Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Relaxing Weekend At Home

I spent my whole entire weekend at home for the 
first time since we have been married this weekend!
It felt amazing to not have anywhere to go 
or have obligations to be somewhere at a certain time!

I guess I didn't realize how much running I have been doing
this Summer til Sunday night when I told Anthony
that I felt so relaxed and for once in months didn't feel 
anxious or sad for Monday to start.

Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE fun-filled
weekends hanging out with friends, going to the pool,
Sunday cookouts with family, even going to the drive-in movies til 2 a.m.
but there is nothing like a nice long 3 day weekend with nothing to do but relax
and that is what I did!!!

Friday morning Anthony let me sleep in and when I got up 
he had already gone to his internship. 
I decided I wanted to go to a yard sale that someone had posted 
on Facebook earlier in the week
So I headed there but never even made it to that yard sale
because I was sidetracked by a different one.
I pulled over and after browsing around I found a whole bunch of patio stuff

I have been looking for something to spruce up our plain & boring patio
since before we moved in actually!

I found a pop up tent gazebo thing for $40!!!
then I walked around the corner to find outdoor seat cushions, $10!!!
Tent lights for the tent gazebo...
wait for it...wait for it...
I was in Heaven and quickly scooped up my findings, handed the woman
my three $20's and I was out of there!!
Dancing my merry way home! 
I couldn't wait for Anthony to come home to see my jackpot 
and of course help me set everything up!!

We spent Friday & Sunday night sitting out on our patio 
enjoying each other's company and listening to music!
Saturday it was raining so we ended up renting movies and 
cuddled up on the couch.

I also may have spent 2 hours scrubbing our 
kitchen floor with magic erasers..
not so relaxing, yes I know, but it had to be done!
Since we have moved in I have swiffered it multiple times
but it just wasn't touching it.
Those poor floors probably hadn't had a good scrubbin' in almost 
ten years, no exaggeration!
They are sparkling now though and Anthony keeps 
telling me how amazing they look.
If only I could cook as good as I scrubbed that floor!

This upcoming weekend is not going to be
nearly as relaxing as this past one but it is going 
to be jammed packed with lots of fun!!
There is going to be some country music listenin' & dancin'
late night drinkin' & game playing with friends
and rounding off the weekend on Sunday with
Church and the Spiker Family Reunion.
Lots of fun & lots of runnin'

Sami's Shenanigans

Monday, July 29, 2013


I am going to be doing some remodeling over here in these parts of 
the blog today and possibly the rest of the week. 
With everything else changing in my life why shouldn't the ole bloggity blog here follow suit?!
 Check back soon to see the new face lift that is about to take place!

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Exciting News & a little TBT

all you baby lookers...no the exciting news is not that we have a bun in the oven! 
However when the time comes we will be super excited but I am just going to enjoy reading all these other bloggers that are expecting sweet little bundles of joy!!

Anywhoo....our exciting news is that we are finally getting internet at our house!
Hallelujah! I am doing a happy dance right now
Mr Fry just texted me to let me know that he ordered it and they will be mailing the box to the house
That means we don't have to arrange a day that one of us is home then whichever lucky one that is there who would most likely rather be spending this rare day off laying out at the pool or going fishing instead of waiting countless hours for the guy to show up between some 5 hour timespan given by someone who doesn't give a care in the world what you want to do just for the guy to show up take two minutes and then be on his merry go around way. That's right it will just be mailed to us and we can set it up ourselves
Oh Happy Day! 

Speaking of waiting on the mail I have been checking our mailbox for the last couple days
what for?
our wedding pictures are coming!! 
I am so excited to see them and even though they are estimated to be here tomorrow or possibly Saturday I am so pumped I can resist running walking (okay there is a slight skip in that walk) to the mailbox everyday when I get off work to see if there is anything in the mailbox. 
I will not leave ya'all waiting to see them...I will try to get them posted ASAP
(reminder: we don't have internet at the house so it will take a little while)
Just think how great it will make my birthday if they are here on Saturday
I will be one happy happy happy girl!
It will all make up for the fact that tomorrow I have to go to the Social Security office and the DMV to get my name changed and new license. I hate going to both of these offices.
The people there are never happy and the wait is forever long!!
I should stop at McDonald's on my way there and get them some happy meals.

