Friday, April 6, 2012

Fridays Letters

Sorry no pictures for this post something is wrong with my loader on here. Have a great Easter everyone!!

Dear Steve @ RiteRug,
you definitely told us the carpet was going to be here on Wednesday but then Mom called you to set up the time and you told her that it is not going to be here til next week....WTF (and WTF right now does not mean Wild Turkey Federation) We busted our butts to get the carpet ripped out, walls painted except for one and everything from our living room is now in the kitchen. We are all very unhappy with you and are not enjoying sitting in our theater styled living room now. The only positive to this is that we were able to decide to paint the two other walls to lighten up the room.

Dear Behr Cottage White,
I absolutely love you and all your crispy clean color you have put to our living room walls. If I wasn't such a lover of color I would probably paint every room in our house with your wonderfulness.

Dear Fiance,
You are fighting some sort of bug right now and it makes me very sad. I hope you are feeling better come Sunday so we can enjoy Easter with our families. I really enjoy the little kisses you have been giving me on the forehead my lips are getting a bit jealous. Love you honey xoxo

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for dying for us on the cross. We all need to remember to put the egg coloring, chocolate bunnies, and finding baskets aside and really remind ourselves what this holiday is for.



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