Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - part3

I am so excited I posted a couple details on Monday about shopping for reception venues but I left the details out because I wanted to save it for today. Well as I said on Monday, the people at the Pavilion were rude so we opted to not go there to check it out and the other place, Prophets Park was too small but we did check out Friendly Hills Grange Camp and we really liked it, actually loved it!!

They have one room right by the office where the kitchen is also located however the walls are yellow and there are support beams throughout the room that would be difficult to decorate around. However the very friendly and welcoming lady giving us the tour took us to the next building that can hold over 300 people and everything is really simple in there. The walls were all white, there were windows that look out over the beautiful yard around the building which is situated along the Muskingum River. They have a stage and a back porch for guests to get some fresh air. There is also cabins located on the property for our guests that are coming from out of state that would like to stay all night or for us to rent for the weekend so we can party it up on into the night! Like I said its right by the river and there are actually railroad tracks going through too which will be great for pictures and a couple old barns too! There is also a swimming pool which will be great for the kids that are coming if they want to go swimming (not sure if that is an option to do when attending a wedding but let me tell you I am fish and if that was an option at any event I would be wearing my suit under my dress and be in the pool asap) I was able to take a couple pictures with my phone but they don't even do it justice but I have to post them anyways.

 This is the front of the building. We are thinking about putting some tiki torches lining the sidewalk so flowers outside to spruce it up a little bit.
 This is the back of the building, the porch is off to the right but you can't really see it in this picture.
 Here is the view from the porch and inside. I am thinking we can put some corn hole boards up and maybe some hillbilly golf so if it is nice out everyone can enjoy the beautiful day.
Here is one of the old barns on the property.
Told ya there was a swimming pool (:
 And some railroad tracks
 Beautiful view of the river and funny thing is the farm that is on the other side is Aubrey's (my MOH) family farm. Their cows are actually wading in the water, how cool is that? and this is the same river that our campground is on, just a little ways around that bend.
Unfortunately this is the only picture I took of the inside. There was a lot more room behind me and off the right where you walk in. Everything is very simple and the only rules were that if you have a keg to please put it on the porch so it doesn't sweat on the floor and that no one's head goes through the wall! How awesome? That means I can also have candles!!!!! Ahh so excited

If you can't tell yet from reading this we ended up reserving it for the wedding! So that is one check off my super-duper-hugeando list of stuff to do and it is such a relief. Now I am just thinking in my head all the ways to decorate. This week I found this awesome dessert table that Jenny from Jenny Cookies put together for someone's party. I absolutely love love love the pom poms balls (sounds much better) did and I am going to try to make some that look identical similar to hang from the ceiling throughout the building because since Jenny is from Washington State and I just don't think she would be able to come to my wedding to decorate for me so I will just borrow some inspiration from her blog (: Thanks Jenny!
But seriously check out this dessert table she did!

aren't these amazing!!!
How cute are these little pies to give for dessert? Mentioned this to Mom and she wasn't too sure about it since it is going to take a lot of time to make 200 of them. This is sort of a toss up, maybe we can find someone to do them for us.

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to get some knobs for the dresser that I am working on and wondered over to the fabric section and decided to buy some burlap material so I can try to make some of these poms poms. I didn't know this but they even have burlap in orange and green! I ended up getting tan and orange and bought some tissue paper in green and blue and am going to try my hand at making the pom poms sometime this week.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure you come back next Wednesday for some more Wedding stuff!

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