Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hi Everyone! I am borrowing this little "currently" idea from Laura over at My Green Pen
My Green Pen
I thought it was a cool little thing so I can look back on the year and see what was going on in my life during each month. So here it goes, Thanks Laura!
Currently Super Proud
that I lost some unexpected weight last month
Currently Reading: 
The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks (2nd time)
preparing for the movie!

Currently Excited About:
my friend Sammi, that lives in WV, got a job in Dresden and house to rent for the summer all in one week! This summer is going to be so much fun!
Currently Tank's Favorite Thing
Playing with D.O.G. chasing her around like a mad man! I can tell you right now if he wasn't neutered/fixed they would be making babies! what a combo that would be
Currently Saving All of My Pennies For:
a house for Anthony and I. We need a 10% down payment on pretty much anything and we haven't saved like anything so we are seriously saving every penny for it!
Currently Spend All of My Free Time:
pinning wedding stuff on Pinterest and researching everything we are going to need to do, buy or make for the big day!
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Currently Want To Purchase For the House(that we don't even have yet):
I don't really know it is a toss up between a new mattress (I get to take my bedroom set when I move out and I desperately need a new mattress) and paint for every room. I cannot wait to decorate our own place!
Currently Drooling Over: 
bikinis from the Victoria Secret catalog that came in the mail on Monday. I am going to order one after I have reached my goal weight and we are closer to going on vacation so I know it will fit.
Currently Obsessed With
exercising and eating healthy
Currently Best Comedy:
Impractical Jokers...omg we sit and laugh our buns off! (if only that was physically possible I could drop my gym membership and save some mulah)
Currently Show I Cannot Miss:
The Voice! mainly so I can see Blake Shelton's gorgeous face. Sorry Miranda! 

Currently Addicted To:
strawberry banana smoothie (with yogurt) from Tim Horton's
Currently Fantasizing About:
vacation to the Outerbanks with my lover and KW, and Sammi
Currently Favorite Food:
ice cream
Currently Dreaming Of
My wedding
Currently Yearning For:
a really good full body massage or just a some warm weather
Currently Want To See In My Closet:
a cute pair of Sperry's ( the ones I pinned a month ago on Pinterest, still haven't bought them)
Currently Enjoying:
our new carpet (pics soon)

What are you currently getting into? Anything fun that you are looking forward to? planning a vacation? planning a wedding? having a baby? any home improvement projects?
We are always getting into something whether it be big or small, exciting or just every day blah, it is all still interesting and I would love to hear about it (:

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