Anyways here are some pictures that I was looking at on facebook and decided to do a little TBT with

2006 Fair. 1 year after we met, in this exact spot actually
2008 Prom - we were such babes!
2009: best friend's wedding
2011 Tank as a wee babe!! 

I hope you all have a great weekend, mine starts here in 15 minutes!
Gotta love 4 day work weeks!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

My weekend was of course too short once again but I am not complaining about these 3 day weekends
and spending 3 days at the pool its probably a good thing that 3 is all I get (feelin a little crispy today!)
I spent every day starting Friday morning at my Aunt and Uncle's new swimming pool, I was doing really good working on my tan until yesterday...I completely forgot to put on sunscreen and now I am paying for it.
After 6 hours floating on the raft the sun got the best of me - SUN:1 BRITT:0

1. we have been getting visitors to our apple tree every evening. Anthony is dying because of the fact that our house is in the city limits so these guys are off limits come September. 2. Diesel loves going for truck rides. We let him join us for a quick trip to the bait store! 3. I found this nasty boy in our basement when I was taking our trash out! Needless to say I put him in a jar because Anthony was not home, I wanted him to believe me about how big it was and I didn't trust him to stay in our basement without confinement 4. Day one at the pool, freshly painted nails to match my suit and some Glacier Cherry Gatorade in a mason jar -Pure Bliss!! 5. This is how Tank spends his Saturday mornings while I was watching Identity Thief before it had to be returned 6. Day two at the pool 7. my pool bag that I loved packing every morning this week because it all went into my awesome new 31 bag that was a wedding gift!! I am amazed by how much this baby will hold. 8. Day 3 poolside - yesterday my cousin had baseball tournaments so Mom and I had the pool to ourselves for the whole day...talk about relaxing but I was still missing the kids to play with 9. Mom and Dad had us over for dinner and JK even made an extra batch of these amazing Red Lobster biscuits!! they are the bomb and we will not be talking about how many I had. We will just leave it at I might have a double date with the dvd player and TurboFire this week

After having such a relaxing weekend I was definitely dragging myself out of bed this morning but knowing I only have to wake up 3 more mornings to go to work until it is a 3 day weekend again and on the up side of it this weekend is my birthday weekend so you can bet we will be getting into some fun stuff! Find out what everyone else did with their weekend over at Sami's and link up your weekend fun!!!

Sami's Shenanigans

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Reading: before we went on our honeymoon I bought Folly Beach by Dorothea Benton Frank on my ipad. This is the first book I have bought for my iPad and I am kind of liking it but I also love having my big bookcase full of the books that I have read and not taking up memory space on my iPad but it is also kind of nice to have it with me at all times to just pull out and start reading and not have to worry about losing my spot. Anyways you would think since I have it with me all the time I would have already finished this book by now but I am still only half way through it. I don't know if it is because I am so busy with house stuff or busy trying to figure out this whole wifey thing but I just cannot finish it! I am hoping to be done with it by Sunday so I can get started on a different one.

Loving: my new painted hallway! before the bottom half had a grayish white wood paneling type thing going on (you know straight out of the 90's?!) and the top was just a plain white wall with lots of nail holes, black marks (idk what from) and dirty hand prints (hey I did not live here before, we are just renting it!) Anyhow I ended up buying a quart of teal and a quart of green a couple months ago when Jesie and I were painting the bathroom and I still hadn't gotten around to doing it and I finally did last week. I was originally going to paint the ceiling the green color but Anthony talked me out of it since we are not going to be living here for a long time. So I will just settle with the teal. When I wake up in the mornings this wall is the first thing I see and it quickly reminds me of a beach house!!! I would love all the walls in our house to be bright colors just like this!

Wearing: maxi dresses!!! I didn't think I would like them originally but after I wore the one on our honeymoon I was swooning over every single one I saw at the store so when we got home I made a little trip to TJ Maxx and Gabe's and snagged up a couple and I have been wearing them ever since!!! They are so cute and flowy which is perfect for the office because most of the time it is a little stuffy here.
here is the one that got me started on this little infatuation!!!

Looking forward to: the weekend! hey who isn't? but really this weekend it is supposed to be nice and not raining. Which if it doesn't rain it will be the first weekend we have had since we got married that it hasn't rained. So since Anthony is going to be working I am going to Spiker's pool and will be laying out there and getting my shine on the for the weekend! (I mean that in more ways than one!)

