Friday, April 13, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear Friday,
You came pretty fast this week even though it wasn't the greatest week. We don't really have any big plans or really any plans at all so it will be nice to just relax for the weekend, hopefully in a newly carpeted living room.

Dear Fiance,
I am glad that you are feeling better than you were last week however I am not thrilled that you decided to share your sickness with me. I just started getting the symptoms and oh my dear Lord this sucks!!! Thanks a lot Babe, now its your turn to take care of me. Love you!

Dear Mother Nature,
Wow you have been really moody this week. Sunday night I was able to go for a 3 mile run but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you were very bitter to all of us Ohioans! You even frosted us Tuesday night, what is up with this? Luckily yesterday you started coming around and Anthony and I were able to go fishing at the pond, well I took a blanket and my book and just read while Anthony fished. It was a nice relaxing evening even though I was feeling pretty crappy.

As always linking up over at The Adventures of Newlyweds 

p.s. Guess who just got tickets to Kelli Pickler at our County Fair?!! WHoot Whoot this lucky chick right here!!! excited!


  1. The boot picture is ADORABLE!!! All of your photos are really great today! Looks like you took your blanket, book & camera!! : ) Great idea...again...really great shots!! :)

  2. Your photos are beautiful! They make me miss where I'm from in Missouri just a bit :)
    Happy Friday!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  3. What a perfect evening!! I just love the picture of your boots. :)


  4. Love the boots picture! Yall are adorable! Funny, I posted about my hubby being sick too, ha!

  5. 3 mile run?? you go!! I'm the worst runner ever in the history of bad runners.

    And SERIOUSLY about this Ohio weather!! It was so cold for a few days. I was shivering when I left for work this morning. Ugh!

    Have a great weekend, girl :)

  6. You just read The Lucky One? I just started it.


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