Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Busy Busy Weekend

but so much fun was had!!! Pictures are pretty much the best way to describe it. It was a weekend filled with country music, best friends, turkey hunting, more fun with friends and some more turkey hunting. 
Us girls: Kaci, Aubrey, Me and Lauren ( don't mind Lauren's socks she had boots on but was driving)

Aubrey, Lauren and myself

I found Shalene and Kathie!! I was so excited (:

Eric Church!!!


bestie!! Don't know what I would do without her in my life

wish this was better quality
 Friday I laid around the house because we didn't get back until 2:00 a.m. Friday night all the girls came over and we had a little cookout and caught up while the guys hung out too.
Us girls with the babies! Kalli and Casen with Joni, Aubrey and Luke, Me, Lauren and Kaci

Joni, Aunrey, Me, Lauren, and Kaci

Joni, Aubrey and me
Saturday morning Anthony and I beat the sun up to head out turkey hunting at 4:00 a.m. We didn't have any luck calling any thunder chickens in but I had so much fun. I got within 25 yards of a gobblin man and it was one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I think I have ever felt! I also found a teensy-tiny tooth laying on a stump where I had was sitting. I am not sure if it was from a raccoon or a squirrel. We also found an old abandon farm house & barn that I decided to explore in and get some pictures of.

flower Anthony picked me while we were hunting
The old house. It was falling into the basement but I can only imagine what it looked like back in the day with kids running around, Mom cooking dinner and Dad out in the field or feeding the animals in the barn! I could have sat out there for hours making up a story for the family that lived here.

old barn beams were made out of actual tress
Gorgeous barn!!!

my gun to bring down a thunder chicken (:
Saturday night we went to a birthday party for Lauren and Shelby. It was nice to hangout and celebrate their birthdays. Anthony and I had to leave early so we could get to bed to get up again to go hunting.

Here is Anthony in his camo trying to call in some turkeys for me

Here is the beautiful view we had while trying to find some thunder chickens...now if someone would just build me a house right here on top of this hill, pretty pretty please!

There has been a thunder chicken here...but where has he gone to?!

I finished the weekend off fishing with Jk, Shalene, Shane and Papaw. I didn't have much luck catching any fish but Shalene caught a big ol blue gill!

little tadpoles

Shalene's monstrous blue gill
Yesterday Anthony filled his second turkey tag so he is officially done for the spring turkey season! Thanks to Hendershot Game Calls Anthony had no problem filling both tags!! Now it's just my turn to get mine. Unfortunately not until next week can I go out after noon so I can only go on the weekends but next Monday starts all day hunting so this girl will be found in the woods every night after I get off work!!!

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