Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

I almost forgot that is was Wednesday until I just got this free minute at work and heard Hoda and Kathy Lee announce it is Winesday Wednesday. After having Monday off I am a day behind which is not a bad thing until I almost forget Pinteresting Wednhesday. So thank-you Kathy Lee and Hoda for reminding what day it is. As always I am linking up all my awesome pinterest pins from this week over at The Vintage Apple.

I love this engagement picture...adding to our list of stuff to do for ours
I love all these paper balls hanging from the ceiling, wonder where I can
get a bunch for cheap
Love this for the altar
Program idea
If we end up having an outdoor wedding this is what I want to do for the seating
Now a little DIY projects that I am going to tackle soon
Love this letter and would be good to have for decoration even after the wedding.
If my bridesmaids don't end up wearing boots or heals I might make these for them and there is a perfect tutorial that Tinkets in Bloom provided!
I love these bracelets and have been wondering how to make them.

Hope your all having a wonderful week and aren't as confused as I am for what day of the week it is


  1. New follower to your blog from Michelle's link-up today. Love all the wedding ideas you've come up and I especially love those flip flops from Old Navy...

    Take care!!

  2. All of your wedding pins are gorgeous! And I may or may not go pin that engagement picture;)

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. I love all of these wedding ideas! Great pins!

  4. I so wish Pinterest was around when I planned my wedding! Our seating was hay bales and I loved it.


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