Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

Happy Humpday everyone! 
I didn't used to be too fond of Wednesdays because they are the day that's smack dab in the middle of the week and by Wedneday I was pretty much just praying for Friday to get here. Well then I wandered over to  The Vintage Apple & discovered the Pinteresting Wednesday party going on and now I look forward to Wednesday every week almost as much as I look forward to Friday! I love checking out what everyone has been pinning and learning new recipes or lil crafty projects. If you are a pinterest fanatic lover make sure you head over to Michelle's, consider this your invitation to only the best party every week! 
If you don't know what Pinterest is that is a-oh-kay just shoot me your email address and I can invite you to Pinterest to check it! I promise your life will be changed (:

1. Young House Love - I just love that sign and we have the worst problem ever with pens going through the wash and ruining a whole load of clothes...this would be the perfect sign to have to remind us to check!
2. Literally Inspired  - checking out this photo canvas as I am searching for ideas for our gallery wall
3. Sweet Pickins - I am currently working on my first furniture renovation and this dresser is amazing, can't wait to start my next project and use pretty yellow paint like this
4. The Happy Home - how cute is that chevron bulletin board, I need to do this to my plain ol brown one I have had for years that is so ugly hanging in my room. 
5. Rainy Day Colors' etsy shop - I really like the banner on this card which would be easy to make and I could just add any kind of stamp to the front for pretty much any occasion. 
6. no source - error on pinterest - I am going to try to build one of these for our river lot to have on the deck
7. Not Just a Housewife  - Anthony's mom has tons of old doors stored in their barn that she got from a friend and I could make something like this for our wedding
8. Oh So Pretty the diaries  - I need to try this curling technique for my hair asap
9. Rang Oli Design's etsy shop - when I eventually get time to teach myself how to quilt I really want to make one just like this!?! its so colorful and would match everything!!! The pattern is only $9 from this etsy shop I just might have to buy it for my first quilt.

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