Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Luke!

Yesterday was Mr. Luke Briggs' 1st birthday! It was a great party and all of the people that love him dearly were there including Anthony and I (of course we wouldn't miss it for the world) 
Here are some of the pictures I took:
Me, Luke, Aubrey and Lauren
Aubrey made his birthday cake and did a great job!
She made him a smash cake too
opening gifts and reading cards
His bunny that his Uncle Michael made him
Luke's new riding toy!
singing Happy Birthday
Luke and Mommy. He wasn't real sure what to do with the cake
Aunt Shelby made an Elmo pinata.  
Baby Thomas hitting the pinata
Kali taking a swing
The babies... Luke, Thomas and Casen
pretty girl
Me and Kalli Jo !
Joni, Casen and Me
Happy Birthday Luke! We cannot wait to spend the next year with you.
Aunt Britt and Uncle Anthony love you so much

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  1. His party looked absolutely adorable! You guys did a great job!


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