Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend went way to fast, I am talking Top Speed Dragster at Cedar Point fast! Seriously I blinked an eye and now it's Monday morning and I am typing this up before I get ready to go to work. Friday I met Mom at Lowe's so we could get paint for the living room wall. We are painting the one wall a shade of green because the new carpet is supposed to be coming late this week. We are also going to be working on our gallery wall, which is a much harder task than I thought it would be. After scowering (sp?) pinterest I think we are going to be a-oh-kay but still need to get some more frames. 

 Mom started taping off the ceiling and trim on the wall to avoid any mistakes. 
 Haha this is the current view of the wall right now. Those 4 baby pictures of Jk and I have been hanging there since we moved into this house in 1996. The other is our family picture from the beach last summer.
 Mom and I made an extra trip to town to pick up my trial pair of contacts, I can see again!! I decided to show her the display model of the glasses I picked out. I have been loosing sleep over the fact if they look too nerdy or not or if they will be just fine. No matter what Anthony thinks I look sexy wearing glasses, I hope these still give that appeal. What do you think?
 Friday night we also had the art show at my Jk's high school. My brother is quite the handy man. He had like 12 pieces of wood working projects in the show.
 This is him the armoire he built for Shalene. How pretty! Lucky Girl!!!
 Jk and I. I cannot believe my little brother is graduating high school. I feel like just yesterday I was graduating and he was just a freshman. Man the years just fly by!
 Molly standing in the armoire
 Jk and one of woodworking buddies, Matt.
 One of Shalene's projects. It is in memory of her Uncle Bub. We all miss him terribly.
 I spent Saturday morning finishing up the Sesame Street Characters for Luke's party. 
Tank spent it sleeping in with his ratcoon tail.
 Sunday I spend the day lounging around the house, watching the race with Dad and I ended the night with some target practice and enjoying a wonderful evening outside. I am getting better and more accurate with my bow...the turkies better watch out because there are only 21 more days til Turkey season and I am ready to go!

"It's the only place that I call home. No matter where in this country I might roam. It's where the corn grows tall and the moonshine still flows. It's the only place that I call home."

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