Thursday, April 12, 2012

Doing a little venting...

Yesterday I woke up knowing that it was the day that my new glasses were coming in! So I wore my old glasses instead of my contacts so I would be able to wear the new ones home after picking them up. I called the office on my lunch to check if they were there yet, I was really excited!! Unfortunately they weren't in yet so I left them my cell number so they could call incase they came in before I was already home for the day. I didn't want to have to make a second trip to town, its a 30 minute drive from our house so most likely I would have had to wait until today to get them. I got off work and still no call so as I am driving home I pass the eye doctor's office check my phone again, still no call, so I continue on my way home. I literally got 5 minutes down the road and my phone says I have a voicemail from the Dr.'s office. I called back and the girl asked if I would hold, sure why not? I held for 7 minutes and then my phone dropped the call. So I called back again and they asked me to hold again. I didn't want to be rude so I agreed again. This time I held for 11 minutes! All the while I was sitting on a pull off on the side of the road. I decided to drive back that way and stop and get gas. I hung up and called back, once again they asked to hold but I just said I have actually been holding for almost 20 minutes I just wanted to know if my glasses were in because I can come over to the office and wait there. The lady was fairly rude and said she was with a patient and would put me through to the lab. I am not real sure why the front desk girl was with a patient for that long or couldn't just take my call I mean they were getting a whopping $80 from me yesterday for the remaining of my balance. Anyways my glasses were in so I headed over to the office, got them fitted to my head and was on my merry on way rockin' my new glasses!!! 

okay so I mentioned three weeks ago that we were getting new carpet for the livingroom. We ordered it from Rite Rug and were told we would be getting it installed within one week. The night before we were told the carpet would be delivered to the store we ripped out our carpet and all the furniture was in the kitchen. Well Mom called to schedule the installation and they said it wasn't there so we were slightly frustrated but hey everyone makes mistakes now and then so no big deal. Well last week came and went and we still weren't getting any phone calls. Last night I came home from work and Mom asked me if I wanted to go carpet shopping and I was like what the hell? Anyways long story short the guy that sold us the carpet was a new guy, didn't know what he was doing and sold us carpet that is meant to go in a doctor's office or an apartment because it is a low grade cheap carpet. We were not told this when we ordered it and the carpet still has not been made, it is supposed to be done down in Georgia and it could take up to three more weeks. The manager said we could come up to the store last night and pick out something different. So Mom, Dad and I jumped in the car and once again were on our way to pick out new carpet. The guy let us pick out any kind of carpet for the same price that we had before and we got the best carpet pad they make underneath. We ended up getting a nicer carpet that is stain proof (is that even possible? guess we will find out) has a life time warranty and was $3 more per sq. ft. than what we had chosen before. This was truly a blessing from God because if would have gotten the first choice it probably would have fallen apart within a couple years and we would have been screwed. So even though a lot has gone wrong with this carpet buying experience God still helped us out in the end and the new carpet is getting installed tomorrow before noon. After we finished up at the store we decided to go to eat at the Japanese Steak House in Newark. We had only been to the one in Zanesville and oh my goodness the one in Newark is so much nicer!

Then to top everything off this morning my little brother rear ended someone on his way to school. Luckily everyone was okay but Good Lord can anything else really go wrong. Mom and I ended up getting into an argument because she wanted to vent about an argument that her and Dad got into this morning and everything going on with JK. For one I am always willing to let her vent to me and I will listen unless it has something to do with her and Dad because I don't feel like that is right for me to be in the middle of it because then I am hearing it from both sides. I ended up leaving for work and sent her a text later that she needed to handle the problem with Dad because that is the only way it is going to get resolved. On days like this I cannot wait to get married and move out so I can have a whole other type of things to worry about but hopefully less fighting with my Mom. 

Is anyone else having a week from H E double hockey sticks or is it just me? I can tell you all that this girl just might be celebrating Thirsty Thursday on this not-so-fine day!


  1. Ugh---rough day!!

    But super cute glasses! :)


  2. I had a rough day today too! It always gets better though! Good luck with everything !

  3. Love the glasses!! :) And I will tell you this-- I always had a 'rough' relationship with my father when I lived at home. It was awful. We fought more than we got along. But now that I have moved out-- we are like best friends! He comes over for lunch a lot! It's crazy how things change. There is hope lady! You're almost there :)


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