Thursday, April 26, 2012

ATTENTION: Country Music Fans!

Just a little shout out to all my country music followers: This chick is going to see Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert tonight!!! That means it is going to be a good night and there is a possibility I will not be here for Fridays Letters or it may be very late (; If you don't know who Eric or Brantley are please youtube them and check them out! For now I will leave you with some hotness!


  1. One of my friends won a thing to get to go on stage with him!

  2. Im going in Lexington to see them im soooo excited. Ive seen him before and he rocks.

  3. Hey girl! So we are officially arranging an Ohio blogger meet-up! I tried to find your e-mail on here to send you the details, but I couldn't find it :(

    Shoot me an e-mail when you can at :

    Happy Friday!
    Leigh Ane


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