Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last week I colored my hair that I mentioned on Wednesday last week. So here are some pictures of the transformation.


I love it!!!! I really don't think I am going to change it back to blonde for a long time. This color is just so much cheaper than trying to maintain the blonde and it looks way more natural on me.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A couple weeks ago Anthony and I went to cookout at his Aunt's house. There were these ladies across the street cleaning out a house and literally throwing everything in a huge dumpster. We were invited to come over and go through the stuff. The story was that an old lady used to live in the house and is now living in a nursing home and isn't doing too great. These ladies at the house were her daughters and they were going to throw everything away because they didn't know what to do with it and the house had been sold. Luckily all of us went over and saved some very valuable items. Theresa (Anthony's Mom) took a lot of the stuff but I scored a box full of what I thought was just mason jars but it ended up being some other interesting stuff too. I can't wait to see what I can do with these treasures. Check em' out below::

All the stuff laid out that was in the box.
bowl thing I have no idea what these were really meant for

another unidentigiable


bunches of mason jars

just in time for fall decorations

no idea what this was...

I love blue mason jars

random little planter things

unused lids for jars

assortment of ceramic pots

more blues

Gahhh I just can't wait to do stuff with all of this!!! Gotta love a vintage find and it is even better when it is free!!!
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Yesterday out of no where I decided I was going to get back into a regular workout/healthy eating routine. So I packed Diesel up and we headed out for a run and whatever else we could get into.

Here is a pic of me before the run in my lime green shirt I scored at TjMaxx for $13 over a year ago and am just now getting into it.
I decided I would take advantage of the fact that I live literally 3 minutes away from a State Park. Dillon SP offers so much for outdoor physical activity. It offers:
- Camping in the campground, almost 200 sites along with cabins with great views of the lake.
-1,560 acre lake for all your boating needs, there are 2 boat ramps
-1,360 foot swimming beach and wading pool
-playground for the kiddos, a doggy park area the furry members of the family, tennis and basketball courts, sand volleyball, concrete wall for practicing tennis and pick-nick shelters.
-Tons of trails. 15 miles of horseback riding trails. 2 hiking trails, a nature trail and a paved trail for handicap use. There are also 4 multi-use trails and 12 miles of mountain biking trails.
-Archery range and shooting range
-During the winter the park offers a HUGE sled riding hill and ice skating pond.

So why wouldn't I take full advantage of all this right down the road from my house. I decided to take the mountain bike trail to start off. Everything was going great and all of a sudden I twisted my ankle in a hole on the trail and fell on my face. Luckily Diesel stayed right by while I was trying to gain the strength to get back up. After walking for a while it seemed everything would be fine. So we ran down towards the beach I did a couple loops on the steps which was awesome cardio. We spent an hour exercising and it felt so great to get back in the game. I think Diesel enjoyed our quality time together too.

Map at the mountain bike trail

my running buddy!
taking a little break before attacking the steps. He was such a trooper.

beautiful view. 

getting a drink on the beach

steps, man they were a killer.
Now I am icing my ankle and hoping I can get back over to the park sometime today of my ankle isn't too swollen or bruised. I might have to take the bike over instead of running on a sore ankle. Hopefully I can keep up my working out on a regular basis. Good Luck to anyone else that is starting an exercise routine.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

As my last post said Anthony and I were celebrating our anniversary by going to Kentucky to visit the Newport Aquarium. We ended up eating at Hooters on the river and then driving around a little bit then headed home. We spent Friday evening hanging out with my parents at Dillon with the dogs. Here are some pictures and sorry for them being so out of order but I was having issues with the uploader.
Eating lunch on the dock.

Strawberry daq and Anthony's beer 

 Pictures we had Dad take when we got home. I just love the bean field in the back...I enjoy sitting out back watching the sun set over the peaceful!!!

With Tank
Something at the aquarium

Nemo fish!

this dude was huge

pretty interesting fish

there is my awesome boyfriend!!!

this guy was smiling at us

jelly fish

check out those huge teeth

overview of all the tanks

yes I asked someone to take our picture. I am very appreciative however it sucks that other people don't have the photographer eye and know how to properly take a picture...but thanks!

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