Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend WrapUp

What an interesting weekend we had. My little cousin Avery made her first communion so we all went up to Dublin to watch her and celebrate afterwards. There was 203 people in her first communion class! My class had maybe 80 people but we are also from a small town but still 203..I was completely astounished when I opened the program to see this. Avery looked gorgeous and was actually wearing the dress I wore as a flower girl in her Mom and Dad's wedding! After church we went to Bravo's, I had never been there before but it was very delicious and the service was really good. Avery opened gifts and we had cake and headed home.

our family
Anthony and I
Maddy, Avery and Me
Mom and Uncle Jeff with Avery

Aunt Erin, Evan, Uncle Jeff and Avery
us girls - Molly, Me, Maddy and Avery

When we got home we realized that D.O.G. (yes that is our dog's name, thanks to my Dad) had had her puppies while we were gone. She ended up having eight pups and they all survived! We are not really sure who the dad is but we do have a guess. I will post some pictures soon. So in 3 days we had 4 kittens and 8 puppies born! Quite the addition to the farm, as soon as the babies are old enough they will all be moving to the barn because we do not want this many animals in our house and in 8 weeks hopefully we will be finding all of them new homes!

Sunday was spent celebrating Mother's Day and we went to my cousin Jackie's graduation party. After Anthony got off work we had dinner and headed over to Sammy's house to help her move in. We ended up getting her bedroom done. the guys laid the carpet and put the bed together and Sammy and I got the dresser brought in and started getting it decorated. The cabin is going to be extremely nice when it is all put together. The hardwood floor is coming on Wednesday and KW is finishing up the drywall so we can start painting the living room.

Today I started a 30 day challenge to myself to see how much weight I can loose and get fit before we leave for vacation. We literally have 30 days so I don't have any time to waste before we leave for the beach. My goal is to be drinking lots of water, eating super healthy, no junk food and getting at least an hour of exercise in along with 200 cruches in the morning and at night. Hopefully all the hard work will pay off and I will be rockin' a bikini on the beach.

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