Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday: we finally got our new carpet installed! New Rule in our house: No dogs in the livingroom.
This rule was not created by me and I feel really bad for the dogs. So while Mom and Dad were away the dogs enjoyed!

Friday Night: We rented movies, ordered Crenos Pizza and cuddled on the couch. Also during the night our cars were broken into, more on that tomorrow!

Saturday A.M.: We had to deal with closing bank accts. and filing a police report. The rest of the day was spent sitting around the house just relaxing and brewing about the events that had occured. Here are some pictures I snapped of the dogs.

Saturday Night: We went to our friends' Blaire and Matt's house to celebrate Blaire's 21st! It was lots of fun, well what I can remember of it. I decided to get some Pinaccle Whipped and Pinaccle Cookie Dough and Sunny D to take to the party and lets just say that stuff does the job!! Luckily Anthony was there to take of me and I was in good hands!
Sunday: I spent most of the day recovering the party. I also found this text on my phone to Rachel that Anthony had sent. I must have been a handful! I also found some pictures but they were not worthy enough to be put on here, sorry girls!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


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