Wednesday, April 18, 2012

W.W. - decisions decisions

 So we were originally planning on having our wedding reception at the pavilion at lake park but I decided to get on their website to get an email address and the prices jumped $500! So now I am resorting to checking out some other places. This actually really sucks because the pavilion was pretty much the closest thing we could to having it look like a barn. They have wood beams for the ceiling, hard wood worn floors, big windows that overlook at big pond and there are paddle boats and a bike trail that wraps around the pond. The whole setting is just perfect! 

 We aren't completely tossing out this idea but are definitely looking into some other places. We have an appointment at 2:00 on Friday to go check out Friendly Hills Grange Camp which is very privately located and along the river but I am not real sure how great the facility is going to look but the price is half of what the Pavilion is so we are interested. I have also contacted another place that was recently remodeled so I am waiting on feedback from them on when we can come check them out too! Hopefully we can check all three out this weekend and I can make a decision. All three are currently available for our date but since it's a June wedding we are going to need to get something booked because it will fill up fast! I also need to decide if the wedding is going to be at our church or outdoors, I am seriously torn between the two because Anthony and I are both catholic but don't feel overly comfortable in our church and would love to have it outside but Mom is very adamant that we need it at the church because having God present in our ceremony is the best thing for us. Don't get me wrong we both know that without God none of this is possible but really what better place to get married at a beautiful place with God's beautiful creations all around us!!?! So many important decisions to make.

This is Friendly Hills, gonna need a lot of work but we can make it look pretty!

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