Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a trip down park road 7

Last night after supper Anthony and I went over to Dillon to go fishing. Well we were supposed to be fishing but once again the carp were spawning so Anthony ended up bow fishing. I was going to just sit in my chair and read my book but we ended up on Park Road 7 and this road is a little road that runs along side the back waters of the lake and since the lake is a reservoir and controls towns below us from flooding Park Road 7 is known for being flooded over. So when the water goes back down there are lots of pieces of wood laying around. I picked up a cool piece of wood and got to thinking of a pinterest pin I found a long time ago where the girl covered a picture frame in driftwood. So I started walking around finding pieces of wood so I could do some projects and I went a little crazy with my camera which I played around with on Instagram when we got home (follow me on instagram: brittkuhn2009)

all the cool glass bottles I found

I brought this big piece home, not real sure what I am going to do with it yet...


  1. If you decide on what you do with that piece make sure you blog about it!

  2. Love all of those pictures! :)


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