Monday, April 23, 2012

Nothing went as planned..

Of course to no surprise nothing went as planned this weekend. Friday we were supposed to go look at three different venues for our reception. I called the Pavilion and they said we couldn't come look at it because they had an event going on then realized we couldn't get in to see Prophet's Park so that left us with Friendly Hills. I wasn't too bummed about Prophet's Park because I was told that it doesn't hold too many people and we would be pretty tight in there. I was sorta disappointed about The Pavilion because that is where I have had my heart set on but they raised prices and the lady I ended up talking to was extremely rude on the phone so I wasn't real sure how much I was wanting to be working with them. So we were off to Friendly Hills at 2:00 to get a tour. I will have more details on Wednesday on how that went. 

After venue touring I met all the girls at Tlaquepaque for dinner before going to see The Lucky One. For one the service was really slow and we were a little late getting to the theater but were still 40 minutes early and of course the tickets were sold out! We ended up seeing 21 Jump Street and that was hilarious and Chaning Tatum was GORGEOUS! Here are some pictures from Tlaquepaque:
 One of the many reasons we love Lauren
 Aubrey and Lauren - can you tell that they are sisters?
 Me and Taylor
 Joni, Kelsey, Aubrey and Lauren
 The group minus Kaci

Saturday I had plans of going to a yard sale that was selling Wedding stuff and luckily a friend texted me to let me know that she sold all the wedding stuff, then I was going to go over to the lake for the boat races but it was freezing cold and raining so I skipped out on that. I ended up going up to Anthony's to check out the little puppies then we went back to my house and I started on the dresser project I went dumpster diving for. I only got the drawer fronts painted but its looking pretty awesome!

We also found a house that was a repo and super cheap, I am talking $23,000 and Anthony and I were going to make a cash offer but then we went to check it out for a second time only to find a sign posted on the door saying that it is under contract and to stay out! Talk about disappointing, I seriously wanted to cry. This is the third house I have actually pursued to only have it be locked in a contract! Some days I just want to give up on house hunting but then I have Mom on the other end nagging me to have a total plan before we get married, which to me is really unrealistic because we still have over a year before we tie the knot. 

Yesterday Mom and I were heading to Columbus to watch Leo in the dog show but realized we were going to miss him showing so we turned around and went home. The one awesome thing this weekend was Mom and I decided to go see the Lucky One after missing the dog show. I loved the movie and am planning on going to see it again very soon and will be buying the movie! Gah it is such a great story however I was thrown off a little because if you are a devoted Nicholas Sparks reader you know that all his books are based in North Carolina and this movie was taking place in Louisiana but that was it and I quickly got over that after getting to stare at Zak Efron the whole time, can't complain there!
Did anyone else get to see The Lucky One yet? what did you think?


  1. Ugh. losing a house is the worst! when we lost our first one we put an offer in, i wanted to throw in the towel! we've been in our house over a year now and im glad we kept looking! :) good luck!
    have a great week!

  2. Love this post! Totally made me miss my girlfriends :/ But it looks like you guys all had a blast!

  3. Loving those paint colors! This is random-but do you live in Zanesville? Tlaquepaque is one of my favorite restaurants ever!


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