Monday, April 2, 2012

Dear Monday,

Dear Monday,
you are treating me pretty well so far (knock on wood) I was up super late last night because I took a long nap yesterday afternoon but I was still able to get up at a descent time, write a post for the weekend recap, get a shower and get ready for work. I even had enough time to make 2 pb&j's for lunch so I don't have to have fast food. Work has gone fairly smooth, not too much chaos, which is unknown on Mondays. Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you!

Dear Cardio Hip Hop Class,
I will be attending you again this week. I babysat Ms. Molly last Monday so I had to skip the class. I also can say it was probably for the better because the Monday before the class kicked my big ol'hiney and my thunder chicken thighs and many other muscles I didn't know I was even using. None of the soreness kicked in until Wednesday and it did not go away until Saturday maybe even Sunday. This week Cardio Hip Hop please be nice, not too nice because I want you to do your job but really I want to be able to walk the rest of the week.

Dear Exercise Aps,
I downloaded you on my phone and your helping me so much! I opted for the free aps for and ab and butt workout. These two have been a God send!!! They give me exercises to do for the targeted sections. I struggle so much with finding and remembering exercises to do when I go to the gym. I used to use MyFitnessPal to record all my exercises and calories but I slacked off and quit using it. I just downloaded a new one called Lose It! It does pretty much the same thing as MyFitnessPal but I wanted to try something different. My favorite ap is iMapMyRUN. It syncs in with my GPS so when I go running it tracks where I go, how far I went, how many calories were burned and it saves the runs on a log so I can look back and run the same thing again at another time. I can also listen to my music while this ap is still running which is awesome!! Gosh I love having an iPhone!! I don't know what I ever did without it, other than got super pissed off at the droid!

I am linking up over at Happy Day for Monday's Letters. 
Sorry for no pictures on this one.


  1. I just got iMapMyRun+ (I had a gift card so I got the paid version) and I've been so pleased with how well it works! In fact, it works so well that it has made me want to run more because I can see how far my runs are! I don't think my calories burned are correct though, because even though I put in my weight and height, it says that a 30 minute run is burning 1124 calories (uh, I wish!). Still, loooove it!

    Happy Monday! Found you through the Dear Monday link-up!

  2. I use the RunKeeper app and I love it for walks/running

    I also use the Lose It app, but I'm not good about keeping up with it!

    I would also recommend the Nike Training app- it's fun!

    Cardio hip hop class! I wish! ;)

  3. I've used the website Daily Mile for my workouts in the past as I don't have an iPhone but thanks for the heads up, I've been waiting and waiting to get one! Just more reason to.

    Have a great day!

  4. I'm going to have to take a look at some exercise apps! I've heard of a few that seem to be a good idea! :)

  5. Love your Monday letters! I'm going to have to link up to that one day!! :)

  6. I think I need to download iMapMyRun- I've been reading such good things about it! I have GOTTTT to get my butt in gear and start doing SOMETHING physical. Hip hop cardio sounds fun- I have zero coordination, but I always had fun with zumba! :P So glad you linked up your little letters this week!


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