite with 20-30 minutes I am checked out!! Patience is not my virtue, gotta work on that!
Anyways this whole late night fishing thing has really become a frequent occurrence. He will go out and be out til like 2 or 3 in the morning and I just stay home. I have no desire to do such thing and I figure once winter hits we are going to be cooped up here in this house if we aren't out hunting so I am just going to let him have his fun while the nice weather lasts.

This weekend we didn't really get into too much other than a mini surprise 50th Anniversary party at Grandma and Grandpa Fry's and then on Sunday I watched my little cousin Molly cheer for her first biddy league football game. It was super hot but she had lots of fun and looked so cute out there!!!

 This was so funny! Little guy took off on his gator and ended up driving in a big circle over and over again in Grandma and Grandpa's yard making his own version of a mud bog. The funny part was Anthony said there was a time when if you even walked through the yard you would have gotten in trouble. They even still have a sign up that says STAY OFF THE GRASS! 

Saturday night we were going to go to the Dresden Melon Festival but it would have involved driving through Dresden on our way home from Grandma and Grandpa's and then driving back up to Dresden which is a solid 30-40 minute drive. So we ended up just staying home, drinking wine and cleaning and organizing our bedroom. It needed it so bad! Since we don't have good storage in our house our room becomes a major collect all for anything and everything!!!
Anthony had to work all day on Sunday and I went to watch Miss Molly cheer at my old high school!!!

Sunday night Anthony weed eated our yard and Tyson and I went for a run/walk at the trail.
He did so good and we even saw a good bit of people and other dogs and Tyson didn't try to go running at them (in a friendly way, he just loves everyone and thinks they all want to pet him when in all reality they see a 170+ lb dog running at them!) I was so proud of him and we even ventured into taking off his leash and letting him play in the field and walk back to the car unleashed!!!
 That was pretty much our whole weekend and now we are almost into Tuesday. Where in the heck did August go to? The next couple of weeks are going to be super busy with wedding stuff that we have going on and hopefully getting a chance to slow down and enjoy the Fall weather.
Oh & my Monday might have ended with a little something like this below!
I will post the video tomorrow for sure.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that it treats you all great!! I can tell you I am already ready for this three day weekend coming up!!!

B ~ Loved Boston  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekending - County Fair

Happy Monday! 
I only say that because it is pretty much over and I am pretty pumped because I actually made it to the gym tonight and ended up working out for a solid hour and 45 minutes!!! 
Now if I can just pull it off for the rest of the week, I need the motivation ladies!!! Keep me going please!

Anywho...this weekend we were pretty busy! Well I should say I was pretty busy running all over the place. Anthony was working most of the weekend so I ended up finding fun stuff to do.
Luckily for me the Muskingum County Fair was going on all week.
Unfortunately I forgot to get our fair passes for this year and for the first time ever I had to pay the full $9 to get in, which I think is absolutely outrageous! 
I grew up going to the fair as a 4Her from the time I was a cloverbud when I was 5 years old. 
I showed horses, lambs and pigs from the age of 9-19 so it is seriously in my blood. 
It was a little depressing this year because even though I have not been in 4H since I was 19 and I am not 24 the last couple of years I was there for my brother (who is now too old!) and then teaching my cousins Maddy and Vincent. However now Maddy and Vincent are both old enough and know what they are doing that they don't need my help in the show ring and are also old enough that they are hanging out with their friends. So this officially marked the first year that I did not use any of my vacation time for fair week and I only made it down there 3 of the 7 days that it was going on.
Here is Maddy and Vincent showing their pigs during Showmanship. Showmanship was in the evening so the pigs were pretty frisky and running all over the place which is very entertaining to watch but frustrating to actually be showing because they get a mind of their own. Maddy and Vince didn't place for Showmanship but Maddy did end up placing 2nd during the Swine show for her weight class! 
Both of them did great for the sale and got a good amount per pound for their pigs. I did feel bad for Maddy though because on Friday night before they came to take the pigs to the sale barn she wanted one more picture with it and they had already taken it. 

Thursday night I ended up going to the Parmalee and Tyler Farr concert with my friends which was a lot of fun! But I was quickly reminded of my adult responsibilities when I had to get up and go to work on Friday after being out well past midnight. Growing up really isn't all it's cracked up to be!!!

Friday after I got off work I went to meet the girls again at the fair because we also had tickets to Friday night's show. I wouldn't have missed this one for the world because my cousin Daniel's band, Double Cut, was opening for the Swon Brothers. It was so cool to see them up there on that big stage and playing in front of such a big crowd. They were limited to only 35 minutes so I would have to say I enjoy watching them play at local bars their other gigs better than this was but it was equally as fun!!!

Myself and Joni before the show started!


Landon and Kevin

All of us girls!
Joni, Lauren, Aubrey, Kelsey, Me, Shelby (Aub's little sister) and Shelby's friend

After Double Cut played Aubrey and Lauren left because they don't care for Swon Brothers but Joni and I stayed. Kelsey ended up selling merchandise for the band so Joni and I ended up going to sit with my Mom, Dad, Aunt Lori, Maddy and her friends.

One of the band members from the Swon Brothers
And then we stayed to get a picture with the famous guys!! 
and hangout after everything was over.
My friend Kelsey dates the guitar player in the band and they are the cutest!
We all grew up showing horses together so listening to these guys play up on that big stage was really a great experience and fun to see how far they have come!

In between Double Cut and the Swon Brother's Joni and I took a little break and went and rode some rides.
Whenever we would get our actual fair passes they didn't come with ride passes but when you pay to get into the fair you get a ride stamp so we decided to take advantage of that

Saturday we had an adoption party to go to for my cousin Jeremy and his wife Jamie and their little boy they finally got to adopt! It was a great day but since this post is a little picture loaded I am going to post more about the party tomorrow!

Saturday night Anthony and I went to the fair one last time. This was his first time going this year but we have a tradition that we go every Saturday night to the truck and tractor pulls because that is where we met 9 years ago this year and was our first date. 
The pulls were pretty much over by the time we got there because they started earlier but we enjoyed eating lots of fair food, sitting on the hill for a little bit of the pulls and we decided to ride the ferris wheel which I might never do again lol

Sunday you would think I would have take advantage of the last day of my weekend by relaxing, umm I did not! We ended up ripping out this ugly white fence we have had in our front yard for over a year now and turning it into our chicken run on the side yard.
After we got the fence built we headed to Anthony's Mom's to pick up our chickens but first we had to make a couple stops...
one for ice cream! 
and secondly to Rural King to get some chicken supplies
I also spotted this awesome computer desk chair and wanted it so bad but didn't figure it would fit in at the office at work. Maybe one day when we get an actual office in our future home!!

Then we picked up the girls and brought them to their new home.
Meet Reba & Hennifer Aniston

We pretty much ditched the chicks and headed straight to my Aunt and Uncle's for my Dad's Birthday party! We were supposed to be swimming but the evenings here in Ohio have been cooling down a good bit and feeling more like Fall weather so swimming was called off.
We did end up making a fire in the fire pit and had some smores.

It really was the perfect way to end our long eventful weekend!
I am sad to be saying good bye to Summer but sitting around this fire pit made me realize how much I look forward to Fall here in Ohio!
I think we are very limited to our summer days but I am going to try to enjoy them while they last and hopefully get a couple more Saturdays in at Spiker's pool instead of running around like crazy all weekend!