Cooking/Baking: Not much really! lol on Saturday I made these little cheesecakes mine didn't turn out as cute looking but I am trying to remind myself that not everything is going to look as presentable as it does on Pinterest. Every night we have been invited to someone's house for dinner and I haven't had to cook, I might not be complaining one bit.

I did end up at Mom and Dad's last night.
Originally I was planning on making my first ever homemade lasagna but when she had ribs and corn on the cob I couldn't turn that down and Anthony and JK were working on the truck til late. 
So this was in my belly!

Singing To: my Aunt Lori & Uncle Matt a little Happy Birthday tune!!! how cool is that they are husband and wife and they share the same birthday, they are just awesome like that. A big Happy Birthday goes out to Uncle Matt though because he is turning the big 4-0 today!!! 

Missing: all of the wedding planning I had been doing! When we rented movies on Thursday I kept pulling movies that had something to do with Weddings and Anthony realized I still have Wedding Brain going on. On top of the planning I was getting to see all my girls like every week or so and we haven't gotten together since the wedding and I am really missing all of them. I hope I am able to squeeze some pool time in with them this weekend or next!!! 

Planning: my birthday weekend! I am turning 23 and it really doesn't seem like a real big deal and Anthony actually has to work 7-3 so we can't really do anything extravagant but I am thinking about spending my morning and afternoon either soaking up some rays at the pool and then Saturday night we might finally be going to the Drive-In movies. I have been wanting to for the last couple of Summers and we live closer now so why not!?! And does this not look like the perfect way to spend an evening cuddled up with your main squeeze?!! I think so!!! 

Overusing: the Rhonna Designs App!! I had been eyeing all the awesome pictures a select few bloggers were  posting on IG for a while now and I couldn't get it downloaded enough on Wednesday when I heard it was finally launched! I am telling you ladies this is the best $1.99 you will ever spend on an app....it truly is amazing!!!!! Here are some of the edits I have done so far with the app...

I am also thinking about using this app to create our wedding thank-you cards. I loved all the paper products I designed for our wedding and all the festivities leading up to the big day and received many compliments on them from our family and friends so I know I want to create something just as awesome as all the other stuff I did with everything else. I know it will involve mason jars since that was our ongoing theme throughout the whole process and I obviously want to include some of the pictures we had taken by the photographer. So when we get those back I know I will start fully putting these together. But here are a couple I have done with what I have already:

Has anyone else downloaded this app yet? It really is awesome and I cannot wait to see what else I can create with it!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekends Are Never Long Enough!!!

and where is Summer going to?!

How was everyone's 4th of July?
Ours was okay other than Mother Nature rained on my holiday which was no fun
We went to watch some fireworks Wednesday night with Aubrey, Mark and Luke at the race track
Since it was raining we just parked along the road instead of going to watch the races because they probably weren't really all that great if they even ended up finishing due to the rain.

Thursday: Anthony had to work til 3:00 and when he got home we were originally going to head to his Uncle John and Aunt Kelly's in Burton Ohio (close to Cleveland) but the cookout had started at noon and we wouldn't have made it til 5 or so and everyone probably would have already headed out. So we decided we will just make a weekend of it sometime and go up there to stay with them. Once again it was raining so we decided to go to Family Video to rent some movies then go home and cuddle on the couch. We ended up renting The Bachelorette and Jack Reacher. I thought The Bachelorette was going to be really funny but it was pretty lame and surprisingly I really liked Jack Reacher.

Friday: neither one of us had to work so we ended up sleeping in and then had to make a trip to get some mulch for our flower beds and decided to get a couple more flowers to go around the flower bed we just made that is by a bird feeder that we relocated in our front yard. By the way I married a bird watcher so we have bird feeders all over the place and he is never found without his trusty binoculars ready to tell me whatever type of chirping might be making that noise. Ladies they all sound the same to me but really I just have to go along with him and learn something new.

Saturday: Anthony had to work and I have been wanting to hit up our farmers market because we live closer to it now but I was extremely disappointed. I am hoping it will be better in the fall! I cannot wait to decorate our front porch with pumpkins and and all of that fun stuff! Leaving the market empty handed was a big disappointment and I still needed some fruit for my smoothies I cannot go a day without so I decided to check out a different grocery store that is close to our house. It is a newly remodeled Pik-N-Save and it was so much nicer than the one we go to in downtown Zanesville...much much cleaner and less trashy people walking around there. Speaking of walking around, I have been finding myself just wandering the aisles at the grocery store aimlessly looking for something to cook! I have no clue what I am doing and it makes me slightly depressed. I thought when we got married the whole cooking abilities just came with the wedding ring and new last name, I was WRONG!! I really need to perfect my cooking skills or Anthony might loose a couple pounds in the next couple weeks.

