Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Complete and Total Invasion of Privacy

Some words to describe how we have been feeling the last couple of days:
Friday night Anthony came over just like any other Friday night and he had rented movies and I had just ordered Creno's (pizza shop by our house) and we decided we were just going to spend the night in with Dad watching movies. The windows in the living room were opened and the guys ended up staying awake until 12:30 or 1 A.M. We did notice that there was a party being hosted at the pond across the street but didn't really think anything about it. However Saturday morning we woke up and were kind of just sitting around talking. Anthony logged onto his bank account to check it before we officially started the day only to realize $230 were charged Friday night at Speedway in Newark (not a town we visit very often). He was alarmed because we had not been to Newark and then he began searching for his wallet which he had left in his Jeep because he was carrying in the stuff he got in town and it had been sitting in the center console. He went out to check the Jeep and it was not there! We headed to the bank to stop any more transactions from occurring and report it stolen. While Anthony was in the bank I called Dad and he started searching Anthony's Jeep for anything else that might be missing...we realized some cash that was in the ash tray and his GPS were also missing. I also realized that $7 in cash was missing out of my Jeep. Mom and Dad immediately called the Sheriff's Dept so we could file a report. Anthony and I rushed home because obviously we were needed for the report. She took all of our information and let us know that since there were credit cards involved this is immediately considered a felony. The bank had also told us the the person charged the $230 on lottery tickets and gift cards and also had filled up their gas tank. The fraud dept. automatically noticed this and stopped any more transactions from occurring however the person went to two other gas stations and attempted to charge $600 more in who knows what and were stopped from purchasing however this action did not stop them in their tracks so they were not officially caught. The deputy told us she was going to call the Speedway and arrange to view their surveillance cameras and most likely they would be caught right there. After she left I posted a status on my Facebook since I have most of our neighbors on there and wanted to warn them that if their cars were not locked they might want to check for anything missing.

Coincidentally about 15 minutes after posting this the little neighbor girl came walking up to our house and told us her Mom had found this stuff at their pond and she was returning it. Unfortunately it was only Anthony's badge from work, a receipt and business card that had been in my Jeep but we called the deputy and let her know we had a lead on the case and she told us that she had talked to Speedway but would not be able to watch the surveillance until Monday when a manager returned to work. So for the rest of the weekend we were pretty much thinking in our heads who could have done it and praying to God that they catch them. We still have not heard anything else pertaining to the break in and are anxiously waiting a phone call but we are aware that it could be a long process however I am the first one to tell you that when this person has to go to court I will be sitting there front row center to watch them be charged!!!
This whole experience has stolen our sense of security and made us feel completely violated. Never before have we had a need to lock our doors, I mean we live out in the country, are friendly to our neighbors and have never had theft issues in the past but now I feel like we cannot trust anyone and everything is locked up because who knows if they are going to come back for more and if they would be daring enough to come into the house. If they were to make the bad decision to come back I can tell you right now it would probably be a very bad choice because the guns are locked and loaded and the dogs are spending more time outside too! Hopefully whoever did this won't have a chance to do this to us or anyone ever again and they will get caught and charged! Until then we will just play the waiting game and pray to God that they get what they deserve.


  1. Oh my goodness... so sorry that happened. I had someone hack my account onetime too and my car got broken into. It is such a violation and it leaves you feeling vulnerable.

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but i completely COMPLETELY know how you feel.

    Last September, the same thng happened to Mike and I. Someone broke into our cars & took the GPSes, dvds, cds, etc. About 6 weeks later, someone broke into our house. Computers, gaming consoles, money, a lot of my jewelry, my DSLR, luggage, and our house was completely ransacked. The front and back doors were broken off the hinges and the animals had gotten out.

    The detective that night, said that this happens regularly. People break into cars and if they get away with it, they go back to the house.

    If you can afford it, GET AN ALARM SYSTEM. Don't wait til it's too late. It's horrible. The fear from having your car robbed is 1/8th what you feel when it's your house.

    <3 I'm so SOSOSOSOSO sorry. It gets better and I really hope they catch the assholes you robbed you :(

  3. Im so sorry this happened to you. My best friend got her car broken into a couple of weeks ago and she hs d her laptop and her brothers GPS stolen. It certainly makes me think twice about what I leave in my car. My prayers are with you and I hope everything works out for yall, you m ods t defitely didnt deserve that.

  4. I am so sorry, Brittany! Some people are so selfish and ridiculous! :( I hate it happened to such good people!


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