Around 2:00 I got a phone call from my brother. Him and one of our friends Austin were taking a bike ride for the day and Austin ended up wrecking his bike and the tire came off the rim and wouldn't hold air so they called me to come pick him up. After a 45 minute drive both ways we got Austin back to his house safely and he ended up having us over for dinner because I was already smoking pork and a brisket and I wasn't going to turn down this offer, especially when it involved sitting on their back porch soaking in this view
topped off with a rainbow and I really wasn't ready to leave!!

Sunday: Anthony had to work again but we still only have the truck and bike and it was raining so I told him I would take him to work. Actually he probably would have taken the truck and I would have just had no transportation so I really had no other option. After I dropped him off I had some stuff to return to Kohl's and needed to get birthday gifts for Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt because they were having a pool party later. I ended up exchanging a single coffee cup maker for a mini blender and a small lasagna dish and got Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt beach towels since they have their pool now. I hurried home because I spent more time than planned, wrapped their gifts (to all my bridesmaids that told me that I was ridiculous for saving tissue paper from my showers, well I was well equipped with gift bags and tissue paper and my gifts looked amazing and didn't cost me a penny! hah!) The pool party was great and a perfect way to end the rainy 4th of July weekend but of course the holiday weekend ended too soon and the work week started up again! Just back to counting the days til Thursday.

This weekend is supposed to be the first no rain (fingers crossed this doesn't change) weekend and since I have a 3 day weekend you can bet I will be soaking it up at Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt's at their pool.
Summer is going way too fast and I don't like it so I am about ready to toss all house work out the door until winter and focus solely on spending time outside! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July Eve!!

the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays!
I love celebrating the freedom that we have here in America and thanking everyone for allowing us to live here the way we do mixed with Summer time there is not much of a better combination!!!
We have been super busy getting back into the swing of work, being married and trying to get everything arranged in our house that I have not had much of a chance to decorate for this holiday. Monday I decided I wanted to try to get a little something put up and after a quick trip to Odd Lots I had a couple things to work with. I will post more of my front porch once I get some more pictures taken tonight.

Today I get off at 4:00 and I officially begin my 4 day weekend!
We are planning on going out of town to visit Anthony's family in Burton, OH and their new house. 
It should be a lot of fun and I have been looking forward to it for a couple months now. 
Anthony has to work tomorrow but gets off around 1:00 and has Friday off so we will be heading out as soon as he gets off work and be back in town Saturday. 
As for the rest of the weekend, I am planning on just relaxing and hopefully hanging out somewhere near water, either it be a lake, river or pool I will be chillaxin most likely with a cold adult beverage in my hand!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and be careful on the roads!! 

my patriotic outfit on today!
(blazer - Maurices, dress - Gabriel Brothers, bracelet & sandals - Kohl's 4 years ago)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tank 1.1

Hey Nana!
Mom is helping me with my most current project, are you ready for? wait for it...weekly blog posts from Tank! Since I moved away from Vroom Road and now am living down here on Dillon Road I miss you very much and know you probably feel the same way too so what better way than to keep you updated through Mom's blog. It is much quieter down here but I am starting to like my new home. Oh hey Mom & Dad said I also got a new last name, Fry. I thought they were talking about the food but I guess not. Mom has been giving me more freedom and letting me out of the fenced in backyard as long as I stick by her side. I have really been enjoying laying on the front porch watching them plant flowers. Every time I try to help dig the holes for them I get yelled at so I have been trying to just be lazy and watch, it's not too hard to do. Diesel is doing pretty good, king of the same old man he was before the move. The other night he did play tug with me so that was fun while it lasted. He told me he thinks we are just visiting this house but I keep telling him that Mom said it is our new home. I like it here because I don't have to share my bones with anyone and Mom & Dad let us clean their plates after supper every night. You are more than welcome to come visit us anytime just call to make sure Mom & Dad are home.

Love you and talk to you soon,